30 Marvellous DIY Seashell Crafts Adding a Beachy Flair to Your Space!

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Quite synonymous to the beach, seashells have got a certain nautical element about them. No matter how many of these reminiscences of the oceans we grab in our beach tubs, they don’t fail to delight us with their interesting shapes and textures. Make the most of that seashore flair by putting the shells to great use – let them work as the building blocks of wonderful DIY seashell crafts that incorporate summers into your space.

16. Seashell Garlands

Seashell Garlands

Display seashore treasures in the most artful fashion by turning them into a fancy garland that can dress up the windows with style, decorate the mantel with elegance, or simply charm the front door with an instant beach essence. This project goes for a jute string to construct the garland, but some twine or fishing line works just as well to make the hangings a perfect combination of rustic and delicate elements. I love how creative and yet simple this idea is, but with end results truly stunning. Apart from taking you through the process of putting the seashell garlands together, Beach Comber also shows you a few amazing application of the pretties, including a mirror decor and cabinet accessory.

DIY Details : beachcomber26.blogspot

17. DIY Seashell Seahorse Craft

DIY Seashell Seahorse Craft

Remember those school projects from your childhood that required you to gather bits and pieces of different materials and glue them together on a sheet of paper to form a meaningful drawing, i.e. collages. Here’s a wonderful twist to the idea of collage, having a bundle of decorative seashells work as the building blocks of an interesting shape that has got a rustic canvas as its backdrop. A paper with a seahorse drawing is placed on a canvas, tracing the outlines with a pencil, further filling in the shape with shells using a strong glue. Start with the edges, slowly advancing towards the insides and you are going to adore how the finished craft turns out with its nautical composition. A splash of white paint on the canvas rightly compliments the shells.

DIY Details : domestically-speaking

18. Summer Decorating : Table Centerpiece

Summer Decorating : Table Centerpiece

We bet your dining table won’t need any more extra touches of decoration to make the house scream “Summers” when you have got this marvellous centerpiece resting on the surface. The key is to collect as many seashells in different shapes and sizes as you can – and the next step is to stuff them all in a large glass bowl or a bowl top stand, putting a large candle in the middle. The subtle glow with work as the focal point of the room, while the random union of seashells sports that beachy touch. Although, this inspiration by The Decorated House goes mostly for lots of greys, whites and beiges for the shells, it’s totally up to you when it comes to choosing the collectibles and working out a whimsical piece of art.

DIY Details : thedecoratedhouse.blogspot

19. Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial

Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial

How about a bedside lamp that not just adds a joyful golden glow to your room in the dark, but also immerses it in a little dose of the ocean? This mason jar lamp made at home does just that, putting your craft abilities to a quick yet amazing use. While seashells thrown inside work as the decorative part of the lamp, a mason jar works for the outside structure. A store-bought lamp kit steals the credit for making the thing fully functional, using a few additional tools like a drill machine and large drilling bits. A hole in the lid is used to slide the base of the light socket into the jar, further slipping the ring and the decorative base over the socket’s end. The lid is then attached to the jar after adding the washer and nuts.

DIY Details : domestically-speaking

20. DIY Seashell Crafts : Wall Decor

DIY Seashell Crafts : Wall Decor

The idea of Best Out of Waste has rightly been brought to life with this impressive wall art decor. Lots of ice cream sticks glued to one another from edge to edge form the unique backdrop for the decoration, while small pebbles and stones are placed on the word “Beach” that itself is written with a glue on the painted ice cream stick. Once you have covered the letters done in glue completely, you make the decor signify the letters with utmost perfection, adding lots of big and small seashells at the bottom left corner of the base. What deserves a special mention here is that gorgeous starfish glued to the bottom right, worthy enough of making you crave towards crafting your very own versions of the wall art.

DIY Details : lhomedecor

21. Crystal Seashells Borax Crystal Growing Science Experiment

Crystal Seashells Borax Crystal Growing Science Experiment

It’s always so much fun to blend some learning with arts and crafts – and this super cool science experiment does just that, establishing itself to be a beach-perfect activity for the kids and adults alike. You are going to need lots of Borax powder that can be found in laundry detergent aisle, some water, measuring Cups and tablespoon, a spoon, some mason jars or glass containers, and of course, pretty seashells from the shore. The concept is to witness gorgeous sparkling crystals grow on seashells with a saturated solution of borax and water added into a glass container loaded with lovely seashells. The water molecules come together and settle on the surface of the shells to transform into beautiful crystals after the solution cools down.

DIY Details : littlebinsforlittlehands

22. How to Make a Seashell and Sea Glass Wind Chime

How to Make a Seashell and Sea Glass Wind Chime

All thanks to the creative laying out of seashells and sea glass in a unique pattern, that looks great and makes sounds equally great when hitting each other once they are strung on different fishing lines – this extraordinary wind chime is all about true marvel with a dose of positivity. To forge the project at home, gather a few basic supplies, including clear fishing line, some seashells with holes drilled through the top, a few sea glass pieces, a small empty can with its lid removed, a chain or wire for hanging, some beads, and paint to coat the can. Check out the steps of construction shared in this amazingly detailed tutorial by Hearth and Vine and craft your own versions of the wind chime.

