23 DIY Jewelry Ideas Putting Together Splendorous Pieces of Wearable Beauty!

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Getting dressed up in style calls for a gorgeous piece of accessory. A jewelry item that’s designed at home is going to blend with your personality like nothing else can. The best part is that you can build gorgeous necklaces, adorable earrings and edgy bracelets all by yourself, that too in just a matter of few steps. Here are 23 DIY jewelry ideas putting together splendorous pieces of wearable beauty.


12. Sparkling Glitter Druzy Earrings

Sparkling Glitter Druzy Earrings

How can the druzy trend be left behind when we are working up some DIY jewelry? That glitter layering of crystals on rocks or stones is another name for splendour. Mixing up glitter, adding decoupage, and a handful steps explained by eHow are needed to get dangling druzy earrings.

DIY Details : ehow

13. DIY Decadent Crystal Necklace

DIY Decadent Crystal Necklace

Aren’t those huge crystals hanging down the chain absolutely luxurious? Even better is the fact that you can put that luxury together all by yourself using your choice of stones, designer bead caps, eye pins, a necklace chain, and some E-6000.

DIY Details : fallfordiy

14. Seychelles Knotted Necklace

Seychelles Knotted Necklace

Couple up lovely round beads in a monochromatic theme with a few metal beads as accents to make a one-of-a-kind chain for your DIY necklace that comes with a more than gorgeous pendant. Make with a knotting technique, this seychelles knotted necklace requires Beadalon knotting tool and waxed linen cord.

DIY Details : halcraft

15. DIY Easy Cork Monogram Earrings

DIY Easy Cork Monogram Earrings

Repurposing takes a totally glamorous turn when you transform simple cork discs into these edgy earrings flaunting a monogram. The key is to paint, ink and stamp the cork slices, further attaching them with earring findings, and your light-as-feather pretties are all set with just a matter of few steps.

DIY Details : savedbylovecreations

16. Resin Filled Pendants with Wire Frames

Resin Filled Pendants with Wire Frames

The perfect blend of cool and fancy, these pendants are versatile enough to go for a romantic date or a day at work. Wire frame large drops get a surface with tape where you pour a resin mixture and add color using mica powders, finally removing the tape. Add jumpings or earwires and done!

DIY Details : nunndesign

17. DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings

DIY Hoop Tassel Earrings

Spelling out elegance with every single bit, tassel earrings are a must-have, specially if they are a piece of cake to make. The supplies include hoop earring findings, earring hooks, an embroidery floss, hot glue sticks and gun, some oval shaped jump ring, jewelry making pliers, and sharp scissors.

DIY Details : madeinaday

18. DIY Gold Gilded Earrings and Jewelry Bowl

DIY Gold Gilded Earrings and Jewelry Bowl

A little touch of gold gilding can turn any simple earrings into a super precious thing! What else you need includes jump rings, earring hooks, small bowl, gilding adhesive, gold gilding sheets, soft natural bristle brush, small paint brush, cotton gilding gloves, and a spray or liquid sealer.

DIY Details : madeinaday

19. DIY Raw Stone Earrings

DIY Raw Stone Earrings

The beauty flaunted by the varied textures and colors of natural minerals and stones is simply unbeatable. And this inspiration celebrates minerals like rose quartz, amazonite, apatite, fluorite and garnet with true grace, attaching them to gold earring studs and making wear-ready earrings.

DIY Details : aliceandlois

20. Unique Pearl Rings

Unique Pearl Rings

A little industrial appeal joins hands with the luxurious elegance of a pearl to work up a unique pearl ring that will surely steal everyone’s breath away. Just wrap a wire around a glass pearl and tie it to create the band with the help of a sharpie to get the shape of the finger.

DIY Details : nbeads

21. DIY Beaded Chain Necklace

DIY Beaded Chain Necklace

Awesome marble-pattern hearts on one side, while a string of chains goes for the other side – this DIY beaded necklace can give a tough deal of competition to a store-bought piece of jewelry costing heaps of dollars. You are going to be delighted to learn how easy it is to put this beauty together!

DIY Details : indulgy

22. DIY – Vintage Buttons Necklace

DIY – Vintage Buttons Necklace

Every household has got a bunch of random yet glorious vintage-looking buttons fallen from old outfits lying in drawers. Assemble all of those buttons together into a visually-appealing composition, placing and adhering them to a cloth, finally sewing the cloth to a chain to get a stunning necklace.

DIY Details : chocolateandcraft

23. Gold Wire Leaf Earrings for Autumn

Gold Wire Leaf Earrings for Autumn

A little deal of patience and some twisting, turning and knotting is the secret to building beautiful leaf earrings that are going to be apt and appropriate for the autumn season. All you need is copper wire in two different thicknesses and some earring hooks to get started.

DIY Details : lc.pandahall

Stealing hearts with the unearthly beauty they flaunt, the above pieces of jewelry are also blessed easy to make at the same time. And the end results are so gorgeous for the super friendly budget these DIY Jewelry Ideas can be put together for. Happy Jewelry Making!

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