Flaunt a Brand New-Looking Phone Daily with these 20 Incredible DIY Phone Case Ideas!

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Incredible DIY Phone Case Ideas

A good smartphone is one heck of an investment nowadays, costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. And this makes it imperative to go for a good-quality phone case that keeps your device safe. Although, there are loads of options for store-bought cases, you might not find most of them all stylish and cute. Introduce a personalised touch things with these DIY phone case ideas.

SaraBeautyCorner shares an amazing YouTube video that bundles up 20 different DIY Phone Case Ideas and phone accessories that range from surprisingly simple ones to some super pretty elaborate designs, all being oh so easy to pull off.

DIY Phone Ideas!  – 20 Phone DIY Projects & Popsocket Crafts!

(Video and pictures via SaraBeautyCorner )

She begins with an adorable phone pouch from a sock that won’t just look amazing with googly eyes and an insanely soft texture, but also keep your phone screen protected from unwanted scratches, even when you simply throw it in the handbag and rush to work. Another absolutely vibrant idea is to bring out a custom design with loads and loads of colorful perler beads or hama beads, further gluing the pattern to a clear phone case and voila!

Oh yes, those nail enamels of yours aren’t just meant to paint your nails, they can adorn your phone cases with equal magic too! The case looks like quite a dessert coated with a delicious glaze that’s decorated with lots of colorful sprinkles. If that wasn’t already wonderful enough, she takes you through so many more inspirations that use a clear phone case as the foundation. You can transform it into a galaxy phone case attached to a fidget spinner, a swimming pool case, an ultra cute jeans case with lots of badges, and a desert case.

Let’s shrink a whole aquarium to the back of your phone, and assemble this mesmerizing phone case that has got little fish charms floating in a pool of baby oil that creates the illusion of water when stored in an aquarium pocket loaded with sparkling embellishments. Celebrate your love for winsome monsters inspired by those animated movies, all with an insanely furry and fluffy monster phone case that sports two moving googly eyes in the middle.

In fact, you can whip up your own phone covers right from the very scratch, without calling for any pre-made case, that too using just a deal of 2 ingredients, including silicone and cornstarch. Just add your choice of color to it and voila! Adding some white clouds to the blue silicone background makes it look just like the beautiful sky.

Incredible DIY Phone Case Ideas

Another edgy and cool element Sara puts to great use is popsockets, and shows you to make 7 different popsocket cases. Right from decorating plain white ones with sharpies to making popsockets without suction cup, from ones that actually pop to DIY popsockets from scratch, flower popsockets to so much more!

What deserves a special mention here is those DIY headphones made out of super soft and snuggly yarn in bright colors, making sure your earplugs don’t get tangled ever again.

To check out the detailed step-by-step visual instructions to put together your very own versions to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful DIY phone cases out there, head to the video and get crafting. Switching those gorgeous phone cases every few days doesn’t require spending on a new one every so often anymore!

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