50+ Wonderful and Simple DIY Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Love Making

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Nothing is better than an enchanting Christmas tree that is beautifully decorated with handmade ornaments. Whether we talk about plastic or paper ones, there are countless DIY Christmas tree decorations you can make with your kids, all of them challenging not only your creativity, but also your crafting abilities. Apart from that, making them will also enable you to spend priceless moments with your children, and create memories you will cherish even after the Christmas passes. Below we will show you 50+ lovely DIY Christmas tree decorations you should definitely make for the upcoming holidays.

6 Wonderful and Simple DIY Christmas Tree Decorations You’ll Love Making

1. Peanut Creatures

Peanut Creatures

Peanuts aren’t healthy to eat, but also an incredibly suitable for any DIY project. These peanut creatures can be the perfect decorations for your Christmas tree, especially since they will definitely encourage your children to use their creativity. Have some paint, a small paintbrush, and other accessories such as tiny red beads, paper, or cardboard, and let your imagination thrive while creating different creatures such as a small Rudolph, snowmen, a Santa Claus, and many more. Acrylic glue will be best for gluing a tiny red bead at the end of a peanut to create the nose of the famous reindeer we all know and love. A cotton wire is going to make the perfect scarf for your snowmen, whilst some colored thread will be ideal for hanging these lovely creatures by the tree.  Source tutorial: link

2. Mini Felt Ball Wreaths

Mini Felt Ball Wreaths

Although you cannot use large wreaths for your Christmas tree, who says that you can’t create a few smaller ones that will look truly amazing among the others? Take this mini felt ball rug wreath tutorial, and ask your kids to join you in the process of creating splendid and colorful DIY Christmas tree decorations. To make it, you will need a wreath of straw, see-through thread, a needle, and loads of felt balls you can easily make as long as you have colorful wool handy. When you are done making the wreaths, add some thread you can use to hang them in the Christmas tree. Source tutorial: link

3. Acorn-Topped Ornaments

Acorn Topped Ornaments

One of the most interesting DIY Christmas tree decorations are these acorn-topped ornaments, which will make a lovely addition to the tree’s visual appeal. They aren’t only fun, but also particularly easy to make, especially if you’re the hand-type person. The materials you will need are a few acorn tops (depending on how many ornaments you want to make), unfinished wooden beads, hot glue (and hot glue sticks), fine-tipped permanent pen, colored pencils, and some twine. Use the fine-tipped pen to make various faces on your wooden beads. Add the details you want, and let your kids get creative by drawing fun designs such as facial hair or glasses. Make your ornaments look more realistic by adding “blush” to their “cheeks” using a pink pen, then gently smoothen with your finger tip to soften. Glue the acorn tops to the wooden beads, then glue the twine to the dried stems of the acorns, and your wonderful Christmas tree ornaments are done. Source tutorial: link

4. Mosaic Baubles

Mosaic Baubles


Baubles are definitely an important part of the Christmas tree decoration, but what if you could make them look even better? This tutorial will teach you how to make your baubles sparkle charmingly, so you can make your Christmas tree really stand out. To update your baubles, just take an old CD you aren’t using anymore, cut it into tiny pieces with different shapes, and then simply glue them to the baubles in a mosaic style. CDs have a side that diffracts light into a fully-visible spectrum, meaning that your new bauble will constantly spark when light hits it. Your kids will definitely enjoy these ornaments, and you will certainly love the idea of recycling old goods into amazing new ones! Source tutorial: link

5. Balloon-wrapped Ornaments

Balloon wrapped Ornaments

Want to get rustic with your DIY Christmas tree decorations? If so, then you’ll definitely want to try out these balloon-wrapped ornaments, which are very easy to do, and also extremely visually-appealing. Take a 7-inch round balloon, blow it up, and then slather a thin layer of Vaseline on it. Mix glue and water until you achieve a creamy consistency, then feed the yarn through this mixture, gradually wrapping it around the balloon in different direction to make it look random. You’ll need someone to assist you during the last part of the process, as the yarn needs to be wrapped around the balloon immediately after having been fed through the glue mixture. Let the yarn dry, then pop the balloon with a pin, and add a nice ribbon to the ornaments – such a nice addition to your Christmas tree, isn’t it? Source tutorial: link

