30 Marvellous DIY Seashell Crafts Adding a Beachy Flair to Your Space!

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Quite synonymous to the beach, seashells have got a certain nautical element about them. No matter how many of these reminiscences of the oceans we grab in our beach tubs, they don’t fail to delight us with their interesting shapes and textures. Make the most of that seashore flair by putting the shells to great use – let them work as the building blocks of wonderful DIY seashell crafts that incorporate summers into your space.

DIY Seashell Crafts

1. DIY Seashell Coasters

DIY Seashell Coasters

Display those seaside treasures disguised as super cool dining table accessories – DIY seashell coasters that let the shells placed in lovely mason jar lids shine through a glossy filling of clear resin. Each of the coasters sports a large shell in the middle, accompanied by a few smaller ones, further drizzled with lots of shell chips and pearls. Apart from the mentioned stuff, you will need some self-adhesive felt pads, bright silver spray paint, clear silicone adhesive, Envirotex Lite Pour-On Finish, some straight-sided cups, paint stirring sticks, a timer and a toothpick to forge the coasters at home. Make sure you put on a pair of protective goggles and wear protective gloves to ensure a safe work environment for the project.

DIY Details : runningwithsisters

2. DIY Seashell String Lights

DIY Seashell String Lights

Perhaps, you won’t ever find a more beach-worthy version of string lights than these beautiful little seashells combined together to add a dash of glow to your house. Surprisingly simple to make, the lights call only for your choice of seashells, a glue gun and of course, store-bought string lights. All you need to do is glue one light in the middle of each of the shells and voila! Putting them together is so easy that even the kiddos can help you out with the festive decorations, making the most of their craft skills during the holidays. Hang the lights on the mantel, use them to decorate the front door, or simply make the yard brighter with the seashell string lights adorning the trees outside – they aren’t going to disappoint.

DIY Details : lushzone

3. DIY Seashell Candles

DIY Seashell Candles

The aroma of scented candles makes the whole ambiance around the house oh so pleasant, bringing out a romantic touch to the space. And these absolutely adorable DIY seashell candles not only come with beautiful fragrances, but also whimsical designs, featuring natural seashells as the wax or tealight holders. To make the candles smell with your favorite scent, you add a nice essential oil to the melted wax, right before pouring it into the shells. For the wicks, you can either pop them out of wax candles or the metal tins of store-bought tea lights, further setting them up in the shells in a standing up straight position. What a wonderful idea to savour a memorable candle light dinner with your special someone, letting homemade glow-things do the magic.

DIY Details : yesmissy

4. DIY Shell Ring Dish

DIY Shell Ring Dish

If you often end up having those nitty gritty fashion accessories including your rings or little earrings getting misplaced, or simply have a hard time finding them in that super-stuffed jewellery box, this stunning ring dish is what you need to get more organized. The dishes are actually large sea shells coated with multi-surface metallic acrylic craft paint in bright shades of copper and gold that makes them sparkle and compliment the ornaments even better. You will also need a foam brush to put the paint job together, further leaving them to dry for about 15 minutes. Once the coat gets dry, your DIY shell ring dishes are all set to hold all your tiny jewellery pieces with utmost grace.

DIY Details : twinspiration

5. DIY Shell Topped Bottles

DIY Shell Topped Bottles

Beach themed weddings are taking the world of celebrations by a storm, and nothing can charm up the ocean table decor as beautifully as these gorgeous bottles topped with intricate looking seashells. What you are going to need is a few vintage glass bottles, some large and small seashells, a bondo, some clear glue, and a rope or twine. Bondo placed at the opening of the bottles works as a super strong binder for the shells, keeping them glued to the bottles after it dries in just a deal of five minutes. The shells are tightly glued to the Don’t just limit the bottles to the wedding decor, you can also present them to the guests as party favors that work as a great momento of the occasion.

DIY Details : weddingchicks

6. Gilded Seashells : Two Ways

Gilded Seashells : Two Ways

Here comes another ultra glamorous take on natural seashells, taking the rustic textures to all sparkles and glitters – gilded shells that offers them a lovely heavy metal treatment. Liquid gilding and gold leaf sheets are the two techniques adopted to work out the DIY seashell crafts in the below guide by Atta Girl Says, each of which yields some truly stunning end results. Shells that come with smooth surfaces look amazing with gold leaf sheets, while liquid gliding is the solution to treating textured seashells. Not only is it the quickest and easiest technique to get things done, but also makes the knobby bits stand out. You are going to love how simple to create these gilded seashells are, being so versatile when it comes to their usage.

DIY Details : attagirlsays

7. DIY Beachy Seashell Planter

DIY Beachy Seashell Planter

Covering a simple terracotta plant with pretty same-shaped seashells from top to bottom in a row by row fashion, you transform it into a one-of-a-kind beachy planter that brings the oceanside to your home. Prefer going for seashells that are somewhat flat and uniform in size so that you can glue them to the surface of the pot with ease. Single succulents look wonderful when planted in small pots, while a mix of small and medium sizes goes great for the larger planters that have got cacti soil at the bottom, further covered with topsoil after you place the succulents in the pot. The shells totally steal the show with their shades and textures when kept at the center table.