DIY Details : hearthandvine

23. DIY Aloha Seashell Pineapple Sign

DIY Aloha Seashell Pineapple Sign

A popular greeting or parting word used quite often in Hawaii, ‘Aloha’ goes magically well for a welcome sign placed at the front porch, while seashells going for the decor and building that pineapple in place of ‘O’ bring the Hawaiian magic to life with perfection. The list of supplies required includes a cabinet door or piece of wood, letter stencil or Silhouette Cameo machine with vinyl, acrylic paint in dark green and patina, some white chalk paint, small angled brush, large paint brush, flat sponge brush, pencil, hot glue gun and lots of glue sticks, sander with sandpaper, scallop shells, damp cloth, clear sealer, sawtooth hangers that nail in or keyhole hangers, and lastly, paper towel or old newspapers.

DIY Details : mypinterventures

24. Basket Beauty : DIY Seashell Crafts

Basket Beauty : DIY Seashell Crafts

Versatile is the word synonymous to this multi-purpose basket that can be used to store just about anything and everything, ranging from you craft supplies to an assortment of those nitty gritty accessories stuffed in the drawer, from all your picnic snacks to a gorgeous plant. The base here is a regular thrift store basket painted in soft blue that’s decorated with lots of random seashells placed and glued along its rim, while a sisal rope accompanying the shells takes the overall appearance of the basket to all new levels. Those who love the idea of heavy decor can always line the whole basket with shells instead of limiting themselves to the top border of the basket.

DIY Details : petticoatjunktion

25. Easy Seashell Monogram

Easy Seashell Monogram

The first alphabet of your name or that of a special someone surely means so much to you that transforming it into a 3 dimensional table-perfect piece of decoration, making it all the way more special can never seem to be an idea worth missing out. This easy seashell monogram can be crafted using coordinating store-bought shells or a bundle of random collectibles, both of which gel up magically well with a rustic sheet of burlap forming the background, all framed in a gorgeous, thick wooden frame. A ‘C’ cut out from stock paper is used as the foundation to glue the different shells to, going for a prolonged arranging and rearranging of the pieces to get exactly what you wish your monogram to look like.

DIY Details : housebyhoff

26. DIY Seashell Crafts : Designer Seashell Candles

DIY Seashell Crafts : Designer Seashell Candles

Candle making and shell crafts often top the list of most loved do-it-yourself projects out there – and that’s why combining the two in one single artistic home decor piece as gorgeous as these designer seashell candles is a mind-blasting affair. The right set of molds is the whole secret behind crafting the ultra-beautiful candles, calling only for setting up a pillar candle inside a large mold, adding seashells into the empty space, lastly pouring on more wax to get everything sealed together once the molten wax gets cooled and solidified. Candle scents and dye blocks let you customize your creations in a huge spectrum of colors and lovely fragrances. Check out the steps to forge the game from the very scratch.

DIY Details : runningwithsisters

27. DIY Seashell Lamp

DIY Seashell Lamp

How can one not fall absolutely in love with such an enchantingly pretty lamp stand that takes even the most regular of lamps to utmost amazement? The idea is to have a mason jar stuffed with all sorts of gorgeous seashells work as the base, while the functionality of the lamp is worked out with a light kit from Etchall that comes with a self-illuminating lamp shade with bright LED lights. You will also need some Etchall etching creme, Etchall squeegee, a peel and stick painting stencil, multi-surface satin acrylics paint in Night Sky, spray adhesive, permanent fabric adhesive, a sheet of burlap, twine, spool, black spray paint, stencil brush, and removable painter’s tape to whip up the project all by yourself.

DIY Details : hometalk

28. DIY Seashell Pineapple Jar

DIY Seashell Pineapple Jar

Grace the summer decorations with a faux pineapple that’s actually an innovative assembly of scallop shells – a super easy craft project that adds that tropical appeal to your home. The base is a regular mason jar coated in a nice shade of cream or white, that has further been adorned with lots of seashells glued to its sides in horizontal rows, wherein the position of the shells alternates in each row to make sure you don’t leave any uncovered spaces. The pineapple crown is green-painted jar lid, whereas the leaves are actually leaf-shaped pieces of felt that are rolled and arranged together to bring out a true-to-life appearance. Add a little message or your favorite quote to the pineapple jar with some twine or raffia.

DIY Details : mypinterventures

29. Souvenir Seashell Paperclips

Souvenir Seashell Paperclips

Disguise your beach memories into an out-of-the-box thing of stationery, all by crafting a bundle of ocean-themed paper clips for your table that serve their purpose of holding your notes and memos together just right, but with an added touch of beauty. Apart from regular paper clips and your collection of tiny seashells, you simply need a hot glue gun and glue sticks to get started with the craft. Heat the glue gun and place a dot of glue at the end of a paperclip, further placing a seashell on the glue, pressing the shells and allowing the glue to harden. Of course, they are a great office accessory, but they can also work wonders for holding the place cards or menus at beach-themed weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

DIY Details : thinkingcloset

30. Succulents In Shells Wedding Centerpieces and Favors

Succulents In Shells Wedding Centerpieces and Favors

The meaning of adorable is very well personified with these super affordable and equally easy-to-make wedding centerpieces that can also prove to be one of the most luxurious-looking and elegant party favors out there. After all, you have got beautiful succulents growing right inside large shells brought from the sea side. Some potting soil and ecchevaria succulents are that it takes to build the mesmerizing centerpieces. Make sure you water your one-of-a-kind planters regularly to ensure a healthy growth of the succulents, while you can make them even more glamorous for a special day, all with a dash of bright spray paint coating the shells.

DIY Details : abrideonabudget

Don’t simply let that breathtaking collection of seashells from your beach holidays rest in the closet, instead transform them into nautical crafts, gifts, home decor accessories and much more, all with the easy and affordable DIY seashell crafts above. And, introduce a splendid beach side flair to your home.

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