6. Rustic Twine Ornaments

Rustic Twine Ornaments

If there’s an ornament you should be making for your Christmas tree, that’s these rustic twine decorations, which will most definitely be above and beyond any other DIY project. You will only need some twine, glue, and the baubles that you’re planning on using. Start by placing a small amount of glue at the top of the bauble, then attach the end of the twine to it. Place a few lines of glue around the bauble, and then begin wrapping the twine around it, making sure to keep the loops tight and close together. Keep going to the bottom of the bauble, and gradually adding more glue as needed to properly attach the twine. It won’t be long until you’ll have gorgeous DIY Christmas tree decorations that will make the holidays even more memorable for your family and guests! Source tutorial: link

7. Superhero Ornaments

Superhero Ornaments

A few fantasy names, including Batman, Superman and Captain America are the love of every single kid out there, who dreams of becoming one of these heros some day. How about letting your little ones decorate this year’s Christmas Tree with thrilling Superhero-themed ornaments? It’s surprisingly easy to make these ornaments, brightly painted in the different superhero colors, and flaunting their respective logos on top. You just need to gather a few clear glass ornaments, some shades of acrylic paints, a sticker maker or glue, empty toilet paper rolls, and yes, your kid’s favorite superhero logos as small prints.

DIY Details : happylooksgoodonyou

8. String Art Ornaments

String Art Ornaments

Adapt one of the coolest crafts of the times, String Art into making a set of gorgeous DIY ornaments for beautifying your Christmas Tree, a project that will be truly fun-filled for the whole family, specially the kids. The supplies you need to bring your imagination to life with these String Art Ornaments is round wood shapes, wood glue, a hole punch, craft paints, small nails, a hammer, baker’s twine, ribbon, and hot glue. Starting with round bases, check out how you can work out creative shapes on the ornaments with string art taking a look at the below tutorial by The Country Chic Cottage that explains the process in detail.

DIY Details : thecountrychiccottage

9. Christmas: DIY Kids’ Ornaments

Christmas: DIY Kids’ Ornaments

Here is a great idea for an ornament craft table that will make sure your children are busy and happy in the festivities, while keeping them away from fragile ornaments at the same time. Ornaments shaped as a shiny Christmas tree, a gorgeous golden star, and a cute red-nosed reindeer, all having popsicle sticks as their base and adorned with decorative ribbons, pipe cleaners and pom poms are something that the kids can put together with utmost ease and simplicity. Plus, these DIY Kid’s Ornaments are also going to bring an adorable twist to your Christmas Tree decorations ditching the traditional store-bought ornaments.

DIY Details : ideas.evite

10. Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Who said that a cookie cutter is only supposed to shape up your homemade treats? This utility can work wonders for letting you craft out DIY ornaments to adorn your Christmas Tree with interesting cut-outs themed for the festival, flaunting amazing patterns and your family pictures! All you need is some aluminium cookie cutters of your choice of shapes, patterned paper, colored photographs, some card stock, pencil, scissors, white craft glue, a needle, some ribbons and beads. Martha Stewart takes you through the simple steps required to build your own Cookie Cutter Ornaments within minutes.

DIY Details : marthastewart

11. Cool DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament To Make With Your Kid

Cool DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament To Make With Your Kid

Looking out for a cool ornament that you and your kids can build together? These DIY Snowman Christmas Ornaments that have actually been crafted out of bottle caps assembled creatively is perhaps, all you need for a mess-free and easy-to-perform DIY Christmas tree decoration project. The supplies you need to make the ornaments are a few bottle caps, some paint brushes, a ribbon, hot glue gun, glue sticks, buttons, scissors, and yes, acrylic paints in white, black, orange and red. Take a look how adorable these ornaments look, as showcased in the below tutorial by Kidsomania, along with detailed steps of construction.

DIY Details : kidsomania

12. Salt Dough Ornaments Revisited

Salt Dough Ornaments Revisited

The age-old, yet ever amazing kid-friendly craft, Salt Dough never fails to bring some lovely smiles to the faces of kids with the numerous wonderful projects it can help them make. One of them is these DIY Salt Dough Mini Ornaments that are just so easy-to-make, while being just perfect for hanging from your X’Mas trees making it look stunning and sophisticated. Whitened with acrylic colors, and embossed with stamps, these ornaments sport a touch of beautiful ceramics to their appearance. Just a matter of eight steps as explained by Say Not Sweet Anne are required to construct these winsome ornaments.

DIY Details : saynotsweetanne

13. Tutorial : Yarn Ball Ornaments

Tutorial : Yarn Ball Ornaments

This Christmas, hang lots of yarn ball warmth on your tree branches in the form of these great, easy-peasy Christmas tree decorations – Homemade Yarn Ball Ornaments. Just gather lots of styrofoam balls in assorted sizes, some scrap yarn, a craft glue, a yarn needle, and a pair of scissors. Just a handful of steps are all you need to add a knitting theme to your festive season, following this tutorial by Sew-Wrong. These Yarn Ball Ornaments can truly brew up a lovely impact on your holiday guests, working as a great reflection of your imagination and creativity.

