35+ Great DIY Gifts for Men Who Love To Be Surprised!

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Men and women want different things, everybody knows that – this is precisely why we must be very careful when buying a gift or making one from scratch, for those important men in our lives. No matter if your husband’s birthday is approaching or if your father’s retirement is near, here you will find 30+ great DIY gifts for men who love practical presents that they can actually use!

35+ Great DIY Gifts for Men Who Love To Be Surprised!

1. Awesome Pool Gift For Daddy!

Awesome Pool Gift For Daddy

If your father loves to play pool, then this miniature DIY pool gift is a great idea! A classic, life-sized pool table can cost several thousand dollars, not to mention that it is very heavy to transport and install, and it also takes a lot of space. Thankfully, you can still impress your daddy without getting him the conventional type of pool table – this is a small, cute, decorative but still functional gift that your father will certainly cherish!

Project Source and Tutorial – craftsunleashed

2. Keychain DIY Gift

Keychain DIY Gift

If you are looking for a great gift idea for an important man in your life, then you should know that keychain gifts are always a good idea. They are cheap, and you can know for sure that your man will love it and wear it with him all the time! However, instead of buying one, you can always make one yourself – if you do not know how, then check out this tutorial, for it will answer all of your questions!

Project Source and Tutorial – craftsunleashed

3. Magnetic Wristband!

Magnetic Wristband

Some men love expensive watches and cars, while others appreciate a cheap wristband, a necklace or a keychain – provided that it comes from somebody dear to them! A DIY magnetic wristband is a great choice for every occasion, be it a man’s birthday, namesday or any other special event. As a matter of fact, you do not need to wait for a special event to come to give your man one of these awesome and convenient magnetic wristbands! Check out this tutorial and see just how pretty they can get.

Project Source and Tutorial – myalteredstate

4. DIY Leather Wallet

DIY Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are amazing! Not only are they great for storing documents, coins, money, credit cards and business cards, but they also compliment every business man’s attire. One of the best reasons to make your man a DIY leather wallet from scratch is that you can easily customize and tailor it. For instance, you can engrave your man’s name and contact details on it, so that if he ever accidentally loses it, the wallet will be easy to return to its rightful owner. Grab a piece of high quality leather, a cutter and some glue and follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Project Source and Tutorial – themerrythought

5. Great DIY Wood Slicing Board

Great DIY Wood Slicing Board

This wood slicing board is a great gift for chefs and other men who love to cook, and who would rather stick to a rustic/rural way of cooking, instead of using state of the art cooking equipment. If you recognize your man in that description, then this awesome DIY wood slicing and serving board will definitely go straight to his heart – just imagine how cool it will be to serve cheese and some wine from this wooden board!

Project Source and Tutorial – manmadediy

6. Cute Little Personalized Mason Jars!

Cute Little Personalized Mason Jars

If your spouse, father, brother, uncle or any other male relative already has everything they could possibly wish for, then all that is left is to give them a cute little personalized gift that although may not hold a high value, will still appeal to them. These small mason jars can be used to store toothpicks, candy or even screws and other mechanical tools, if your man is passionate about car repairs and such! Check it out and get inspired today!

Project Source and Tutorial – thinkingcloset

7. Natural Branch Coasters!

Natural Branch Coasters

These awesome natural branch coasters actually serve a dual purpose – they are great for preventing your tables from getting stained with liquid, and they are also great as decorations that you can scatter all over the house. Besides this, given the fact that they are made from wood, you can easily use them both indoors and outdoors – and they are virtually free! All you have to do is to pick up a fallen branch, cut it in round medium-thick pieces and then polish them carefully. There you have it, your own natural branch coasters for men!

Project Source and Tutorial – gardentherapy

8. Comic Book DIY Coasters

Comic Book DIY Coasters

If the rustic coasters mentioned above do not appeal to you, or if you think they are simply too basic for your man’s tastes, then you can always go for the Comic Book DIY Coasters as described in this tutorial! These are super cool coasters that depict various scenes from comic books – you can use Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, The Avengers, Captain America or any other comic book character that your man fancies!

Project Source and Tutorial – modpodgerocksblog

9. Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser!

Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser

If your man loves hard liquor, then he will definitely love this quick Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser – this really is one of the greatest gifts a man can receive! Besides, the design of the soap dispenser allows you to easily fill, refill and clean it whenever needed. Here is a step by step tutorial that will show you how to make one of these lovely soap dispensers, and how you can easily customize and adjust them.

Project Source and Tutorial – curlybirds.typepad

10. Baseball Wall Decoration!

Baseball Wall Decoration

This is by far the best gift for every sports fan – although the original gift idea involves using baseballs and baseball bats, you can easily adjust it for soccer fans, basketball fans and even for golf lovers! You won’t believe what an amazing gift you can create with some pieces of solid lacquered wood and some old sports items – if the baseball gloves and balls are used and damaged, then that is even better, for they will add an awesome vintage or retro effect to the gift!

Project Source and Tutorial – thebensonstreet

11. Awesome Unconventional Chess Set Gift For Men!

Awesome Unconventional Chess Set Gift For Men

If you thought that nuts and bolts are only used for minor repairs around the house, then brace yourself – you will be blown away to see what an amazing and unconventional chess set you can make out of them! All you have to do is to grab a few silver or bronze nuts and bolts and to stick to the instructions, as provided by this tutorial. Your father, neighbour or husband will be forever grateful for this amazing gift!

Project Source and Tutorial – macgyverisms.wonderhowto

12. Make Him A Huge Dart Board!

Make Him A Huge Dart Board

If your man loves to play darts, then you have definitely noticed that sometimes, he misses the target and the arrows get stuck in walls, doors or even photo frames and other wall decorations that you care so much about! Fortunately, all of that will be long forgotten if you make him a huge dart board – no matter how bad he is at darts, the board is so large that it will store all the darts without damaging the walls or the surroundings!

Project Source and Tutorial –  imgur

13. A Mini Beer Crate!

A Mini Beer Crate

Different men have different tastes, and although you may spend hours trying to make your husband an awesome DIY gift, he may fake interest only to please you when in fact, he is not all that fascinated about the gift. So, the question is: why bother when you can stick to a basic gift that you know for sure you will never go wrong with? Give him a carefully wrapped mini beer crate and you will see how his face will instantly brighten up!

Project Source and Tutorial – northstory

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