20 Insanely Adorable DIY Felt Projects Creating Pieces of True Cuteness!

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Taking huge credit for the incredible ease with which pieces of felt can be blended together to form just about any shape or form you can think of, this super fuzzy and cozy material works wonders when it comes to bringing some of the cutest crafts to life. What’s great is that even the kids can indulge in felt projects, giving much more productivity to the holidays.


11. DIY Magic Wand

DIY Magic Wand

Made with 3 felt cut-outs, this stunning sequin-decorated 5 point star comes with pockets, sitting atop a glittery golden dowel. Roll a little paper card or a love note and insert it into the pocket, ending up in a magical message for a special someone!

DIY Details : heartmadeblog

12. DIY Felt Crown

DIY Felt Crown

Make your little one feel like a princess or a warrior prince with a homemade head topper flaunting a lovely royal touch to itself. Apart from colored sheets of felt, you will need, double sided adhesive sheets, scissors, thread, needle and a crown template.

DIY Details : hellobee

13. DIY Felt Garland Necklace

DIY Felt Garland Necklace

Who would imagine that one could wear a garland? Of course you can, when it comes with such sheer beauty as this DIY necklace. It calls for combining 3 different hues of felt circles and gold beads together, finally attaching them with a chain.

DIY Details : helloglow

14. DIY Stiffened Felt Boxes

DIY Stiffened Felt Boxes

Regular craft felt transformed into sturdy sheets with a hint of stiffness are all credits to these DIY Stiffened Felt Boxes that are not only perfect to house those nitty-gritty accessories and craft supplies, but also to pack mini festive gifts.

DIY Details : howaboutorange

15. Felt and Pinecone Owl Ornaments

Felt and Pinecone Owl Ornaments

Synonymous to irresistibly enchanting, these endearing little owls have got a pine cone going for the body, while colored pieces of felt form their lovely wings, and facial features. The feet are crafted using brown pipe cleaners.

DIY Details : liagriffith

16. DIY No-Sew Felt Storage Box

DIY No-Sew Felt Storage Box

Coming with a dash of style, this one is surely one super chic storage box that’s as functional to use as it’s cool to look at. It requires no sewing or glueing at all – cut the corners of a sheet of felt off, followed by working out a handful of steps explained by Manmade DIY.

DIY Details : manmadediy

17. The Most Wonderful Felt Robots

The Most Wonderful Felt Robots

Worthy enough of making your eyes sparkle with their charm, these felt robots are an innovative assembly of a few felt cubes sewn together to form the arms, legs, face and body. A cute ribbon bow and button eyes add the final touches.

DIY Details : mangoandpassionfruit

18. DIY Simple Easy Felt Flower

DIY Simple Easy Felt Flower

A pastel pink colored strip of felt folded into two and sewn at the free edge is transformed into a breathtaking flower by making loads of cuts throughout the strip and sewing it in a clever fashion to form a huge ball of beauty.

DIY Details : usefuldiy

19. DIY Felt Anemone

DIY Felt Anemone

Fuzzy wool felt pom poms look absolutely pretty when disguised as the center of these heartwarming flowers, having a green gauge floral wire for their stems. Five petals layers with 4 more same-toned petals placed on top go for the gorgeous flower.

DIY Details : somethingturquoise

20. DIY Felt Roses

DIY Felt Roses

Bid farewell to the idea of going for real blossoms to adorn that gorgeous vase adding an extra hint of color to your space. Instead stuff it with these insanely magnificent roses put together by twisting spiral cut-outs of felt sheets.

DIY Details : joyzz

Whether it’s those stunning flowers, or a lovely garland, or simply a fluffy super fuzzy-to-touch toy, each of the aforesaid DIY Felt Projects come up with breathtakingly pretty end results that are not just engaging to craft, but also are wonderful choices to present to your friends and family.

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