35+ Great DIY Gifts for Men Who Love To Be Surprised!

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Men and women want different things, everybody knows that - this is precisely why we must be very careful when buying a gift or making one from scratch, for those important men in our lives. No matter if your husband's birthday is approaching or if your father's retirement is near, here you will find 30+ great DIY gifts for men who love practical presents that they can actually use!

14. Lawn Party Drink Holder!

Lawn Party Drink Holder

Everybody loves to party every now and then, so why not give your man a gift that everybody can actually benefit from, such as this cool lawn party drink holder? You will never have to worry about spilling your favorite wine or beer ever again – and we all know just how difficult it is to remove wine stains from clothes or from asphalt! Follow these steps and make an awesome handmade drink holder!

Project Source and Tutorial – instructables

15. Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers!

Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers

If your husband, father or boyfriend loves to drink a nice bottle of Chianti every now and then, then this exquisite wine glass and bottle holder is a suitable gift idea! Easy to make and really practical/functional, this holder can be used for tens of years, provided that you have it coated to prevent moisture-induced damage. Here is a detailed step by step tutorial that will come in handy for every woman who is passionate about DIY projects, and wants to show her man just how important he truly is!

Project Source and Tutorial – downhomeinspiration

16. Monogrammed Leather Zip Pouch!

Monogrammed Leather Zip Pouch

Once again, this is an awesome gift idea for the classy, chic and stylish business professional who loves to dress over the top every day. Actually, this gift would be awesome if given along with the handmade leather wallet described above! Here is a tutorial that will show you how to make your man a lovely monogrammed leather zip pouch – choose a piece of high quality leather in his favorite color and you are all set!

Project Source and Tutorial – polkadotchair

17. Homemade Necktie Zip Pouch

Homemade Necktie Zip Pouch

This is another great zip pouch idea – if your man is against animal cruelty or if he simply does not really like leather, then you can still make him an awesome zip pouch by using an alternative material. Every man has several spare ties – and we all know how quickly they can get damaged. If this is your man’s case as well, then perhaps it is time to clean up his closet and to pick a few ties that you can then use to make an awesome necktie zip pouch, such as the ones shown in this tutorial!

Project Source and Tutorial – polkadotchair

18. Vintage Photo Pillow

Vintage Photo Pillow

This is one of those cheesy gifts that may not appeal to all guys, so you must know your man really well before you give him this gift. However, the vintage photo pillow in itself is a really great idea, as it is comfortable, soft and filled with lovely memories that will go straight to his heart. For more details on the materials you need and the steps you have to follow to give him an awesome vintage photo pillow, check out this tutorial and let yourself be inspired!

Project Source and Tutorial – polkadotchair

19. Stylish Cord Roll!

Stylish Cord Roll

You do not need to be a techie to notice that cords get tangled very quickly – your iPhone, iPad or your tablet cords can be easily damaged if you just throw them in your pocket, not to mention that untangling them can take you hours, literally! If your man has the same problem and untangling his cords is too time-consuming to handle, then this awesome cord roll pouch will definitely benefit him. Stylish, cool and practical, this cord roll gift is great for men of all styles and ages!

Project Source and Tutorial – brit

20. DIY Hand Stamped Handkerchief

DIY Hand Stamped Handkerchief

Many may consider handkerchiefs to be old-fashioned nowadays, but the truth is that nobody can replace a good, stylish and elegant handkerchief when wearing a tuxedo! If your man loves to be elegant and classy all the time, then he will love this DIY hand stamped handkerchief gift. Besides, you will be surprised to see just how easy it is to create this awesome gift!

Project Source and Tutorial – papernstitchblog

21. Handmade Photo Bookmarks For Father’s Day!

Handmade Photo Bookmarks For Father’s Day

We all try to impress our mothers on Mother’s Day, and for a good reason because they are the ones that gave birth to us – however, what about our fathers? They have an international holiday dedicated to them as well, and they deserve a good and awesome gift that they can use over the years! If you are out of ideas, then you should check out this DIY photo bookmark tutorial that is perfect for older men who love to read.

Project Source and Tutorial – simpleasthatblog

22. DIY Manly Man Apron

DIY Manly Man Apron

This manly man apron should be combined with that natural wooden cutting board described above, for maximum effect! Aprons have become a cliché gift for men who like to cook, but unconventional, modern and funny aprons such as this manly man apron is always a great choice! Available in a one-size-fits-all dimension, this apron can be easily customized to match the figure of every man!

Project Source and Tutorial – lovelyindeed

23. Paracord Keychain!

Paracord Keychain

If your man loves extreme sports, then the chances are that he has some extra paracord left at home – he certainly will not mind if you borrow some of it and turn it into an awesome keychain that he will love to brag with, in front of his friends! This is a fast and effortless DIY gift idea for guys who love to be outdoors and to try all sorts of sports – besides, he can easily attach it either to his backpack or to his pants.

Project Source and Tutorial – stormdraneslanyard

24. Dad’s Car Travel Kit!

Dad’s Car Travel Kit

Is your father the type who loves to drive and travel a lot, be it for personal or for professional reasons? In that case, this car kit is a great choice that he will be very fond of – and you will only need some basic and cost-effective materials to make this awesome DIY gift. This is a multi purpose, all round gift that every father will love, and it can match any car model!

Project Source and Tutorial – marthastewart

25. Handlebar Bag

Handlebar Bag

Another great gift for men who love to spend a lot of time outside – in this case, the gift is great for bikers and hikers who know just how important it is to stay hydrated. If your man’s water bottle holder broke down, then do not rush to replace it with a new one – instead, you can easily make one for him yourself, with some upcycled materials. This is a very stylish handlebar bag that is great for storing small and medium-sized water bottles, and that can be easily attached to each bike’s handlebar with some Velcro straps.

