20 Awesome Inspirations for Crafting DIY Curtains All By Yourself!

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Those pretty clothed window treatments, curtains, not only add privacy to your space, but also define the style statement of your home. There’s a whole world of possibilities when it comes to the drapery patterns, prints, colors and fabric materials that go into this piece of home decor. Of course, you can always head to the store to grab the drapes for your windows, it’s a much more personalized and budget-friendly affair when you make one at home. Here are 20 Awesome Inspirations for Crafting DIY Curtains All By Yourself!


DIY Curtains

1. Easy-Sew Curtains

Easy-Sew Curtains

Flaunting an adorable text print on a light cotton fabric from Ikea, these sets call for no more than 5 straight sewn lines to put each of the curtains together. You’ll need coordinating thread, a ruler, scissors, disappearing ink marker and pins.

DIY Details : heyletsmakestuff

2. Ruffled Curtains

Ruffled Curtains

Even the most simple of drapes turn extraordinary when adorned with lots of ruffles – and these delicate-looking curtains are a great example of the same. Go for a ruffler or follow the hand-ruffling technique explained by The Shabby Creek Cottage.

DIY Details : theshabbycreekcottage

3. How to Sew Lined Back-Tab Curtains

How to Sew Lined Back-Tab Curtains


The kind of appearance back-tab curtains sport when hanging, makes the whole space look so much more luxurious and finely draped. Check out how you can sew lined back-tab drapes for the windows with pieces of ribbon going for the tabs.

DIY Details : viewalongtheway

4.  DIY blackout curtains

DIY blackout curtains

Once you have measured and hemmed the bottom of the fabric as well as the lining, all you need to do is to attach the two together, followed by hemming the bottom corners and the top, and voila – your DIY curtains are hang-ready.

DIY Details : tenjuneblog

5. Curtains are Up

Curtains are Up

Add lavishly designed floral pattern curtains to your room, preferably going for bright shades of color. Gather the fabric and matching curtain panels, some pleat tape, pleat hooks, some thread, a pair of scissors, curtain rings, prongs and an iron.

DIY Details : prairieperch

6. Curtains Out of Twin Sheets

Curtains Out of Twin Sheets

You really don’t need to go for any sewing to make curtains out of twin sheets, instead let some no-sew iron-on hem tape come into play to bring them to life. Slide curtain rod through slits made on the top, further hemming the sheets up.

DIY Details : mylifeandkids

7. Easy No-Sew Curtain Panels

Easy No-Sew Curtain Panels

Bid farewell to needle and thread, as you have got your hands on these pretty curtain panels put together with double stick fusible tape. The key is to measure and cut the fabric to get the desired length and hem the sides to insert the rod.

DIY Details : artsychicksrule

8. Quick Tab Top Curtains

Quick Tab Top Curtains

Charm up your room with a gorgeous set of curtains sporting an easy-to-pull-off tabtop construction. Let a few cut pieces of the curtain fabric be transformed into the tabs that you use to house the rod for hanging.

DIY Details : kitschycoo

9. Lined, Grommet Top Curtain Tutorial

Lined, Grommet Top Curtain Tutorial

Grommets look absolutely stunning on curtains, while being equally easy to use. Add large grommets along the top of the curtain panels and thread onto a rod. You need a printed fabric, a blackout lining and packages of grommets.

DIY Details : vanillajoy

10. Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind

Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind

Have you ever thought of using magnets to prepare no-sew window blinds in just a matter of few minutes? Fold down the top edge and glue some magnets right under the fold. Pretty white pom poms glued to the bottom edge are the show stealers!

DIY Details : charmingzebra

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