Craft A Gigantic, Fluffy Knit Fleece Blanket Using PVC Pipes

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Snuggling up underneath a one-of-a-kind blanket that feels like a huge wool sweater is undoubtedly, one of the most wonderful feelings. If you are a yarn lover, what’s more amazing than making such an enormous fluffy, fleece blanket at home all by yourself ? This DIY project will make you forget about the traditional knitting techniques and introduce the newest, coolest thing out there to you : PVC Piping Knitting.

Craft A Gigantic, Fluffy Knit Fleece Blanket Using PVC Pipes

Large packs of wool turned into thick yarn can help you craft a giant, fluffy blanket. Some wool batting laid out in rows to give a uniform thickness is all that you need for the yard. The rolled up yarn when washed, lightly felt, followed by being air dried outside can be the building ground of an ultra-warm cover. This huge blanket is made by knitting with extra-large knitting needles, which are actually large PVC pipes yielding big, lovely stitches to create the illusion of making everything under the blanket look too tiny. See the tutorial video below!

Flaunting lovely colors, this plush and lightweight hand-knitted blanket is so pleasant to touch, which makes it perfect for curling up on the sofas as well as the floor. The over-sized knitting needles create such large loops that make the texture of the blanket appear exceedingly magnified – enveloping the body in a super-stylish, gigantic piece of craft. Although the project takes quite a considerable time to accomplish, the results are fabulous enough to make all that effort well worth it.

Gigantic Knit Fleece Blanket Instructional

(Video and Pictures via middleR3DD)

Take a look at this amazing video tutorial that shows you how you can creatively use PVC pipes to bring this one heck of a project to life that results in the ultimate gigantic knit fleece blanket that not only looks simply fantastic, but also feels super-cozy and snugly. Challenge yourself to knit your favorite patterns to produce your very own irresistible fleece blankets !

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