25 Awesome DIY Beds for Kids Bringing Comfy and Cozy Together!

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Kid’s bed is perhaps, the star element of their rooms and calls for absolute comfort plus functionality. Instead of purchasing a traditional structure, you can put together an adorable bed for your little ones all by yourself, that too without the need to showcase any expert carpentry skills. In fact, you have got so much more possibilities to customize them to suit exactly what your kid finds comfy, cozy and of course, stunning! So, why wait to check out these 25 Awesome DIY Beds for Kids You Can Build Like a Child’s Play.

DIY Beds for Kids

1. Triple Bunks

Triple Bunks

3-in-1 bunk beds having the boards attached to the walls to create a floating in the air look! That pink stain-job is for the girl’s room, while green goes for boys.

DIY Details : thehandmadedress

2. Ikea Bunk Bed Hack

Ikea Bunk Bed Hack

Transform a MYDAL bunk bed from Ikea into a super elegant girl’s bed. Paint it in pastel aqua, adding layered white curtains to allow for a hidden playhouse section underneath.

DIY Details : twothirtyfivedesigns

3. Fire Truck Loft Bed

Fire Truck Loft Bed

Everything, including working lights, a ladder buckets, a steering wheel and those helmets hanging inside give a playhouse loft bed from Ana White’s plans a fire truck makeover.

DIY Details : ana-white

4. Loft Bunk Bed with Stairs

Loft Bunk Bed with Stairs

Constructed out of a bunch of wooden boards, this bunk bed steals the show with a high gloss cabinet paint, a hideout under the platform, those little stairs and colorful curtains.

DIY Details : brightgreendoor

5. DIY Crib into Loft Toddler Bed

DIY Crib into Loft Toddler Bed

Who knew a baby crib, a few simple modifications and a fresh coat of paint could create something so cute – a compact toddler loft bed with storage space at the bottom.

DIY Details : adrielbooker

6. Hanging Loft Bed

Hanging Loft Bed

Yet another project inspired by Ana White’s plans, this bed hanging off the ceiling is suspended by ropes. Wall brackets keep it stronger, while that ladder is plain adorable!

DIY Details : jenniferfaris

7. The Treehouse

The Treehouse

A winsome treehouse bed with coats of orange on the outside, eggshell blue on the inside and two pretty love bird cut-outs is going to be the star of just about any kid’s bedroom.

DIY Details : theslowlifenc

8. Indoor Playhouse Loft Bed

Indoor Playhouse Loft Bed

A unique playhouse cum loft bed built over the existing framework for a fireplace is all about a few measurements, cutting, painting and some sanding. Throw in a foam camping mattress!

DIY Details : fefifofamma

9. Playhouse Loft Bed with Storage Stairs

Playhouse Loft Bed with Storage Stairs

Sherry adjusted the plan for a Playhouse Loft with Stairs to make it fit a full size bed, adding a few extra inches to the width. Pink and white form a heartwarming combo of colors.

DIY Details : tosimplyinspire

10. Princess Loft Bed

No less than a little castle, this pastel-hued structure has got stairs climbing to the cozy mattress, which has got an adorable play kitchen in the playhouse underneath.

DIY Details : youtube

11. Build a Closet Loft

Build a Closet Loft

Remove the shelves and clothes bar from a close – get going to install a loft with a plywood resting on a wooden frame fastened to the closet with brackets and screws.

DIY Details : biggerthanthethreeofus

12. Clubhouse Bed

Clubhouse Bed

That breathtaking camping clubhouse bed when installed within your boy’s room, would make his eyes sparkle with a super cool forest wall mural and a blue striped hammock underneath!

DIY Details : babygizmo

13. Pottery Barn Cottage Loft Bed Knock-Off

Pottery Barn Cottage Loft Bed Knock-Off

Put pieces of premium pine to gorgeous use by working out this assembly of wooden boards. The cottage loft bed is adorned with colorful strips of broadcloth and light pink curtains.

DIY Details : infarrantlycreative

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