Project Source and Tutorial – giverslog

26. Awesome Nook Cover For Tablet

Awesome Nook Cover For Tablet

Tablets are a great choice for every modern man – they are smaller than laptops, bigger than phones and they are very user friendly and feature rich, so they will definitely make your life easier. However, the question is: how do you prevent your tablet’s or iPad’s screen from getting scratched and damaged? The answer is simple – with a stylish nook cover, such as the one described in this DIY tutorial. Check out the tutorial yourself and make your man a handmade nook cover that he can use for years to come!

Project Source and Tutorial – lovelyindeed

27. DIY Elastic Grid Organizer

DIY Elastic Grid Organizer

Some men have so many things that it becomes really difficult to store them all in just one place! If you are tired of telling your man to clean up and to organize his stuff, then this DIY elastic grid organizer may actually be an awesome Man’s Day gift that you can both benefit from. Stylish, classy, efficient and with a really sturdy construction, this grid organizer can really improve your life and change the way you organize your stuff.

Project Source and Tutorial – simplystrikingblog

28. Survival Kit!

Survival Kit

This survival kit is definitely the perfect dude kit! It is super adorable and it is large enough to help your man store his shaving cream, his razor blades, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, perfume and all of the other bare essentials that men always carry with them whenever they go on a business trip or on holiday. This tutorial is also super insightful – not only will it tell you what materials you need to buy and in what amounts, but it will literally teach you how to do everything all by yourself! If you have some extra time to spare, then you should definitely have a look at this tutorial.

Project Source and Tutorial – ellisonlane

29. Roll Up Tool Organizer!

Roll Up Tool Organizer

One may be tempted to say that ladies have plenty of tools and other cosmetic products that they always carry with them whenever they go on a trip, but the truth is that men do as well! Here is how to make your man a lovely roll up tool organizer that allows him to keep all of his belongings in one place – the best thing about this gift is that it also comes with embroidered size labels, so that he will not miss a thing!

Project Source and Tutorial – craftstylish

30. Cute Little Tin Grill!

Cute Little Tin Grill

If your man is a gourmand who loves to eat, then this cute and adorable tin grill is the perfect gift for his birthday, retirement, graduation or any other occasion. At first, you may be tempted to think that this is only a decorative device that does not serve any real purpose, but the truth is that the tin grill can really be used in the real-life. Check out this tutorial to see how to alter the Altoids tin in order to make your man a personalized mini grill that he will love to use whenever he gets the chance to!

Project Source and Tutorial – instructables

31. Vintage Book Tech Organizer!

Vintage Book Tech Organizer

If your man is a techie who never misses an opportunity to upgrade his phone, his laptop or his tablet whenever a newer version is available, then the best gift for his birthday would definitely be this vintage book tech organizer. Perfect for storing all of your man’s devices in a safe, sound and space-effective manner, this tech organizer is very easy to customize and to personalize – besides, everybody will believe that your guy is carrying a book at first, so it is also a great trick for keeping thieves away!

Project Source and Tutorial – designsponge

32. Mini Mint Tin Toolboxes

Mini Mint Tin Toolboxes

Bad breath – we all have it in the morning! However, the problem is that some people have a chronic bad breath, and no matter how often they wash their teeth, they always end up smelling bad, and this usually applies to heavy coffee drinkers. If this is your man’s case, then these cute and practical vintage mini mint tin toolboxes are a great gift – he can easily take them with him wherever he goes!

Project Source and Tutorial – makezine

33. License Plate Key Hanger

License Plate Key Hanger

With this awesome license plate key hanger, you man will never have to worry about losing his home or car keys again! As a matter of fact, all of the family members can make good use of this license plate key hanger, as it should be installed somewhere near the door, so it is a cute DIY project that everybody can actually benefit from.

Project Source and Tutorial – kojo-designs

34. DIY Chalkboard Mug

DIY Chalkboard Mug

The DIY chalkboard mug is the perfect gift for heavy tea or coffee drinkers – all you need is some chalkboard-patterned paint and a basic mug. Grab some stickers and follow the instructions provided in this tutorial to make him a cute DIY chalkboard mug that he can either use at home, or take it with him at the office. Do not be afraid to write him a small message each morning – or to remind him to buy bread or milk, for that matter!

Project Source and Tutorial – witandwhistle

35. Awesome Grilling Towel For Father’s Day

Awesome Grilling Towel For Father’s Day

This is a great Father’s Day gift for fathers who simply love a good, juicy and charcoal-flavored grill or steak outside, when the weather is right. Grills can be quite messy and oily at times, and a good grilling towel will definitely come in handy! Here is a tutorial that will show you how you can effortlessly personalize one of those water-absorbing, super fluffy towels, if you really want to take your father by surprise this year.

Project Source and Tutorial – craftwhatever

36. Tiny Tie Keychain!

Tiny Tie Keychain

This is one of those cute little gifts that you occasionally give to your father or your husband, even when you do not have a special reason for it. Making this tiny tie may seem to be very tiresome and time-consuming, but the truth is that this tutorial offers some pretty awesome tricks that will help you pull out an adorable tiny tie keychain that your man will proudly “wear” on his car or home key, every day from now on!

Project Source and Tutorial – thegreenbeanscrafterole

To summarize, all these DIY gifts for men are unique in their own way, but it is important to know your man’s tastes before deciding on one of these gifts. Sometimes, we tend to go over the top when we care about somebody and we want to impress them – other times, we fail to do so by giving them gifts that are impractical or that they simply do not like. Take your time to think about what your man likes, needs or wants, and then choose the gift idea that you think will appeal to him the most!

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