30+ Cheap Mother’s Day Crafts That Speak For Themselves!

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Homemade gifts have a special meaning - no matter if you make a DIY gift for your mother, father, siblings or grandparents, they show just how much you care about them by investing your valuable time, energy and creativity in that particular gift. With that in mind, here you will find more than 30 creative Mother's Day crafts that you should definitely check out:

30+ Cheap Mother's Day Crafts That Speak For Themselves!

1. Mother’s Day Handprint Apron!

Mother’s Day Handprint Apron

This handprint apron is by far one of the best gifts you can give to your mom – featuring your own handprints and footprints, this apron is very cost-effective, easy to make and super creative at the same time. Besides, it bursts with color and joy, thus being perfect for spring or summer! This tutorial is so simple and self-explanatory that every child can come up with a Mother’s Day apron in less than 60 minutes!

Project Source and Tutorial: littlepageturners

2. Bouquet For Mom!

Bouquet For Mom

If you are looking for a truly eternal flower bouquet, then this paper flower bouquet is definitely the best “candidate” for that position. This crafty gift is great for mothers who love flowers, and who do not want to go through the hassles of changing their water or picking up the dried petals – these paper flower bouquet will last for years, reminding each mother just how special she is!

Project Source and Tutorial: krokotak

3. Artsy Candles!

Artsy Candles

You can never go wrong with candles, they are great for just about any occasion! These artwork candles are very artistic and expressive, and you can easily make them in your own kitchen, provided that you gather all the ingredients first. If you have never made your own candles before, then this tutorial will show you how it’s done – and you will certainly be so impressed that you will want to make more in the future!

PProject Source and Tutorial: cometogetherkids

4. Toilet Paper Roll Painting

Toilet Paper Roll Painting

The toilet paper roll painting may not seem to be very fancy at first – but wait until you actually check out the tutorial! Simple and very practical, the toilet paper roll painting is a basic but heartfelt gift that every mother should appreciate – besides this, your mom will definitely give you extra points for creativity, so you might want to check this one out!

Project Source and Tutorial: creativecarmella

5. Kleenex Flowers!

Kleenex Flowers

If you are looking for a more durable and cheaper alternative to natural flowers, then the Kleenex tissue flowers should definitely be on your list! Nowadays, you can create flowers with just about any material – and tissues are certainly no exception. Here is a lovely DIY tutorial that will show you how to fold and shape the tissues in such a manner that they turn into lovely flowers, just perfect for Mother’s Day!

Project Source and Tutorial: themotherhuddle

6. Heart Shaped Bird Feeder!

Heart Shaped Bird Feeder

Your mom does not have to be an animal lover to adore this lovely gift – the heart shaped bird feeder will definitely appeal to her, given its cute looks and attractive design! The heart shaped bird feeder can also be an outstanding outdoor decoration that will improve the curb appeal of your front or back yard, while attracting plenty of birds at the same time. Enjoy their songs!

Project Source: mycrazyblessedlife

7. Woven Hearts!

Woven Hearts

Do you remember all those woven or knitted designs that our grandmothers so proudly displayed on their TV or furniture? You can easily try to make your own woven hearts at home: not for decorative purposes, but for surprising your mother with a genuine homemade gift that will express all your love and appreciation for her! If you have never woven anything before, do not despair – this tutorial will come to your rescue!

Project Source and Tutorial: mayamade

8. Handmade Pillows!

Handmade Pillows

A mom can never have too many pillows! Cozy and very practical, pillows are great to place around your house – on the sofa, in your small reading corner or in your kitchen, pillows will definitely add comfort and style to your house. However, if there is anything better than the Ikea pillows as we all know them, those are the handmade pillows – this tutorial will show you how to easily design, create and decorate your own pillows and then give them as a gift, to your mom!

Project Source and Tutorial: maureencracknellhandmade

9. Sign Language Card

Sign Language Card

Have you ever wanted to tell your mom just how much you love her, but words simply do not seem to be enough? Do you feel that there are not enough languages to express your appreciation for your mom, and you want something new and original? If so, then look no further than these sign language cards that are perfect for sending an emotional message right to your mom’s heart!

Project Source and Tutorial: busykidshappymom

10. Sun Catchers!

Sun Catchers

This is another great gift for Mother’s Day – if you are into DIY projects and homemade crafts, then you will love this project and you will be amazed to see just how much you can achieve with a basic mason jar! These sun catchers will brighten up your entire home, and they will bring a small piece of nature right next to you!

Project Source and Tutorial: myhappycrazylife

11. Flower Pot Gift!

Flower Pot Gift

This Mother’s Day fingerprint pot is adorable from every point of view – why give your mother a plain flower pot, when you can “mark your territory” and personalize it in your own, unique way? Here is a basic but innovative idea that will show you how easy it is to turn a simple, white pot into an outstanding gift – all you need is your own hands, a couple of brushes and some waterproof paint!

Project Source and Tutorial: theinspiredhome

12. “I Love My Mom Because…”

I Love My Mom Because

This Mother’s Day craft idea is more than just a lovely gift – it is a statement that will definitely melt every mother’s heart and soothe her soul. Our mothers know just how much we love them, but although they know how special they are, this does not mean they do not like to be reminded every now and then! This is why the “I love my mom because…” flower bouquet gift is a great choice for Mother’s Day. Check out this tutorial and see for yourself!

Project Source: foodloveandlifeblog

13. Love Canvas Art!

Love Canvas Art

This is a great gift idea for pre-school children who want to showcase their love to their mothers – simple but very efficient, the love canvas art will definitely make every mother cry with joy and happiness. Kids can use their hands to create the “O” in “Love”, or they can use both of their tiny feet to create the “V”. One thing is for sure: this tutorial bursts with cuteness!

Project Source and Tutorial: theinspiredhome

14. Watercolor-Based Printable Mother’s Day Card

Watercolor-Based Printable Mother’s Day Card

We live in the digital era, and printers make our lives easier than ever before – if you are on a tight schedule and you do not have enough time to give your mom a truly special homemade gift for Mother’s Day, then the printable watercolor-based cards will certainly come to your rescue. Easy and hassle-free, these cards can be printed within seconds, and their effect is guaranteed every time!

Project Source and Tutorial: hellobee

15. Hand Print Charms!

Hand Print Charms

We all need some charms to protect us from bad things and to bring some joy and good luck into our lives, and although mothers are our heroes who seem to be untouchable, they do need their lucky charm to keep them safe, too! Here is a lovely tutorial on how to make a hand print charm for Mother’s Day, on a budget!

Project Source and Tutorial: pluckingdaisies

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