Awesome Summer DIY Flip Flop Ideas For Under $5!

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Summertime is here again; and boy – is it hot! Everywhere I go, it’s short shorts, tank tops, and of course, flip flop sandals. For many years, flip flips have been choice footwear for Summer enjoyment. The rubber soles prevent foot burning and cracking; and the open tops allow feet to breathe in the hot temperatures. What if you could make them even cooler? Read these 20 DIY flip flops projects to pimp out your sandals!

Awesome Summer DIY Flip Flop Ideas For Under $5!

1. Braided Cloth Flip Flop Straps

Braided Cloth Flip Flop Straps

Though flip flops are great for summer, the options are somewhat limited. There seems to be a giant price gap from $1 flip flops to $15 flip flops. If you don’t want to splurge for the $15 pair, your only choice is to buy the cheap plastic sandals. This is a problem for many people. The cheap plastic straps are uncomfortable; and the sizes are limited. A size 12 DIY-er decided that enough was enough; and she made her own cloth straps with spare cloth! For just $2.50, Ashley turned a cheap pair of Old Navy flip flops into comfortable and fashionable sandals. They even have heel support! Great job, Ashley!

Project Details: makeit-loveit

2. Beaded Flip Flop Straps

Beaded Flip Flop Straps

While they are comfortable, cheap flip flops are not very fashionable. If you put any thought into your outfit, dollar flip flops stand out. But who wants to spend $70 on designer sandals, or, even worse, heels? The creative mom over at Trinkets in Bloom came up with a solution – why not just decorate them? According to her, “Even though the temperature is rising, you don’t have to compromise comfort or style.” So, she got some fashion beads and ribbon; and, with some basic sewing skills, she made some good-lookin’ flip flops.

Project Details: trinketsinbloom

3. Water Balloon Flip Flop Straps

Water Balloon Flip Flop Straps

Let’s not forget the kids, now. Can’t take them to the pool for a few hours? Are you stuck inside on a rainy day? Here’s a fun craft to kill a couple hours! It’s okay if you aren’t doing this for kids, too – it’s just so easy, even a child could do it. Everyone can wear these fun sandals featuring water balloons! They take some work; but with 120 water balloons and an old pair of flip flops, you can make these sandals. I especially love this one because it just captures the essence of Summer!

Project Details: aboutamom

4. “Beach” Sandals

"Beach" Sandals

Mother Huddle came up with this project herself as a fashionable alternative to regular flip flops. This is similar to the braided cloth straps; but the cloth is neither braided nor stretchy. Instead, she used colorful cloth and sewed on her DIY flowers with a needle and thread. In her own words, she decided to plan “A no-sew project and create a relaxed flip flop that looks like it just walked off a beach. Because really, that is where I wished I just walked off of.” That’s so true – it’s hilarious!

Project Details: themotherhuddle

5. Changeable Flip Flop Straps

Changeable Flip Flop Straps

The author, Alison says that she was online when she saw the design for cloth sandals. These sandals were different than some others – they had changeable straps. With changeable straps, the wearer can essentially make a new shoe whenever she wants to! While Alison thought this was a good idea, she thought that she could do it herself for cheaper. So, she grabbed some old flip flops and imitation leather and got to work. Basically, all you need to do it remove the plastic straps, put in new loops, and put cloth throughout the loops. You don’t need leather to make the loops – you can use any material you’d like to. However, leather looks especially attractive with the sandals. The website will tell you more, and also how to tie the cloth! These are great-looking flip flops; and you can change them out for a new design whenever you want!

Project Details: simple-serendipities

6. Soft Sandal Straps

Soft Sandal Straps

This is similar to the previous designs, but with slight variations. These are $1 flip flops that have been transformed into fashionable and comfortable flip flops with just a little cloth! The author found that t-shirt material was not ideal for this project; so, that’s something to keep in mind. I feel like velvet would be a good idea for this project – the soft cloth just seems appealing. Of course, this is just speculation. I am going to try it soon! Another great idea comes from this website, too. The author says she used size #12 washers to keep the soft fabric in place. How genius! This project has no need for hot glue or any other adhesive. With well-placed knots and a little thread, these sandals really came together well!

Project Details: bakingoutsidethebox

7. T-Shirt Thread Straps

T-Shirt Thread Straps

Wilma decided to make a fun pair of DIY flip flops herself. For the fabric, she grabbed some “t-shirt yarn,” which can be made with old t-shirts, or just found in a store. When it is separated into smaller straps, this t-shirt material is actually really comfortable! The first thing Wilma did was basically remake the straps with the braided cloth. Then, instead of making heel supports, she left some extra rope on the end. This way, you can fashion them however you’d like! How clever!

