35+ DIY Baby Shower Ideas Everyone Needs To Know About

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Mothers to be are constantly looking for ideas on how to make their baby showers memorable and fun. The following are 36 ideas on how one can prepare their own home made gifts for a baby shower. It also includes ideas for holding a baby shower such as how to decorate it using homemade supplies and affordable materials.


1. A portable growth chart kit

A portable growth chart kit

This is made using a measuring tape, marker and pen, jute webbing, measuring tape, safety pins and a ruler. Using the ruler, measure and mark the feet and the inches on the jute webbing. A stencil will then help you indicate the figures and the child’s name too if you want. The key tags are a nice way to have details such as the date and the child’s weight at that time and pinning it to where their height measures. This makes a simple, customized and easy to store present for a baby shower.

Project Tutorial: here

2. Gauzey swaddle blankets

Gauzey swaddle blankets

Gauze blankets for swaddling are light and give the baby a nice wrap around. One can get thenm from the stores and customize them to make them more attractive and more interesting. Dye the blanket to the color of your choice or one that is more fun. Give the blankets a better look by getting rid of the raw edges and sewing the edges down. Use cuttings of colored heart shapes from a different fabric to add some fun to the blanket by knitting them on it. This makes the blankets more beautiful and cute.

Project Tutorial: here

3. Diaper pouch

Diaper pouch

Cut the linen in the dimensions of your preferable size of pouch. Sew the Velcro to make your front. Sew the exteriors and leave an allowance for the seam. The corners will also need to be clipped before making the lining and attaching the cotton webbing. Assemble the diaper keeper, tuck the webbing well inside it

Project Tutorial: here

4. No sew up cycled baby hats

No sew up cycled baby hats

One an upcycled t shirt, put down the shape of a hat and cut it out, both at the front and back of the t shirt. Instead of sewing the two parts together, use a safe adhesive pen instead. Apply the adhesive on the edges from the inside and for the top, make a knot depending on how long you want the hat to be. Making tiny flowers with the fabric and sticking them on the hat will make it even more adorable.

Project Tutorial: here

5. Closet dividers

Closet dividers

One will need letter O’s made from wood, mod podge, stickers, paint and scrapbooking paper. Paint the letters on one side, trace them on paper and glue the paper on the other side. Trim this paper to make it look neat and for the different sizes, add a sticker on each wooden letter and use mod podge to top coat it. Fit the letters between the clothes in the closet. Project Tutorial: here

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6. 5 minute, 5 step, $5 leggings

5 minute, 5 step, $5 leggings

With just a sewing machine, scissors and an old skirt, one can make stylish cute leggings for their kids. Line up the waistband of your baby’s leggings with that of the skirt you want to use. Trace the legging on the skirt with an allowance of a quarter inch. Flip the sides over and pin them so that it can be easier to sew. Sew both sides of the thighs and the good thing about making the leggings is that you do not have to make the hems are they are already made on the skirt.

Project Tutorial: here

7. Nesting: Easy Baby Skirts

Nesting: Easy Baby Skirts

Cut a t shirt into three the bottom part will make the skirt’s body while the middle will make its waistband. Fold the waistband over itself and pleat it to the bottom piece of the t shirt. With the waistband being right side out, in it before sewing the skirt together.

Project Tutorial: here

8. Turn a one side into a bubble dress

Turn a one side into a bubble dress

Bubble dresses are cute and turning an already existing dress into one keeps you from having to give it away if it has become too short for the baby. If the onesie is well fitting at the top, then it an be transformed into a stylish little bubble dress just by getting rid of the bottom part and sewing over the bubble section.

Project Tutorial: here

9. DIY name garland

DIY name garland

This is a colorful way to decorate the new baby’s room by having their name on the wall. This is simply with the use of cereal boxes, rubber cement, a pair of scissors, paint chips and a tine to hold the letters up.

Project Tutorial: here

10. Pom-pom chandelier

Pom-pom chandelier

using a pom pom maker, make multiple colored pomp poms then attath them together to make a colorful chandelier. This might be a bit triky but one your done, it makes a great do it yourself baby shower present for a new mom.

Project Tutorial: here

11. Love Map Wall Art

Love Map Wall Art

This is a customized gift that is also unique. Cut out heart shapes from your map on the locations that are special to the new mom or baby for instance where the parents met and where the baby was conceived. Frame these hearts and with a small description of the events that took place in the locations highlighted.

Project Tutorial: here

12. Knowing how to throw an awesome baby shower on a budget

Knowing how to throw an awesome baby shower on a budget

This is a great idea for a baby shower and all you need is a team of friends to help you pull it off, doing your shopping early enough, make your own decorations and do not say no to extra help that is offered. Decorations can be as simple as hanging the new baby’s clothes or art and rafts.

Project Tutorial: here

13. DIY Hippo on the Bike Diaper Gift

DIY Hippo on the Bike Diaper Gift

Put some creativity into giving diapers as a baby shower present by making a diaper bike with a hippo toy on it. This is a gift that will most likely make a lasting impression as well as being highly appreciated because of the diapers that go into making it a success. Decorate the hippo by having it wear a cute outfit.

Project Tutorial: here

14. Baby shoes favors

Baby shoes favors

With just a pair of scissors, paper, glue, buttons and fabric bows, one will be able to make adorable unique baby shoes. The shoes can be made for both boys and girls. With step by step instructions and a downloadable template, one will have the shoes ready for the baby shower in no time.

Project Tutorial: here

15. DIY Bassinet diaper cake

DIY Bassinet diaper cake

This is a creative present for a baby shower and no shower is complete without one. Having it displayed as a decoration during the baby shower will definitely set the moods right. With just a couple of boxes, rubber bands, glue and of course rolled diapers will get you a great looking diaper cake. You also need fabric that will make it look fun and adorable.

Project Tutorial: here

16. Made with Love: Stamped Almond Shortbread Cookies

Made with Love: Stamped Almond Shortbread Cookies

The cookies make great snacks for a baby shower and are easy to make too. Dip the stamping spoon into the floor brush the extra floor off the spoon before stamping your cookie dough. With your dough rolled into small balls, press the stamp on them gently not to break it. This will make your cookie snack personalized and fun.

Project Tutorial: here

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