25 Awesome DIY Beds for Kids Bringing Comfy and Cozy Together!

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Kid’s bed is perhaps, the star element of their rooms and calls for absolute comfort plus functionality. Instead of purchasing a traditional structure, you can put together an adorable bed for your little ones all by yourself, that too without the need to showcase any expert carpentry skills. In fact, you have got so much more possibilities to customize them to suit exactly what your kid finds comfy, cozy and of course, stunning! So, why wait to check out these 25 Awesome DIY Beds for Kids You Can Build Like a Child’s Play.

14. Rock Climbing Loft Bed

Rock Climbing Loft Bed

A mini rock-climbing wall replaces the idea of stairs for this loft bed adding a little adventure to your kiddo’s routine. Shelves underneath add a lot more beauty!

DIY Details : anotherbigbite

15. Super Hero Bed

Super Hero Bed

A lot on the artistic side with the paint-job it flaunts, here’s what a a superhero lover needs. Things go next level with a melamine bed slide and a hidden fort underneath

DIY Details : dadbuiltthis

16. DIY Cabin Bed

DIY Cabin Bed

Having ultra-sturdy decorative hardwood plywood as the base for its construction, this custom-crafted bed with a lovely slatted roof with a rustic appeal is totally kid-friendly.

DIY Details : jenwoodhouse

17. Built-in Bunk Beds

Built-in Bunk Beds

Magnificent is the word for these built-in bunk beds adorned with rope ladders. The two beds come with contrasting color schemes for the pillows and quilts to match the girl and the guy!

DIY Details : mikaelmonsonphotography

18. Camper Van Bunk Bed

Camper Van Bunk Bed

Looking almost ready to drive away, this super cute camper van is actually a bunk bed disguised as the vehicle. It even features a door which shuts, surfboard ladder and a faux carriage on top.

DIY Details : fancy

19. Lumberjack Bedroom Bunk Beds

Lumberjack Bedroom Bunk Beds

The original texture of rustic alder wood treated with a chemical stain turning the shades darker results in that great pop of these bunk beds, finished off with custom bedding and pillows.

DIY Details : theprojectgirl

20. House Bunk Bed

House Bunk Bed

All you need to bring this house-shaped bunk bed to life is a few wooden boards and slats screwed together. Go with your choice of stain and throw in a cozy mattress and pillows.

DIY Details : theruggedrooster

21. DIY Bunk Beds


DIY Bunk Beds

A full bed rests at the bottom, while you have got a twin on top. A playful stain adds much needed vibrance, while stairs become much more functional with the built-in shelves.

DIY Details : suburbanwifecitylife

22. DIY Riser Bunk Bed

DIY Riser Bunk Bed

Integrating a frame to the bottom of a Kura bed gives it a lovely lift off the floor. The key is to assemble the frame, pre-drill attachment screw holes, prime the wood and finally, sand it.

DIY Details : laybabylay

23. Ikea Kura Bed Hack : DIY Ball

Ikea Kura Bed Hack : DIY Ball

Bring out splendour to a Kura bed with a DIY wire ball. Two baskets have got their hooks and oasis removed, further sealed together hung to the ceiling with chains.

DIY Details : harlowandthistle

24. Roofed Bed and Lantern

Roofed Bed and Lantern

Glamorously glowing string lights around the edges of this piece of prettiness are the hero for this cottage-inspired custom-made roofed bed. Hang a lantern on the side!

DIY Details : lushome

25. DIY Toddler Bed

DIY Toddler Bed

Who needs a bedside lighting when you have got the whole white-hued bed brightened up with lights. The walls make it safe for the toddler, while soft bedding and pillows add comfort!

DIY Details : fashionablehostess

Taking a look at the mind-blowing ideas for building DIY Beds for Kids, we bet you wouldn’t find it a tough deal to design amazingly beautiful and functional beds for your kids. Storage, colors, playhouses and kid-friendly themes – these ideas have you covered!

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