25 Breathtaking DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas Adding a Dash of Life to Your Home

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Hanging around in the backyard or spending a few hours of recreation on the patio is surely something we all look forward with the onset of spring and summers. To make that happen, it is essential to make sure the ambiance outdoors seems inviting and warm enough, while being equally comfortable at the same time. Instead of going for store-bought decorations, you can always add a personal touch to the space with homemade pieces of furniture. Here are 25 Breathtaking DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas Adding a Dash of Life to Your Home.

13. DIY Outdoor Sectional

DIY Outdoor Sectional

There always will be room for everyone with this magnificent sectional sofa adorning your patio. Pieces of lumber coated latex paint in coffee bean go for the making, finally topped with bright cushions and pillows.

DIY Details : http://www.the36thavenue.com/diy-outdoor-sectional/

14. Outdoor Cabana Lounge

Outdoor Cabana Lounge

Spend lazy lounging afternoons in your backyard in a total vacation-destination-spot-like essence. A pentagonal wooden beam frame with a platform deck board goes perfectly well with an awning and cozy mattress.

DIY Details : thatsmyletter

15. Hang Relaxing Porch Swing

Hang Relaxing Porch Swing

Absolutely nothing can beat the comfort of a nice porch swing, letting you cherish a relaxing time in the bright sunshine or under the stars. Customize a store-bought swing with chain ropes and colorful pillows.

DIY Details : juliapalosini

16. Outdoor Furniture Made with Pallets

Outdoor Furniture Made with Pallets

Spruce up your patio with a complete furniture set built entirely out of wooden pallets, while saving heaps of dollars at the same time. Paint the rustic chair, sofa and coffee table with your choice of shades or stains.

DIY Details : 99pallets

17. DIY Modular Outdoor Seating

DIY Modular Outdoor Seating

What makes this incredible seating different is that it could fit all spaces with its modular sectional structure. It features individual pieces that are all basically a box with the option of adding a backrest or leaving it off.

DIY Details : shanty-2-chic

18. DIY Large Outdoor Dining Table

DIY Large Outdoor Dining Table

If you have got a large family or simply love the idea of huge gatherings, this dining table accommodating about 10 people with its 9-feet sitting benches is all you need. That dark walnut stain is the cherry on the cake.

DIY Details : pinspirationmommy

19. DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas – Storage Box / Bench

DIY Outdoor Storage Box / Bench

This milky white adorable thing is a multi-functional piece of art combining the concepts of storage box and bench. The inside of the lid introduces a pop of color, while the storage fits all your cushions or blankets.

DIY Details : sandandsisal

20. Bench From a Re-purposed Door Headboard

Bench From a Re-purposed Door Headboard

Who would wonder that those huge headboards of old vintage beds could be re-purposed into utterly stylish and elegant outdoor benches? The headboard works for the backrest, while the seat is slats from another bed.

DIY Details : twigdecor

21. Pallet Sofa

Pallet Sofa

Use your choice of mattress as the determining factor of this nifty sofa’s dimensions. Build it with lots of pallets following the easy steps of construction shared by Twig Decor, throwing in pillows and blankets for the final touches.

DIY Details : funkyjunkinteriors

22. Build a Super Frugal Pergola

Build a Super Frugal Pergola

A few delicate curtains, string lights or other nitty-gritty accessories charm up the patio like nothing else when they have got a beautiful pergola attached to the back of the house. Wooden logs and a few construction tools is all it takes!

DIY Details : thecreatedhome

23. Beautify Your Patio with Benches

Beautify Your Patio with Benches

These ultra-simple yet beautiful benches in a color scheme of Black and White can upgrade an empty bland porch into a super-welcoming space. To recreate the benches at home under $15, head to the below guide.

DIY Details : homemadebycarmona

24. Build an Outdoor Bench

Build an Outdoor Bench

Lots of different sized wooden pieces when assembled and screwed in an innovative fashion, can end up in this stunning outdoor bench with two Xs going for the base, while white latex paint makes it simply arresting.

DIY Details : theidearoom

25. DIY Pallet Swing Bed

DIY Pallet Swing Bed

Wooden pallets come yet again to make you believe there’s nothing you can’t build with them. A rustic pallet wood frame works wonders as the base for a comfy mattress accompanied by vibrant cushions that charm this swing bed.

DIY Details : themerrythought

Give a refreshing start to your day with a warm cup of coffee cherished on the patio, while making the evenings so much more relaxing when you rest on a homemade outdoor couch ! All it calls for is executing one or more of the above super-cool DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas!

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DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

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