30+ Cute And Creative DIY Mother’s Day Cards Every Child Can Make!

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For all mothers, seeing their child happy and healthy is by far the most beautiful and rewarding gift they can enjoy. Mothers are the most special beings for a reason: they love non-material things more than material belongings, and that is a truly rare quality. Here are 30 super emotional and inspired Mothers Day cards to make at home!

30+ Cute And Creative DIY Mother's Day Cards Every Child Can Make!

1. DIY Mother’s Day Flower Pot Card

DIY Mother's Day Flower Pot Card

If you do not know what to give your mom on Mother’s Day, then you should definitely check out this great idea that embeds two of the things mothers love the most: a love-filled card where you share all your thoughts and emotions, and a lovely flower! Besides, making the flower pot card will only take a few minutes of your time, and your mother is certainly worth much more than this. Avoid the commercial cards for a change and get your mom something she will definitely use as a keepsake over the years!

DIY Instructions – karewares

2. Use Washi Tape For A Truly Exquisite Mother’s Day Card!

Use Washi Tape For A Truly Exquisite Mother's Day Card

This is a lovely patterned Mother’s day card that only involves some basic hardcover paper and some different Washi tapes! Creating some lovely and distinctive horizontal patterns has never been easier, and all you have to do is to cut the Washi tapes in equal lengths and to carefully stick them to the card. When you are done, you can write a quote or an inspirational message inside the card, just make sure to choose one that will make your mom’s heart melt!

DIY Instructions – ohsoverypretty

3. Lovely And Creative Pop-up Card!

Lovely And Creative Pop-up Card

At first sight, this seems as a pretty basic and plain card, but once you open it, it will burst with colorful flowers and other details that only a mother’s keep eye for detail will be able to catch! This pop-up card has such a strong emotional impact that it is guaranteed to reduce your mother to tears the instant she will open it – this is the best way to show her just how much you love her, and the pop-up card is also another proof that you do not need lots of money to give a card that is filled with love, compassion and appreciation.

DIY Instructions – marthastewart

4. String Heart Yarn Cards

String Heart Yarn Cards

The string heart yarn cards are yet another great choice, if you are looking for an unconventional card for Mother’s Day. If you take a look at the local shops and boutiques that specialize in Mother’s Day gifts and such, you will see that all of the gifts are the same: they do not have any unique feature or something special that distinguishes them from one another. Mothers are truly special, and they deserve an equally special card – here is an exquisite and original string heart yarn card that will warm up her soul!

DIY Instructions – hellowonderful

5. Flower Pop-Up Card Tutorial

Flower pop-up cards have become quite the norm lately, especially when it comes to special and blessed occasions such as Mother’s Day. There are numerous picture-based step-by-step tutorials online, but the truth is that sometimes you need a “graphic representation” of the entire project, and nothing can compete with a video tutorial. That being said, here you will find a video flower pop-up card tutorial that will guide you through every step of the tutorial.

Video Tutorial – Youtube

6. Flower Pot Card Video Tutorial

Flower Pot Card Video Tutorial

This is yet another lovely and creative video tutorial, but it differs from the one mentioned above – the one above is a pop-up card tutorial while this one is a pot-card tutorial. Both of them are adorable and their effect is certainly guaranteed as they will go straight to your mom’s heart, but this tutorial is special from many points of view. This one features a lot more details, and your mom will definitely appreciate all the time and effort you have invested into creating it!

Video Tutorial – juliedavison

7. Mum – The Magic Word That Makes The Entire World Stop For A Second

Mum - The Magic Word That Makes The Entire World Stop For A Second

No word is more beautiful or as filled with emotion as “mother” – or mom, for that matter. Here is an unconventional and absolutely special idea for Mother’s Day: you can easily make a flower pot decoration from scratch, and write the word “mom” on the pot or vase. This will serve as a great decorative element that your mom will definitely appreciate and display with utmost pride.

