20 Yummy-Looking Candy Corn Crafts Inspired by The Staple Festive Treat!

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Everyone who gets week in the knees with the mere sight of sweet treats surely knows the heavenly flavour of candy corns. And that’s what makes those little decadent candies a festive staple for the kids and grown-ups alike. Get a lot more creative with the candy, working up one or more of these yummy-looking candy corn crafts, making holidays even more special.  

11. Candy Corn Homemade Sugar Scrub

Candy Corn Homemade Sugar Scrub

Pamper your loved ones with a homemade sugar scrub that comes with a personal touch, working as a reminiscent of candy corns – all thanks to the color scheme of the scrub layers assembled inside the glass jars. The recipe for the scrub calls for some granulated sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract or 3-4 drops vanilla essential oil, Vitamin E oil, orange food gel, and yellow food gel.

Idea Details : awortheyread

12. Halloween Candy Jar

Halloween Candy Jar

The mere glimpse at this candy jar is going to make one and all drool over decadent candy corns stuffed inside the spherical container. The jar is actually constructed using a terra cotta pot, a saucer, a glass bowl and a wooden knob. For an added spook, add stickers, vinyls or even plastic creepy crawly spiders on the jar.

Idea Details : apumpkinandaprincess

13. Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Do you think coffee filters are crafted to make coffee-making an easier affair? Perhaps, this superhuge candy corn is going to alter the thought forever, ending up in a stunning front door wreath that combines hundreds of coffee filters in a candy corn-like shape as well as color scheme. You also need food color, water, bowls, cardboard, hot glue gun & sticks, and ribbon.

Idea Details : typicallysimple

14. DIY Candy Corn Pinata

DIY Candy Corn Pinata

Super cute candy corn pinata is going to come as a great surprise when it throws out a whole bundle of Halloween candy and nitty gritty spook-loaded items. A large party hat is decorated with layers of yellow, orange, and white party streamers on the outside, while featuring a trick-or-treat printable hanging tag.

Idea Details : jessexplainsitall

15. Jiggly Jello Candy Corns

Jiggly Jello Candy Corns

Serve your guests at the festive get-together with super delicious individual treats that are oh so jellylicious. The jiggly jello candy corns come with a consistency and flavour lying somewhere between jello and gummy, featuring three layers of colors, wherein white goes at the top and yellow works as the bottom. The layers are gelatin combined with flavoured jello or milk.

Idea Details : selfproclaimedfoodie

16. Painted Candy Corn Pots

Painted Candy Corn Pots

Synonymous to winsome, these party favors shaped like candy corns are stuffed with even more candy corns or other little edible treats. The containers are terra cotta pots coated with yellow, white and orange paint. further wrapping the treats in a plastic bag and tying them with a huge ribbon bow. Learn more in this tutorial by Live Laugh Rowe.

Idea Details : livelaughrowe

17. Paper Candy Corn Pennants

Paper Candy Corn Pennants

Whether it’s the front door, the mantel or just about a random wall around the house – buntings or garlands as simple as these candy corn pennants can bring an element of splendour to them all. The material used here is colored cardstock, but you can always go for fabric or felt, joining the individual pennants with a long string of ribbon.

Idea Details : onecreativemommy

18. Candy Corn PVC Candle Jackets

Candy Corn PVC Candle Jackets

You would already be rushing to work up these incredible candle jackets all by yourself the moment you get a glimpse of them. To recreate these pretties, you need to gather just a handful of supplies, including PVC pipe, hacksaw, coarse sanding block, electric or battery-operated candles, DecoArt acrylic gesso, acrylic paint, electrical tape, ruler, paint brushes, frog tape, and ribbon.

Idea Details : littlemisscelebration

19. Halloween Candy Corn Gifts

Halloween Candy Corn Gifts

The meaning of cute itself seems to have come to life, taking up the form of these Halloween candy corn gifts stuffed with succulent yummies. Terra cotta pots are divided into 3 separate sections with yellow, white and orange paint, and voila! Your candy corn pots are all set. It’s a project you can accomplish in no more than 10 minutes.

Idea Details : porch

20. DIY Candy Corn Bottle Vases

DIY Candy Corn Bottle Vases

Put old glass bottles to an all new use, turning them into heartwarming flower vases inspired by the festive candy corn color scheme. While spraying layers of white, orange and yellow craft paint on the bottles gets the magic going, a piece of twine tied around the rim of the bottles adds the icing on the cake. Add faux or natural flowers and decorate the center table.

Idea Details : hometalk

Right from decorating your space with candy corn-inspired garlands to working up wonderful festive gifts that look exactly like the decadent treat, the above candy corn crafts have you covered!

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