DIY Details : billabong

8. DIY Seashell Wreath

DIY Seashell Wreath

How an ordinary styrofoam wreath ring becomes totally extraordinary with lots and lots of seashell embellishments is a must-witness thing. Glue the different shells to the form in a way wherein the pretties overlap each other, having tiny ones cover the little empty spaces, ending up in a thing of perfection. Go for completely uniform shells for a subtle appearance, or add a dose of drama with a whole bundle of varying colors, textures and shapes to get it done. You can use a nice linen ribbon to add the DIY wreath on your front door, making a complete statement to the outdoor decor. Speaking of the skills, it’s all about artfully arranging the shells on the styrofoam ring, and allow the intended randomness take over the finished piece.

DIY Details : uptodateinteriors

9. Ocean View Shadow Box

Ocean View Shadow Box

Why store that bunch of stunning seashells collected from the shore in a bag, only to be kept at a seldom-reached cabinet shelf of the house? Specially when you can display them in an incredible manner that captures a lifelike view of the seaside into a lovely frame, letting you keep the moment alive forever by placing one of the pictures from the visit to the beach as the backdrop of the box. You are going to need a shadow box, some seashells or other knitty gritty objects from your trip, sand, a few straight pins or scrapbooking adhesive squares, and of course, the photograph. The assembled box features lots of sand at the bottom and lots of seashells embedded on top of the sand – all in front of a vibrant picture.

DIY Details : thesoutherncouture

10. DIY Shell Hair Pins

DIY Shell Hair Pins

Add a summer-perfect accessory to your collection that not only compliment your look, but also celebrate the beachy freshness of the season. DIY hair pins adorned with a beautiful seashell, calling only for some Epoxy glue for a simple glueing of the shells on top of bobby pins for the steps of construction. It’s pretty enough when you leave the shells natural and cover them in clear glossy nail enamel for added shine, but you can always add a coat of your choice of nail paint if a little more pop is your cup of tea. A gorgeous mermaid hair updo with actual seashells from the shore embedded into your tresses – what else do you need to look like an ocean fairy this season?

DIY Details : blog.swell

11. Beach Inspired Mason Jar Craft

Beach Inspired Mason Jar Craft

Can mason jars take a back seat when you are speaking of crafts and do-it-yourself projects? This thing of creativity inspired by the beach has got a glass jar transformed into a lantern, sprucing it up with bits of broken seashells or faux rock vase fillers. The other supplies you need include Americana Decou-Page that holds the bits stuck to the glass in perfect place, a brush, and some twine. For a little variation, you can go for a partially covered mason jar, working out the masking with some painter’s tape. Install a tealight inside the decorated jar and finish the look with a piece of twine wrapped around the neck of the jar. Glimmers of bright light that peak through the shells make it a total showstealer.

DIY  Details : apumpkinandaprincess

12. Seashell Flower Necklace

Seashell Flower Necklace

All the splendour of this breathtaking neck chain lies in that flower pendant that takes the cake with its oversized element. And yes, the flower is actually constructed by assembling lots of pink cup seashells together, where each of the shells works wonders as the petals of the flower, while a sparkling rhinestone button rests in the middle. The necklace wire itself has been looped with beautiful beads throughout that compliment the pendant with their bright green shade. Tools you need to collect include some felt,  back piece jewelry finding, a hot glue gun, glue, a toggle clasp and jump rings. The varying shades of the petals make the flower look just too close to an actual one.

DIY Details : debisdesigndiary

13. Quick and Easy 3D Seashell Art

Quick and Easy 3D Seashell Art

Artistic canvases hanging on the wall as pretty as this combination seem too good to be true when it comes with almost zero steps of complicated preparations. Not to forget, it’s made up of seashells and collectibles brought by your family during your last beach outings – and that’s what makes it a 3-dimensional creation. Collect a bunch of same-sized canvases and coat them with a pastel acrylic paint to make the shells coated in a contrasting shade pop out. Glue one shell on one canvas  each, further assembling them on the wall to form a coordinating installation. Head to the below tutorial by Hometalk to gain a deeper insight into the process.

DIY Details : hometalk

14. Seashell Christmas Ornament

Seashell Christmas Ornament

Personalizing the Christmas tree with your very own touches of decor using homemade ornaments makes the whole festive season so much more special. This take on X’mas ornaments puts seashells to use by encasing them inside transparent plastic ornaments, and they are all set to brighten up the tree. To hang the ornaments, put some hot glue around the metal part of the ornament and wrap a piece of twine that will work as the link between the tree branches and the ornament. Busy Kids Happy Mom showcases the process with visual instructions in the below guide. Oh yes, apart from using the DIY ornaments to decorate the tree, it’s a wonderful idea to string them together and hang on the mantel.

DIY Details : busykidshappymom

15. Seashore Windchimes

Seashore Windchimes

Enlightening the whole house with soothing rings of music, windchimes not only look beautiful when hanging at the door or outside the home, but also bring a refreshing and positive energy to the space. A charming log of driftwood on the top hangs loads of pretty seashells stringed on a couple of threads, blending the shells with a variety of lovely buttons and sparkly beads. The best thing about the decoration is the whole world of possibilities it opens for accessorizing and clubbing up the shells with. To check out how you can construct this awesome one of DIY seashell crafts, take a look at this tutorial by Poindextr. The shells with their natural textures and clicking sounds, make everything just so cherishing.

DIY Details : poindextr.wordpress

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