25 DIY Galaxy Projects Rightly Celebrating the Universe We are a Part Of!

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Why are those galaxy-themed projects popping up just about everywhere on the web? A quite simple explanation to the question is that they are not only absolutely gorgeous to look at with all their vibrant colors and sparkles, but also work as a perfect reminder of our mysteriously stunning universe. If you too are ready to pay a tribute to the sky, check out these 25 DIY Galaxy Projects that’ll make you take one step closer to the stars.

25 DIY Galaxy Projects Rightly Celebrating the Universe We are a Part Of

1. Paint Your Own Galaxy Umbrella

Paint Your Own Galaxy Umbrella

Sprucing up even the most ordinary of umbrellas becomes a child’s play with this DIY galaxy-inspired project. Travel to the world of magical stars the moment you open the umbrella up, as the solid black exteriors of the thing hide a whole bundle of twinkies painting on the inside. You are going to need a black umbrella, painter’s tape, white fabric paint, a fabric medium, a few cups from the kitchen, a soft sponge, paint sticks for stirring, a color palette or styrofoam plate, paper towel, and some craft paint in shades of black, red, yellow, blue, and white. To make things easier, take a good picture of the universe as an inspiration. Painting the background is all about dabbing the different colors onto the umbrella, while the shining stars are worked out on the backdrop with a white paint and thin brush.

DIY Details : pinkstripeysocks

2. DIY Galaxy Nails

DIY Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails adorned with such a gorgeous blend of hues and pretty dots of highlights are taking the world of fashion by a complete storm. Although, getting such lavish of a manicure seems to be a tough deal, it’s actually an idea that even the most beginner of nail artists can pull off with perfection. The outer space design is brought by putting a black nail enamel as the base, while a stunning combination of purple nail polish and white polish bring out the initial appearance of the galaxy by daubing the paint spots using a makeup sponge. Various bright white dots done with a nail dotter or even a toothpick go for the starts, and what adds the dash of sparkle is a glitter nail polish that is applied as the final coat on the design when it gets all dry and set. It’s time to let your fingertips do the talking!

DIY Details : diyprojectsforteens

3. DIY Craft For Teens – Cool Galaxy Shoes

DIY Craft For Teens – Cool Galaxy Shoes

Bring out a fantasy-loaded style statement to your simple sneakers by turning them into a super cool pair of stardusted footwear that don’t require any art skills at all. Once you have covered the sides of your footwear with some tape, you need to coat them all with a super dark shade of blue paint, further sponging on the white paint, and lastly, adding the nitty-gritty details and stars in white. Just a matter of an hour is all it takes to get it all done, along with some paint in navy and white to bring out the final effect. You can also go for a little purple for an additional tone to make things look even more realistic. Take a look at the YouTube video representation of the techniques shared by DIY Projects for Teens to create your very own pair of the galaxy shoes.

DIY Details : diyprojectsforteens

4. Galaxy Art Pumpkin DIY

Galaxy Art Pumpkin DIY

Take the most unconventional route to pumpkin crafts and decorations this season with a hand-painted cosmix pattern transferred to those huge gourds. After all, who said that it only need to be limited to those detailed carvings for the Halloween, Jack-o-lanterns or autumn centerpiece vases? The abstract nature of the project allows you to let your creativity loose and finish off the painting in under 10 minutes of effort. Start by sponging on a light blue base on the pumpkin and blending other colors with the same method. Some fabric sprays, wherein black goes for the organic touch and white splatters go for the details are the hero here, but those tiny sponges of pinks and blues totally depend on what you find suited for your specific tastes. Adorned with a sprinkle of glitter, the pumpkin reaches new levels of art altogether.

DIY Details : theswelldesigner

5. DIY Galaxy Lights

DIY Galaxy Lights

How these starry galaxy lights turn out is going to take everyone’s breath away, and that texture brought by the random paint splatters adds an even stronger oomph factor to the finished pieces. The supplies you need to gather include some candle jars, tea lights, some Mod Podge, lots of black tissue paper, paint brushes, a pair of scissors, some glitter, and of course, paint in black, blue, purple, pink and white. The background here is actually small pieces of tissue paper adhered to the candle jar. Next come the application of paint splatters that start with a blue, and advance towards light applications of purple and pink. While your paint is drying, sprinkle on some glitter for an added glamour, further painting the stars on the jars in white with splatter technique. Your DIY Galaxy Lights are all set to glow when they get dry and you place tea lights in the jars, making the space dazzle.