DIY Instructions – luvscrappingtogether

8. Fancy Mother’s Day Card

Fancy Mothers Day Card

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, but if your mother is the complex and rather fancy type of woman then she deserves an equally fancy card! Here is an exquisite Mother’s Day card that will show her just how much you care about her. This card can take up to one hour to make, as you need to be extra careful with all the details, but the final result is undoubtedly worth every second – and the tears in your mother’s eyes when you give her the card will definitely speak for themselves, and they will be very rewarding! Check out this tutorial, grab all the materials and start working on it right away!

DIY Instructions – craftysahmiam

9. Easy Craft For Kids – Paper Tulips!

Easy Craft For Kids - Paper Tulips

Origami is one of the most beautiful arts out there – beautiful and rare, but it can sometimes turn out to be too challenging for a kid. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to the complex Origami art pieces, and these cute little paper tulips are definitely a great choice for Mother’s Day. This is a win-win: the little one enjoys a catchy and entertaining project that will stimulate his attention and creativity, while the mom gets a timeless and innovative gift!

DIY Instructions – craftymorning

10. Free Silhouette Cut Files Embedded In Pop-Up Cards!

Free Silhouette Cut Files Embedded In Pop-Up Cards

This is another original but demanding project for Mother’s Day – cards that feature silhouette cut files are rather rare nowadays, mainly because they are so difficult to make. However, it is important never to underestimate the power of words: a simple “I love you, mom” can sometimes be the most beautiful and most heart-felt gift you can give to your mother on one of the most special days of the year – Mother’s Day. Here is a tutorial that will thoroughly guide you through every step of creating these pop-up cards.

DIY Instructions – 1dogwoof

11. “I Whaley Love You” Card!

"I Whaley Love You" Card This is one of the most adorable and punniest cards a little child can give to his mom – and besides, who does not love a cute Free Willy reference every now and then? This I Whaley Love You is definitely the key to unlocking the heart of every mother, and it also reflects the humor and the playful spirit of every child. Besides this, the card is also very easy to make and super creative at the same time – overall, it is definitely worth looking into! DIY Instructions – craftymorning

12. FIngerprint Dandelion Craft Idea!

FIngerprint Dandelion Craft Idea

This is a special craft idea that can also double as an emotion-filled Mothers Day card – the fingerprint dandelion craft will not only keep the little one busy for some time, but it will also make him channel all his energy and creativity on something truly beautiful and useful. The little one will definitely love the craft, and the mom will feel like the happiest woman on the face of the Earth – besides, every mom can rest assured knowing that the card is “sealed with a fingerprint”, their little one’s fingerprint! DIY Instructions – craftymorning

13. The Best Card Ever – An Adorable Little Photo Book!

The Best Card Ever - An Adorable Little Photo Book This is a super cute and fancy little photo book that will serve as the most original and inspired card for Mother’s Day, and the best thing about it is that it is made using nothing but scrap fabric and some good Polaroid shots! Add a small cute pink or blue ribbon (depending on the child’s gender) to the photo book, and nothing will ever be able to compete with this creative card! Besides, the photo book is sturdy and durable enough to last for years, therefore mommy will certainly look over it with nostalgia, thirty years from now on! DIY Instructions – nalleshouse

14. Angels And Footprint-Themed Card For Mother’s Day!

Angels And Footprint-Themed Card For Mother's Day

This is one of the cutest cards for Mother’s Day, as it encompasses two of the most representative elements for every mother and child: the footprint and the angels. Easy to make with minimal resources and some inspiration and creativity, this Angels and Footprint-themed card for Mother’s Day will definitely stand out from all the cards other mothers in the neighborhood have received, and this will undoubtedly make your mom feel the proudest one around! DIY Instructions – craftymorning

15. Ha-Pea Mother’s Day!

Ha-Pea Mother's Day This Mother’s Day card is very similar to the I Love You Whaley Much card described above – they are both adorable and punny, with their cute little references! This is a basic card at first sight, but the adorable message hidden in the “Ha-pea” references and the two little smiley peas underneath it will certainly bring a smile on your mother’s face. Mothers should be made to laugh a lot more often, they really deserve it for all the effort they have put into raising us – and this cute Ha-pea card for Mother’s Day will have a guaranteed effect, for sure! DIY Instructions – craftymorning

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