35+ Unique DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

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Bored of chocolates and roses? Give your relationship a much-needed boost this Valentine’s Day with these unique DIY gifts for him. There’s everything from do-it-yourself candles, homemade crafts, and gifts you won’t be able to find in your local store…

35+ Unique DIY Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

1. Romantic surprise with flour hearts

Romantic surprise with flour hearts

Create a unique Valentine’s card for the special one in your life this year with these flour hearts. Create the card by cutting out a heart shape on a piece of colored card and add flour for a striking visual effect.

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2. A jar of reasons why you love him

A jar of reasons why you love him

Decorate a small glass jar with ribbons, felt hearts, and other decorative items. This unique gift can be added to a shelf as a decorative piece, and can be customized with a personal message from you.

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3. Tea bag hearts


Create your own heart-shaped tea bags and present them to your Valentine this year. Use your favorite teas like Early Grey, English Breakfast or Green Tea for an extra sweet treat.

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4. Miniature Valentine’s notebooks

Miniature Valentine's notebooks

If you’re partner enjoys writing notes, these miniature notebooks will provide the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. They can be hand-made and attached with decorative elements of your choice for an extra special touch.

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5. Homemade chocolate cupcakes

Homemade chocolate cupcakes

These heart-shaped chocolate cupcakes not only show your partner how much you care, but are delicious too. Use your favorite recipes and give to your loved one on the big day.

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6. Personalized photo frame

Personalized photo frame

Create a photo frame that you can’t buy in the store. Just use spray paint to create a unique pattern, and include your favorite photo of you as a couple.

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7. Printable bread wrappers

Printable bread wrappers

This one-of-a-kind gift can be fun to create if you are a fan of arts and crafts. Design your own Valentine’s-themed bread wrappers and attach them to your partner’s favorite bread for a breakfast that they will never forget…

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8. Love letters

Love letters

Are you a fan of embroidery? If so, you will be able to design your very own love letters using back stitching. These love letters are easy to stitch, and can then be framed using a photo frame of your choice.

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9. ‘On The Hour’ gift envelopes

'On The Hour' gift envelopes

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for your loved one, how about several throughout the day? In fact, you can present envelopes to your partner every 14 hours with these handmade envelopes. Create your own labels to attach to each envelope and organize the gifts throughout the day.

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10. Love potion kits

Love potion kits

You can mix up your favorite ‘love potions’ and present them in glass jars that have been decorated with ribbons, bows, straws and other items.

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