DIY Details : punkprojects

6. Night Sky Activities for Preschool: Galaxy Slime

Night Sky Activities for Preschool: Galaxy Slime

Perhaps, this is the most apt and appropriate one DIY Galaxy Projects when it comes to indulging the preschoolers in some sky-theme crafting. Plus, the end results of the project are hours of playtime, as what you prepare here is loads of gooey slime that looks exactly like an elastic piece of the galaxy. The foundation for the cosmic slime is the traditional slime recipe that involves combining Sta-Flo liquid starch and Elmer’s clear school glue in equal ratio. What brings the change, and that amazing galaxy effect is small batches of black, turquoise, violet, and white liquid watercolors, accompanied by super fine glitter in loads of different colors. Take glue in bowl and add your coloring plus glitter, followed by adding starch in small increments, kneading the mixture. A key point to remember is that you must add starch only till you achieve the desired consistency, going for a stretch test after every increment.

DIY Details : two-daloo

7. Galaxy DIY Bath Bomb Tutorial

Galaxy DIY Bath Bomb Tutorial

How about bathing in warm and super soothing waters that oozes a galaxy-inspired dose of colors the moment you drop a homemade bath bomb inside the tub. You will need some food coloring, some Kosher salt, baking soda, some sparkles in bright silver, and a little lemon juice to get started. Once you prepare individual bath bomb mixtures for each of the colors, you shape it using an egg poacher by pushing in little portions of the colored blends together in a jam-packed fashion. Shut the poacher down and allow it to freeze for a while, and voila! Your glorious galaxy bath bomb comes to life the moment you open the poacher. The best part is that you pull off the project using only a few basic items that are already lying around the house, simply forging the steps showcased in this amazingly cool video to make your own DIY galaxy bath bombs all by yourself.

DIY Details : diyprojectsforteens

8. Galaxy Easter Egg Tutorial

Galaxy Easter Egg Tutorial

No matter how many varieties of Easter eggs you design to decorate the house for the festive season, there’s always room for more and more creative inspirations to amp up those little beauties. One such thing of amazement are these literally out-of-the-world eggs that look royal and dreamy in the very first look itself. You can either grab some fake eggs and coat them in solid black paint, or simply get some chalkboard eggs to get a pre-made background for your project. A nice and soft sponge brush plays the magical role of dabbing and layering the different colors, including shades of blue, purple, and a dash of gold on the surface of the egg. To get the best results, make sure you start from the darkest color, advancing towards the lightests, finally creating loads of big and small speckles on the eggs with the help of some white paint to work up the stars.

DIY Details : dreamalittlebigger

9. DIY Galaxy Cut-Off Shorts

DIY Galaxy Cut-Off Shorts

Be the ultimate star of the party night when you don an ultra-stunning pair of shorts flaunting the unearthly galaxy pattern. And, the fact that you have designed and crafted the piece of clothing all by yourself makes them even more wonderful. You need to take your white-colored shorts and wet them up. Lay them flat and start crumpling, finally tying them with some rubber bands when you are done crumpling the whole cloth. Now comes the fun part, wherein you apply loads and loads of dye colors to the front and the back, further leaving it to marinate in a ziploc bag for six to eight hours. Rinse out, wash and dry the shorts. The union of so many colors that goes into the making of the shorts makes them oh so versatile that no matter what you pair them up with, they look splendid every single time.

DIY Details : pin.it

10. DIY Galaxy Night Lamp

DIY Galaxy Night Lamp

Making the walls and ceiling of your room dazzle with a glowing galaxy of colors, this DIY night lamp is one heck of a creativity that combines a simple $1 sunbeam LED night lamp from the Dollar Store with a Christmas ornaments, ending up in sheer glory. The other supplies you need include a paper towel or some cotton, rubbing alcohol, a white pen or tiny star-shaped stickers, some glue, and a few markers in galaxy colors, specifically, blue, pink, purple, violet and magenta. Removing the extra parts of the LED lamp and fitting it with a clear Xmas ornament, you color the ornament with all the galaxy hues using Sharpies. The effect comes to life when you smudge the colors with a wet paper towel, and draw stars, letting the ornament to dry. Glue it to the lamp base and plug in your creation to the socket.

