Adorn Your Festive Dessert Table With these Three Last-Minute Easy Easter Treats!

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When you are done with all that decorating, having a great Easter calls for some lip-smacking treats as well. Making some amazingly pretty and delicious desserts can add a special charm to your day, so get your creative juices flowing with these winsome Chick Cupcakes, Hatching Easter Eggs, and Swimming Peeps that are a literal child's play to put together at home!

Having a couple of utterly adorable chicks, flaunting little eyes and a cute nose – all disguised as a delicious cupcake can literally make one drool when sitting on your dinner table.

Last-Minute Easy Easter Treats

What you need to prepare the Chick Cupcakes is some all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, a little salt, some unsalted butter, sour cream, large eggs, a little vanilla extract, a little food coloring, vanilla frosting, and yellow edible glitter sprinkles.

Another super awesome Easter dessert would be mini Swimming Peeps, resting on top of some cloudy whipping cream that sits on a glass filled with glossy blue Jello. You will need blue Jell-o mix, hot water, some cold water, some cool Whip, blue food coloring, and those little Peeps.

Chick Cupcakes, Swimming Peeps, Hatching Chicks – Easy Easter Treats

Lastly, you are going to prepare some eggs that are just at that pretty stage of getting hatched. For making Hatching Easter Chicks, you will need a boiled egg, some mayonnaise, a little salt, black pepper, black olives, and a little piece of carrot. When placed on a bed of lettuce, this one can work wonders for a DIY centerpiece adorning the Easter dinner table.

AshleyBeauty is here to share the process of preparation with you through the below YouTube video tutorial. Showcasing thorough step-by-step instructions, as well as explaining a few tips and tricks to bring these super cute Chick Cupcakes, Swimming Peeps, and Hatching Chicks to life, she makes it quite a piece of cake to put things together all by yourself!

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