20 Ultra-Cool Sweater Crafts That Can Totally Revamp Those Old Pieces of Attire

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Thanks to the kind of material they are made out of, those gorgeous sweaters often tend to start looking all worn out or run down after a while. If you have also got a bunch of pullovers that don’t seem attractive enough to wear anymore, or simply have outgrown, you can always transform them into some brand new possessions with a little creativity. Here are 20 Ultra-Cool Sweater Crafts That Can Totally Revamp Those Old Pieces of Attire!


11. Easy Mug Cozies

Easy Mug Cozies

Keep your beverages hot for a longer duration, while wrapping your hands around a truly cozy and soft sweater-covered mug during those chilly winter mornings! The edgy hack doesn’t call for any sewing, as it bind the wrap with buttons.

DIY Details : lemontreedwelling 

12. DIY Sweater Bangles

DIY Sweater Bangles

Wear a dose of chunky and snuggly goodness around your wrist with a bangle wrapped in a vibrant-patterned sweater. You need to gather just a handful of supplies – a thrifted sweater, a bracelet form, scissors, a ruler, needle and some yarn.

DIY Details : rebekahgough 

13. Christmas Treat Bags

Christmas Treat Bags

Make the festive season a lot more love-filled for your special ones with a custom-made gift pack, just like Christmas treat bag made out of a cable knit sweater, adorned with a bright ribbon and pinecones for some extra splendour.

DIY Details : ahomemadeliving 

14. Little Puffballs of Remakerie Love

Little Puffballs of Remakerie Love

Crafted by Remakerie, these breathtakingly cute sock animals, including this wonderful rabbit and that chubby bear are made from upcycled materials. But, what takes their prettiness to all new heights is those sweater-made attires they donn.

DIY Details : smallforbig

15. Old Sweater into Short Sleeve Dress

Old Sweater into Short Sleeve Dress

If that old favorite sweater of yours seems to be too short on your torso now, this chopped off version to it is perhaps, the best thing you can bring out to life with the same. A brand new cozy winter midi for your little lady!

DIY Details : makeit-loveit 

16. Sweater Leggings

Sweater Leggings

Cutting out the sleeves of a sweater and sewing them together at the inseams with right sides facing, followed by adding an elastic on the top is the key to transforming them to a gorgeous pair of sweater leggings for your kiddo!

DIY Details : rufflesandstuff 

17. Upcycled Sweater Slipper Boots

Upcycled Sweater Slipper Boots

These super chic accessories are as easy to put together as it gets! Cut off the sleeves of an old sweater, and attach two soles from the same fabric to the bottom of the sleeve using a contrasting colored yarn and voila – the end results are ultra-cozy sweater boots.

DIY Details : drawingsunderthetable 

18. Wooly Paws: DIY Sweater Mittens

Wooly Paws: DIY Sweater Mittens

Those adorable paws attached on the palms are the sureshot star element on these warm and snuggly mittens that have been crafted out of an old sweater. But you can always replace the paws with some cute words or funny faces!

DIY Details : northpole 

19. Sweater Socks

Sweater Socks

Yet another craft giving a whole new look to sleeves detached from an old pullover, these beautiful socks won’t fail to keep your feet absolutely warm and comfortable. Plus, that pattern on the yarn makes things even more delicate!

DIY Details : autumnenchanted 

20. DIY Cable Knit Lampshade

DIY Cable Knit Lampshade

An out-of-the-box awesomeness, this lampshade covered in a bright yellow cable knit sweater fabric is getting even the accessories around the house into a cozy winter spirit. Just a little deal of cutting and sewing is what it calls for.

DIY Details : farmfreshtherapy

While some of these sweater crafts bring that comforting touch of warmth to you by disguising as a lovely accessory, the others work magically well to add an out-of-the-box decor to your space. Who needs to get rid of those yarn beauties lying in your wardrobe anymore?


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