38 Easy-To-Make and Fun-Filled Outdoor Party Games For The Family

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Those sunny days definitely call for some outdoor fun with the friends and family, where all the faces look lit up with joy and glee. And, summer reunions can’t be complete with some super cool Outdoor Games. Building a DIY game setup of your very own is truly inexpensive and effortless to achieve, and that has been rightly proved with these 38 Easy-To-Make and Fun-Filled Outdoor Party Games For The Family delighting the young and the old.

38 Easy-To-Make and Fun-Filled Outdoor Party Games For The Family

1. Squirt Gun Races

Squirt Gun Races

Punching some holes in plastic cups and putting a string through them to attach it to the walls or the patio is the key to creating an obstacle course. The kids have to use their water guns to get the cup moving to the other end, and reach the starting point. All the little buddies have to race their friends and the one with the shortest time, is declared the winner. Setting up the game needs you to grab no more than four items, including some string, duct tape, scissors and plastic cups.

Game Details : madefrompinterest

2. Bubble Party : Human Bubble

Bubble Party : Human Bubble

Bubbles, with their dream-like colors are something that take the kids to a little fairyland of their own. Why not bring a huge smile on their lips by making them stand inside an actual bubble that’s even bigger than themselves. Making the party a hit with a Human Bubble calls for a bubble solution, a small plastic pool, and a hula hoop. All the kids need to do is to let one of them stand in the middle on the pool, while the other two kids quickly lift the hoola hoop loaded with the bubble solution up.

Game Details : onecharmingparty

3. DIY Backyard Ker-Plunk Game

DIY Backyard Ker-Plunk Game

The age-old Ker-Plunk Game has been transformed into an outdoor party sport making those backyard get togethers a one-of-a-kind experience. The supplies you need are some wooden boards, a drill, some screws, spray paint, wire netting, 18-gauge wire, wire cutters, staple gun and staples, some bamboo garden stakes, and ball pit balls. Each player has to remove the sticks from the wire tube filled with colorful balls, without letting them fall, and the one with the least number of balls falling wins the game!

Game Details : allparenting

4. Water Balloon Pinata

Water Balloon Pinata

What can be more refreshing than a splash of water on a hot summer day outdoor party, brought perfectly in by this Water Balloon Pinata. All the kids are supposed to line up and take their turns, swinging the bat one swing per turn, bursting open the balloons and spraying water all over. The supplies needed are a package of balloons, cotton string, small plastic funnel. outside hose, and a plastic bat or cardboard mailing tube.

Game Details : ziggityzoom

5. Backyard Jenga Tutorial

Backyard Jenga Tutorial

Planning for a family picnic and want something to keep the kids happy and engaged? Let them build a little tower made out of wooden blocks and have fun knocking it down. Collect six 8 feet long 2x4s, a circular saw, some sand paper, level, 12×12 cement patio brick, and a large plastic storage bin. What’s great is the game is super fun to build and ideal to play any time of the year, brightening up a party with that little hint of entertainment that accompanies the leisure at its best.

Game Details : hollilong

6. Summer Fiesta Party Game

Summer Fiesta Party Game

Party games aren’t meant only for the kids, and some outdoor activities prove it just perfect. No matter if it’s the young or the old, Hit The Can is loved by all as the challenge to knock down all the cans in a single hit has its own thrill and joy. To build the game, all you need to gather is six recycled tin cans of the same size, a little spray painted ball or a tennis ball, and a free printable provided with the below tutorial by Paging Supermom to wrap the cans with. Getting em’ game is surely going to be a child’s play now!

Game Details : pagingsupermom

7. Giant Pick-up Sticks

Giant Pick-up Sticks

Picking up those color sticks without moving the others has always been a jovial and engaging game since ages. But won’t it be interesting to turn the traditional game into a giant version adding some color and charm to any backyard party, even for the older kids who don’t adore those childish games anymore! Just a deal of three supplies, including 24-36 bamboo yard stakes, some colored spray paint, and lots of clear spray paint is all this super simple-to-make yard game takes to let the kids get playing all the time.

Game Details : iheartnaptime

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