35+ Unique DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

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Bored of chocolates and roses? Give your relationship a much-needed boost this Valentine's Day with these unique DIY gifts for him. There's everything from do-it-yourself candles, homemade crafts, and gifts you won't be able to find in your local store...

24. Kiss in your pocket

Kiss in your pocket

When there’s not enough time to kiss your partner, these business cards can remind them of your love and devotion. Use several to create a fun Valentine’s-themed flip book. he book is actually quite like an animated picture of you blowing a lovable kiss to him, and the best part? He can actually keep the kiss with himself all the time – simply grabbing the little flip book and putting it inside his pocket. Grab a picture of yourself blowing a kiss, further printing a bunch of those little pictures only to transform them into a flip book. Simply draw a heart on the top most picture using a red marker, going for two hearts on the second and increasing the number with each of the cards. Whipping up the present and witnessing the happiness on his face when you gift it to him would explain it to you why it has got the title ‘Kiss in your Pocket’.

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25. Photo block

Photo block

This photo block can be used as a decorative table piece, but it’s so much more than that. Fill it with special messages and significant photos. Unlike most other old photo ideas, this one doesn’t put the pictures in a regular old-looking frame, but transforms the memories into a lovely worn looking wood block picture collage. To whip up the block, you are going to need a scrap block of wood, some paint in white and dark grey to get the distressed appeal, Mod Podge, a brush, your favorite black and white photographs, some upholstery tacks, Vasoline, and a sandpaper or power sander. Those adorable letters on top saying “Love You” are simply printed out on a regular paper, cut out and stuck to the block.

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26. Love notes pillow case

Love notes pillow case

Your partner will be reminded how much you love them – even first thing in the morning – with this custom-made love note pillow case. The endearing pillow actually doubles up as an envelope for a special love note that you wrote for him, housing it in a heart pocket on the front. Beginning from the very scratch, you are going to need just a matter of 30 minutes to put the pillow case together with a gorgeous chevron pattern backdrop. The project also lets you add new life to an otherwise old and boring pillow by sprucing it up with a lovely pink fleece remnant heart. Apart from the fleece, you are going to need a chevron fabric, some black fabric material for back,a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, some pins, thread in black or white, and some pink thread to advance towards the steps of construction as showcased in the below guide by it Happens in a Blink.

Project details here: link

27. Word scores

Word scores

A must for any puzzle-lovers, these Valentines word scores are a unique and special gift for your loved one. The scrabble-inspired present gets the perfect Valentine’s Day disguise when assemble a few scrabble tiles spelling ‘Love You’ or your own personalized message on a scrapbooking paper framed in an intended matting, further glueing down the tiles to the surface in an evenly spaced fashion using a hot glue gun. Once you place it right in the center of a shadowbox frame, your gift is all set to make him go all gaga over the surprise. You may also go for a scrabble board when it comes to writing long messages for him, as the grid worked up on the board makes it so easy to go for an even spacing between the tiles, thereby bringing out greater visual interest.

Project details here: link

28. Candy bar card

Candy bar card

Combine a sweet treat with the conventional Valentine’s card with this homemade and colorful creation. The candy bar card screaming deliciousness in every single inch of it is totally meant for men with a sweet tooth, and the best part here is that each of the candy bars comes with a meaning. The names of the bars have been well-utilised to complete the different sentences in the note written on a large white backdrop. The backdrop is a white poster board while the text is done with a black Sharpie pen, putting the candy bars to use as one-of-kind blank fillers. Some packing tape will help you stick the bars to the board, while a cute little of collection of ideas is shared in the below guide by Repeat Crafter Me to help you use the bar packages as the different words of your letter.

Project details here: link

29. Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones

Decorate sticks and stones with Valentines messages – an ideal gift if you are on a budget. The author goes for this nature-centred present for her husband because of his love for mountaineering, but this thing of rustic prettiness is going to delight every single man in the world. The project has got some little polished rocks and straight twigs as the canvases to write cute messages for him. To wood-burn the text on those little pieces of willow branches, this inspiration by Radmegan goes for a trusty sander and soldering iron, getting it done in under a few minutes. To adorn the heart-shaped rocks with the message, she puts some dark acrylic paint and a fine-tipped brush to use. Throw them into a large glass bowl and simply place on the dining table.