Project Details: bywilma

8. Fabric Flip Flops

Fabric Flip Flops

This project is an even easier way to dress up an old pair of flip flops. All you need is a pair of cheap plastic flip flop sandals, a couple inches of fabric, a pair of scissors, and a little bit of hot glue. The author stripped it down to the basics to avoid mistakes and time-consumption. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 1: Get rid of the old straps. 2. Make loops in the sandal holes. 3. Loop some fabric through the loops. That’s it. Plain and easy, comfortable, and super cute! I love it. She used a floral pattern which really complemented the brown sandals; but you can use any mixture of sandals and cloth. Lime green and pink, you say? Go for it! Project Details: practicallyfunctional

9. Extraordinary Flip Flops

Extraordinary Flip Flops

We say “extraordinary,” because that’s the best (and only) word to describe them. They just look so good! I saw these at a party a couple weeks ago, and I noticed how good they looked. I asked the wearer “where did you get those awesome sandals?” To my surprise, she said she MADE them! I seriously thought they were designer! You can surprise your friends, too, with embellished ribbon and this simple 5-minute DIY flip flop project. It’s really comfortable, too; and, best of all, it’s cheap. You can do this all for under $5! Talk about a great project.

Project Details: sweetcharli

10. Knotted Straps Flip Flops

Knotted Straps Flip Flops

The Mother Huddle is back; and this time, she presented a well-placed pun! How exciting! With a couple strips of fabric and $1 flip flops, this mom made the “knot-so-hard flip flops.” The design is similar to number 8, but with a slight change. Instead of loops, the author just put the fabric directly in the holes. Also, she tied knots on the front strap for extra fashion and comfort. These would look really great just about anywhere! Something about this one just stands out to me and screams: SUMMER!

Project Details: themotherhuddle

11. Ruffle Flip Flops

Ruffle Flip Flops

This DIY flip flop project takes a little more effort; but it definitely pays off. Unlike the others, this project also requires some circular fabric samples. This will be sewn onto the front strap to give a fun “ruffle” effect! This project serves that some looping paired with a little sewing here and there can go a long way! I also have to comment on the zebra and pink pairing! So cute!

Project Details: makeit-loveit

12. Gladiator Flip Flops

Gladiator Flip Flops

It seems that the newest fashion trend in shoes is the “gladiator wrap.” What is the gladiator wrap, you say? It’s a cloth being used to strap your legs into sandals. If you’ve ever seen Ben Hur, you know what it looks like. They’re especially popular due to the amazing comfort of the straps; and they look really good! Anyway, you don’t need to spend $75 on special sandals like these. You just need a pair of flip flops, a summer scarf, and a DIY spirit! It’s incredibly easy, and you can make it look good on any type of flip flops. A bonus is it also doesn’t require you to cut up your sandals, so you could do this on slightly more expensive shoes. You could even use ribbon for the straps if you don’t want to use a scarf. Variety counts!

Project Details: misskristurner

13. (Another) Ruffle Flip Flops

(Another) Ruffle Flip Flops

When I saw the pictures for this, you would not have liked to be in the room with me. My brain being unable to handle the adorableness caused incoherent squeals to come from my mouth. But they’re so cute! This takes a little work and planning; but, boy – is the result cute. Using 4 different fabrics on the ruffles is such a nice touch; and there’s even a heel to fasten the foot! I don’t know about the comfort, though. You could add a little cloth on the inside of the straps if it bothers you. Feel free to experiment with this idea! Also, you don’t have to make this for a baby. This DIY flip flop project is great for all ages, and it looks great – especially on babies.

Project Details: themotherhuddle

14. Bow Flip Flops

Bow Flip Flops

This is the easiest project out of all of the ones listed above. The author used sandals; but you can use flip flops too. All you need is the shoes, a little bit of matching ribbon, and some hot glue. Get your ribbon, tie it in a bow, sew the edges to prevent fraying, apply a dab of glue to the intersection of the straps, and get your bow on there. That’s it. No cutting or chopping involved. This literally takes a few minutes, and it will make your sandals look great for any event! Project Details: swellmayde

15. DIY Flip Flop Ideas

DIY Flip Flop Ideas

There are many more new ideas for your flip flops, and they’re all so fun! We’re going to talk about them, and we encourage you to choose some of your favorites and try them out!

Check out the website here: diy-enthusiasts

16. Buttoned Straps

Buttoned Straps

Purple flip flops are fun, but purple buttons are even more fun! You can add them together to make the cutest flip flops you’ve ever had! With a needle, pliers, fishing line, and some buttons, you can put fun buttons on your sandals for just a dollar or two. Just poke holes in the straps (don’t poke yourself), string up some fishing line through the holes, and then put buttons on the line! It’s easy and fun – what more could you ask for?

Project details:

17. Scarf Straps

Scarf Straps

With this one, you don’t even have to do any poking! Just wrap colorful scarves around the straps, and leave some extra at the end! This provides comfort on the strap end; and you can fasten the extra material on your ankle to make it look really good! Also, the pennant in the middle is a really good touch.

Project details:

18. Beaded Straps

Beaded Straps

This is the same basic idea with the buttons, but you do it with beads! You can do it with colorful bead for fun; or slightly more sophisticated beads for appearance. It’s really up to you, so make sure you like it! A pattern is a really good idea for the beads; and putting an especially showy bead in the middle is a nice touch. Also put some flowers in there – hey, it’s summer!

Project details:

19. Chained Straps

Chained Straps

Cut out a portion of the straps and replace it with a chain! If you have special tools, you can really make this look good. Experiment with the idea, because there are a lot of possibilities. You can do this with string, as well. Try it out with material, if you’d like. Put some beads on, too – they make it look all the better!

Project details:

+1 Bonus: 10 Ways to Trick Out Your Flip Flops

10 Ways to Trick Out Your Flip Flops

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