DIY Details : vikalpah

11. Create Your Own Little Galaxy In A Jar

What if you could point an empty mason jars towards the sky and capture the sky itself in that little container? This DIY inspiration lets you do that almost for real, that too with surprising effortlessness. To dig in a little deeper, the jar sports several layers of cotton, stars and sparkles on top of each other, having each of the layers adorned with a mixture of water and paint in different colors. A great activity to do with the kiddos, the little galaxy in a jar calls for some acrylic paint, a few cotton balls, glitters, some water, a few holo stars. plastic containers, wooden skewers, and of course, a glass jar. That more than perfect galaxy illusion that comes when you close the jar, witness a smooth mingling of hues is absolutely spellbinding to watch. Add a nice tag or message and present to your friends and family.

DIY Details : gwyl

12. Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream

Homemade Galaxy Ice Cream

Delectable to savour, velvet-smooth in terms of the texture, and vibrantly miraculous in terms of that colorful appearance working as a reminiscent of the galaxy are the three elements that make this homemade Galaxy Ice Cream a must-try dessert recipe. The rich colors and that vibrant appearance of the treat are all credits to gel food coloring added to the blend that only takes 3 simple ingredients to turn into the luscious ice cream in just five minutes of preparation. The ingredients include lots of heavy whipping cream, some sweetened condensed milk and a little vanilla. Divide the mixture and add the different colors, finally combining them back. This one won’t fail to make a mark – whether you serve it as an after-dinner treat on a regular day, or delight the guests with the scoop of sweet freshness at a grand get-together!

DIY Details : someofthisandthat

13. Easy Melt and Pour DIY Galaxy Soap

The whole process to prepare these DIY soaps is quite well-explained with the title itself. It’s a melt and pour deal, wherein you have to melt and pour some clear soap base in soap molds that flaunt your choice of interesting shapes. But, it all comes with a twist – once you melt the base by microwaving it for 30 seconds, add liquid soap colorant and cosmetic glitter to the same, further pouring it into the soap mold. Repeat the process to form layers of different colors resting on top of each other to assemble the full-sized soap bar, sporting the galaxy colors with utmost grace. It’s amazing how just a deal of 4 simple supplies are all you need to whip up your batches of homemade, gorgeous soap mix that disguises as a translucent galaxy-themed bar when allowed to cool.

DIY Details – youtuber: HelloMaphie

14. Galaxy Desk Lamp

Galaxy Desk Lamp

Step up your desk lamp game with a few little touches of abstract art crawling up to its surface. The galaxy desk lamp can use the most simple and inexpensive of study lamps as the base, working out the lovely accessory with an element of decor and of course, functionality in no more than an hour. If you have already bought yourself a few bottles of spray paint in bright galaxy-inspired colors, you are all set to forge the project showcased by Dream A Little Bigger. Without worrying about the pattern, simply apply splashes of the various craft paints on the lamp and voila! The only thing to keep in mind while purchasing the lamp is to go for a black solid-toned one, so that not only the paint job pops up on the backdrop, but also makes the task so much more easier and quicker for you.

DIY Details : dreamalittlebigger

15. DIY Galaxy Leggings

DIY Galaxy Leggings

It never seemed so easy to upgrade your wardrobe to an applause-worthy brand-new piece of clothing, unless you got your hands on these one-of-a-kind leggings paying the perfect tribute to our galaxy. You get the job started with some bleach, a spray bottle, loads of fabric or tie dyes in spray bottles in purple, yellow, blue, red, and black. The key is to spray a bleach and water solution over the cloth in sections, followed by spraying the different colored dyes one by one once the bleach dries. Lightly applying a nice coat of glitter spray paint over the leggings gives it a gorgeous glam and glitz dash. And yes, we all have at least one pair of old black leggings lying at some random corner of the closet, so why not treat it with an all new look – a nebula of your artistic talent?

DIY Details : vintageedge.wordpress

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