DIY Details : sew-wrong

14. Motivation Needed

Motivation Needed

There are times when the big day is about to knock at the door, and you haven’t got any time yet to work on your Christmas tree decorations. You need not worry any more! These supercool, Little Button Trees are great for that last-minute decorating, or for putting the kids to work on adding to your homemade ornament collection. Shared by UK Lass in US, these trees made with amazing, green-themed buttons gradually decreasing in size, having a trunk of brown buttons, flaunting a golden star on top are so pretty, that you won’t feel like going for any store-bought ornaments out there that cost you those huge bucks.

DIY Details : uklassinus

15. Minion Christmas Ornaments and More

Minion Christmas Ornaments and More

The funky, restless characters from Despicable Me, Minions are the craze of the season when it comes to any kind of DIY crafts and decor projects. Why not integrate these adorable beings into your Christmas tree decorations by building your very own Minion Christmas Ornaments, accompanied by some other characters that your kids love. All you need is some clear glass bulb ornaments, multi surface satin in desired colors, some vinyl, and ribbons to hang your creations. Coating the ornaments with paint, you can transform them into any characters of your choice using adhesive vinyl or paints.

DIY Details : crazylittleprojects

16. DIY Christmas Ornaments Reindeer

DIY Christmas Ornaments Reindeer

How cute will a herd of homemade reindeers would look when hanging from your DIY Christmas tree? Using some clothespins, arranging and combining them in a creative manner, you can make your adorable DIY Reindeer Christmas Ornaments that are unbeatably sweet, while being so inexpensive and quick to make. You will need some glue, newspaper, sandpaper, styrofoam, wire, paint, some craft eyes, flocking powder or pom-pom, a hot glue gun, glitter glue, a string for hanging, and some embellishments such as flocked paper, ribbon, and bells to get your reindeers all set for charming up your festive decorations.

DIY Details : scissorsandspoons

17. DIY Baker’s Twine Christmas Ornaments


Are you looking out for creating something simple and elegant, instead of going for all that glam and glitter for this year’s DIY Christmas tree decorations? You will fall in love with these DIY Baker’s Twine Ornaments that really are easy to make, so much that you can have a grade school child help or make a set of their very own. Using some readily available supplies, including lots of baker’s twine, glue sticks, scissors, and yes, some plain wooden ornaments, you can build each finished ornament in just a matter of few minutes, while being indulged in the television or simply having a great time with your kids.

DIY Details : mommytesters

18. Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments

Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments

Gluing pine to cinnamon sticks and decorating the combination with some colorful elements can yield a one-of-a-kind DIY ornament that can take the charm of your Christmas tree to all new levels. Supplies needed to make your own Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornaments are 3 inch cinnamon sticks, a Canadian pine garland, lots of assorted buttons, a glue gun, wire cutters, twine or hemp cord, and a ruler. Below is a super fun tutorial that helps you prepare your homemade ornaments with a few simple steps, and offers some amazing tips how you can customize the same according to your whims.

DIY Details : consumercrafts

19. Personalized Scrabble Ornaments

Personalized Scrabble Ornaments

Can there be something as touchy for festive decor than a Christmas tree sporting the names of your children in the form of gracefully hung ornaments that have been made at home by you? Just by getting a glimpse of these Personalized Scrabble Ornaments, you will be planning to build and add them to your ornament collection for this year’s Christmas tree decorations. Just grab wooden scrabble trays and tiles, a ribbon, a pencil, hand saw, a drill, some white glue, and a paintbrush. In fact, you can make your loved ones reminded of you for years by gifting them these adorable ornaments flaunting their names in rustic, pretty letters.

DIY Details : lifeyourway

20. Rolled Paper Ornaments

Rolled Paper Ornaments

Making for a whimsical addition to your tree, these lively rolled paper ornaments are quite a simple and quick affair to construct. You will need construction paper in various colors, matching ribbons, foam adhesive tape, double sided tape, and a bit of white glue. Cutting and creative rolling is all it takes to whip up lovely Rolled Paper Ornaments, that are perhaps, the most budget-friendly alternative to the store-bought ornaments, while at the same time being absolutely mess-free. I bet your DIY Christmas tree decorations will look truly picturesque having these ornaments add an element of splendor to them.

DIY Details : paperplateandplane

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