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30. Photo candle

Photo candle

Your favorite photos will instantly be illuminated with this special candle design. And nothing can make the picture look as pretty as the natural glow of a candle, integrating so much more romance to that special memory of yours rightly captured in a frame. The image is actually flaunted by the glass candle holder, and to get that done, you go for image transfer technique using high-contrast black and white photocopies of your picture and some transparent contact paper. Black ink transfers to the contact paper and this paper when soaked in warm water for a few minutes gets the magic going once it’s plastic is removed. Adhere the dried paper to the glass and voila – the photo-printed candle holders are ready!

Project details here: link

31. Love notes

Love notes

Express your affection in words with these love notes. Experiment with different designs and colors for a very special Valentine’s gift this year. t’s all about transforming a regular Dollar Store notebook into a winsome heart shaped diary wrapped in a beautiful pink ribbon. Shaping the notebook to resemble a heart when it’s open, you cut a piece of red felt in the same shape, leaving a little extra on the outlines to allow a proper covering of the book’s edges. Take a look at this incredible idea shared by Craftberry Bush to make the Love Notes diary with a touch of your love for him. Alternatively, you can always gift him a pre-filled diary wherein you have already noted down all your feelings for him and your relationship together.

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32. Valentine’s crackers

Valentine's crackers

Who said crackers should just be for Christmas? Create your own in time for the 14th using red tissue paper and other decorations. These crackers are not just meant for your loved one, but can also be presented as party favors for the Valentine’s celebration. Going for the idea of repurposing yet again, the crackers are constructed using a few tubes of paper rolls, some crepe paper in red, some patterned gift ribbons, tape, a pair of scissors, and your choice of stuffing. For the filling, go for a bunch of candies, chocolates, or simply small messages of love. The crackers looking just like a giant candy decorated with a hint of love on the outside, hiding yummilicious goodies on the inside. To learn the steps of preparation with detailed visual instructions, head to the below inspiration right away!

Project details here: link

33. Photo box

Photo box

This photo box serves as an instant reminder of the love that you and your partner share. The mere glimpse of this pop-up photo box can make him fall even more in love with you, and you don’t even need to spend much to work it up. In fact, it’s going to be gift-ready in just a deal of 5 Dollars or less that go for the printing. The photo box is made out of an old jewellery box and of course, your photos together, along with a few readily available tools from your craft supplies – some scrapbook paper, glue, and a ribbon. Once you get square-shaped printouts of a few pictures, you attach them together with a string of ribbon glued to their back, further stacking them to place inside the box.

Project details here: link

34. Balloon bed

Balloon bed

Create the illusion of a four-poster bed with these helium-filled red balloons. An interesting twist to the whole gift is brought by each of the balloons housing some wonderful date ideas disguised as gift coupons for different stuff your special man likes – a movie night, a nice Valentine’s back massage for each other, a cup of coffee together and whatever you want to do together with him. What accompany the balloons with utmost charm is loads of strips of paper ribbons in bright red hanging down to the sides of the beds with one end taped to the ceiling while the other flows to the floor. A picture speaks thousand words, and that’s exactly what this inspiration shared below does, taking you through the different steps to assemble the gift with lovely pictures.

Project details here: link

35. CD wallet book

CD wallet book

Showcase your favorite songs and albums with this personalized CD wallet book. Sheer cuteness comes to life with each of the pages of this book which sports a verse or two of your man’s favorite songs, a photograph of your special memories with him, and some mini decor element. A bright colored CD wallet with a photo window on the front cover, colored or patterned scrapbook paper, some Vellum paper, some photographs of you both together in black and white, and a few different embellishments like buttons, flower-shaped brads, metal letters, and spiral shaped paper clips are all it takes to get started with the project. Wedding Bee is here to explain all you need to do to put the CD wallet book together in just a deal of few easy-to-forge steps.

Project details here: link

The purpose of Valentine’s Day gets accomplished just by the two of you being together, but a nice gift only adds up to the moment and makes everything even more cherishing. And that’s why the aforesaid Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men surely deserve a shot when it comes to presenting him with a homemade awesomess.

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35+ Unique DIY Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

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