20 Indoor Playhouse Ideas Creating a Whole Little World for Your Kiddos

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Converting a little section of the child’s bedroom or other parts of the house into a beautiful playhouse not only adds so much more charm to the space, but also comes with hours and hours of happiness for the kids – and that too without the need to worry about the weather outside. And how you can built a playhouse out of a closet, the attic, the area under the staircase, or simply a wall is absolutely amazing. Here are 20 Indoor Playhouse Ideas Creating a Whole Little World for Your Kiddos!

Indoor Playhouse Ideas

1. Indoor Closet Playhouse

Indoor Closet Playhouse

Built using a closet as the foundation, this indoor playhouse comes with an adorable front porch and calls for a little woodworking skills. That cedar shingles, A-frame roof line and an arched dutch door truly deserve a special mention.

DIY Details : allthingsheartandhome

2. Borgen Castle Playhouse

Borgen Castle Playhouse

Little ones won’t feel any less than the rulers of a dynasty having this castle-themed playhouse in their room. Made with ready to assemble Borgen from VeraVera, it features a nook underneath and a lovely balcony.

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

3. Indoor Playhouse in Basement

Indoor Playhouse in Basement

Grandeur is the word for this pastel-hued prettiness that combines neutrals with bright white. A red door works as the perfect pop of color, while those window planter boxes loaded with vibrant flowers are simply breathtaking.

DIY Details : my-house-my-home

4. Built-in Indoor Playhouse

Built-in Indoor Playhouse

All about making the most of little spaces, this one’s a built-in structure that goes for the existing sloped ceiling of the attic to provide for half of the roof. And who wouldn’t love those flowers and glowing lantern?

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

5. Cabin Playroom with Rope Bridge

Cabin Playroom with Rope Bridge

What takes the beauty of the lifted-above-the-ground cabin playroom to all new heights is a rope bridge connecting the playhouse with a reading nook, which has its bookshelves also work as stairs to crawl above.

DIY Details : thecreatedhome

6. Custom Dollhouse Cottage Loft Bed

Custom Dollhouse Cottage Loft Bed

Here’s a stunning dollhouse from DangerfieldWoodcraft at Etsy that can be customized according to your whims and choices. The wooden structure comes with a loft bed, window planters, play area and built-in storage.

DIY Details : etsy

7. Indoor Playhouse

Indoor Playhouse

Boasting a grass-theme rug on the stairs, this one’s oh so striking for the minimalism it flaunts. To build it from the very scratch, you work out a wooden frame, further adding the individual pieces to assemble the ceilings, floor and the front.

DIY Details : duncanjourney

8. Your Girl’s Dream Playhouse

Your Girl's Dream Playhouse

Here’s what dreams are made of! Perfect for your little princess, this playhouse has got everything ranging from a kitchen and eating area to a reading nook, chalkboards and baby beds.

DIY Details : twolittleporches

9. Walk-in-Closet into Playhouse

Walk-in-Closet into Playhouse

Transform a walk-in closet into a super charming playhouse by turning it’s door into a hut-shaped cottage entrance. That little coffee table and chair set installed inside, curtains on the windows and flowers in the front make things simply enchanting.

DIY Details : pin.it

10. Minimalist Closet Door Playhouse

Minimalist Closet Door Playhouse

The front porch has been attached to the wall of the room, having the roof adorned with bright shingles plus lovely little string lights. You can use the door of a closet to work for the playhouse’s entrance.

DIY Details : weespring

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