20 Indoor Playhouse Ideas Creating a Whole Little World for Your Kiddos

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Converting a little section of the child’s bedroom or other parts of the house into a beautiful playhouse not only adds so much more charm to the space, but also comes with hours and hours of happiness for the kids – and that too without the need to worry about the weather outside. And how you can built a playhouse out of a closet, the attic, the area under the staircase, or simply a wall is absolutely amazing. Here are 20 Indoor Playhouse Ideas Creating a Whole Little World for Your Kiddos!

11. Rectangular Indoor Playhouse

Rectangular Indoor Playhouse

Looking at that pictorial explanation, one can conclude that creating a super cool playhouse like this one is a surprisingly easy affair. All you need to do is build the rectangular frame, completing the structure with wooden boards.

DIY Details : artecomquiane

12. Playhouse Under The Stairs

Playhouse Under The Stairs

Add so much more fun and happiness to an otherwise neglected section of the house with this Under-the-Stairs Playhouse. One just can’t beat the level of cuteness sported by the lantern, those shingles, the Dutch door and the flower box.

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

13. Double Storey Playhouse

Double Storey Playhouse

You’ll adore the idea of simplicity blended with functionality in this playhouse. Those little details, including gorgeous window planters on both the floors, the small tilted roof and the subtle color make it fit right into any home.

DIY Details : pin.it

14. Playhouse with Rustic Accents

Featuring ample of playing space and a lovely chalkboard underneath, the wooden board playhouse coated in white has got a rustic staircase to climb up, reaching the perfect hideout for the kiddos!

DIY Details : instagram

15. Wooden Rustic Playhouse

Wooden Rustic Playhouse

Bring out a contrast to a bright kid’s room with this authentic rustic playhouse that goes for lots of natural wood with intended imperfections to build the whole structure. Even that little star on the top is built with tree branches.

DIY Details : petitandsmall

16. Indoor Artistic Playhouse

Indoor Artistic Playhouse

The author builds this playhouse to provide for a little art nook sporting little shelves on the wall and a paper roll attached to the table. It’s topped with an A-frame roof and has been charmed with beadboard and cedar shakes.

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

17. Built-In Indoor Playhouse

Built-In Indoor Playhouse

Not only is this playhouse enchanted with a lavish wall painting that defines the hut and creates a complete scenery around the structure, it also utilizes part of a walk-in closet, having a door and windows cut out with perfection.

DIY Details : honeybearlane

18. Under Stairs Playhouse With Cedar Shake Shingles

Under Stairs Playhouse With Cedar Shake Shingles

As the title suggests, beautifully textured cedar shake shingles covering the whole front of this playhouse constructed under the stairs work as its star element, while the white door, flower box and a lantern add details.

DIY Details : remodelaholic

19. Festive Playhouse Update

Festive Playhouse Update

Introduce a dash of celebration to a playhouse by adding a ring toss with rings made with rope and duct tape, lots of stuff toys, a sweet stand loaded with candies, bunches of balloon and paper garlands.

DIY Details : sunshineontheinside

20. Modified Buckingham Palace Bunk Bed

Modified Buckingham Palace Bunk Bed

Who would believe that mesmerizing castle right out of a fairytale book is actually a bunk adorned with some touches of modifications. The loft bed gets a whole playhouse underneath, sporting stairs on the side to climb up.

DIY Details : housedecoratorscollection

Why wait to make a miniature playground indoors when you have got the above Indoor Playhouse Ideas on hand? Not only is it surprisingly inexpensive of a deal to build a DIY structure, but also ensures your little one’s safety, while he cherishes endless fun!

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