20 Ultra-Cool Sweater Crafts That Can Totally Revamp Those Old Pieces of Attire

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Thanks to the kind of material they are made out of, those gorgeous sweaters often tend to start looking all worn out or run down after a while. If you have also got a bunch of pullovers that don’t seem attractive enough to wear anymore, or simply have outgrown, you can always transform them into some brand new possessions with a little creativity. Here are 20 Ultra-Cool Sweater Crafts That Can Totally Revamp Those Old Pieces of Attire!


Ultra-Cool Sweater Crafts

1. Sweater Snowman

Sweater Snowman

A more than perfect element of decor for winter-themed home to celebrate the season, this adorable guy has been crafted out of the sleeve of an old sweater. The pom-pom topped hat is a sleeve too from yet another pullover.

DIY Details : simple-serendipities

2. Cozy Cardigan Cowl and Boot Socks

Cozy Cardigan Cowl and Boot Socks

If a few buttons down the middle make one of those worn out sweaters of yours unique, it would be a great idea to disguise it as this super cozy cardigan cowl or boot socks.

DIY Details : ehow 

3. Old Sweater Bag

Old Sweater Bag

Working this super fashional woolen bag out of a pullover with just a few cuts and some key stitches would make you go totally designer. You create the handles of the bag by cutting the sleeves of the sweater off.

DIY Details : handimania

4. Sweater Pillow in 30 Minutes

Sweater Pillow in 30 Minutes

Wouldn’t the couch look so much more cozier and warm when its charmed with these homemade sweater-donning pillows? Simply cut the pullover to the size of the pillow, followed by sewing the cut edges together.

DIY Details : misskopykat

5. Upcycled Cable Knit Sweater

Upcycled Cable Knit Sweater

Super cute jars from the Dollar Store have been covered up for the winters by making them wear a gray cable knit sweater, ending up in a winsome holder accessory, perfect for the study table or the bathroom shelf.

DIY Details : dorothysueandmillieb

6. Sweater Christmas Trees

Sweater Christmas Trees

Here are 3 different varieties of DIY Christmas trees  – the first one wears mid-section of a sweater with antique buttons, the second covered in lots of pointed petal shapes cut-out from a sleeve, while the last one is made with the bottom band of a pullover.

DIY Details : onemoretimeevents

7. DIY Sweater Pine Cones

DIY Sweater Pine Cones

Absolutely heartwarming, these pine cone ornaments would look so cute when hanging from the Christmas tree with that rustic texture and lovely colors. Some craft felt forms the base cone, covered with ribbing from a felted sweater.

DIY Details : betzwhite

8. DIY Sweater Ornaments

DIY Sweater Ornaments

Wow-worthy 5-minute homemade sweater ornaments make a regular piece of clothing an extraordinary part of your festive decorations. Wrap a circular shaped sweater cut out around an ornament, tying the top with a floral wire.

DIY Details : thelilypadcottage 

9. DIY Repurposed Sweater Stockings

DIY Repurposed Sweater Stockings

All set to be stuffed with holiday candies, these stockings with colorful tassels look truly endearing. What you need includes an old sweater, your choice of yarn colours, a needle and some thread to get going with the project.

DIY Details : thesweetescape 

10. DIY Sweater Presents

DIY Sweater Presents

Creating the illusion of gift boxes wrapped in wooden fabric and a glossy ribbon, these DIY Presents are actually canvas boards with a sweater cut-out glued onto them. An incredible addition to a warm home decor!

DIY Details : twotwentyone

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