How To Crochet: 30+ Free Crochet Stitches and Tutorials

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There is always something new in Crochet Stitches. Thousands of designs from different communities all over the globe serve a wide platter of innovative and traditional designs to try your hands on and enhance your skills, which can be used both commercially and for private use. You can use crochets to weave various products ranging from tops to shawls and scurfs, which are not only in fashion, but also serves as an eye grabbing attire for you.

How To Crochet: 30+ Free Crochet Stitches and Tutorials

To educate you with the 30 most popular designs of Crochet Stitches those are in fashion, the following speaks of the different designs that you can use to enhance your skills and upgrade your attire, which can be perfected in the comfort of your home!

1. Slip Stitch Crochet

Slip Stitch Crochet

This style is one of the basics and most popular Crochet stitches. For this style, all you need is yarn and a size H or I crochet Hook. You can produce a thick crochet fabric by simply repeating the slip stitch over and over again. This design is best for scarves for men. However, this style requires a loose hand as you don’t have to make tight stitches in this style.

Project Tutorial – dreamalittlebigger

2. V Double Crochet Stitch

V Double Crochet Stitch

This is perhaps one of the most popular designs all over the world and has been in fashion since its discovery. This style of Crochet Stitching requires tight stitches and you can use any fabric and crochet hook. The V-designs starts getting prevalent once you work towards the finish.

Project Tutorial – dreamalittlebigger

3. Cable Stitch

Cable Stitch

Cable Stitch, also known as 3-dc cross-over, is another popular style in the list of top graded Crochet Stitches designs. It is however complicated to stitch into a foundation as you have to work over 4 st’s. For best results, you can try working in rounds or spirals and in rows.

Project Tutorial – lookatwhatimade

4. Braided Cable Crochet Stitch

Braided Cable Crochet Stitch

The designs of this particular style may look deceiving, but in reality, are not. Put together a chain in multiples of 8+4 (obviously depending upon how wide you want your art to be) and boom! You will have your own hand woven Braided Cable Crochet Stitch fabric.

Project Tutorial – katiescrochetgoodies

5. Basket Weave Stitch

Basket Weave Stitch

This style is a special one, in the sense that it creates a basket finish to the hand woven fabric. To get the best basket effect, bare naked wools are the best. The finished fabrics are somewhat velvety and are thick in nature, best for Afghans and heavy weight sweaters.

Project Tutorial – newstitchaday

6. Crochet Star Stitch Pumpkin Coffee Cozy

Crochet Star Stitch Pumpkin Coffee Cozy

This style of Crochet Stitch acts as an agent of anti-boredom cup wraps. Besides being easy to weave, this fabric is one of the cutest accessories. Although, pumpkin is used in its main design, you can use any of your favorite fruits.

Project Tutorial – thestitchinmommy

7. Ribbed Half Double Crochet Stitch

Ribbed Half Double Crochet Stitch

With this style, you can add some excitement in your Half double Crochet Stitches. Implementing this design is easy and simple. All you have to do is insert the hook into a different loop. The rows done with a different loop, creates a ribbed effect on the other side, and that’s what you want.

Project Tutorial – littlemonkeyscrochet

8. Granite or Moss Stitch

Granite or Moss Stitch

The Moss Stitch is another design that has always been interesting to experienced and expert crocheters, but at the same time, is easier for beginners. All the crocheter has to know is the chaining and single crochet style. You can use any yarn and hook that would best suit your requirements and expectations.

Project Tutorial – mooglyblog

9. Grit Crochet Stitch

Grit Crochet Stitch

There are many styles of Grit Stitch that you can try. Once you have learned any one of the styles, you will be able to master the others too. There is a variety of Grit stitches, the extremes being the Single Grit Stitch and Mixed Grit Stitch.

Project Tutorial – mooglyblog

10. Dropped double Stitch Pattern

Dropped double Stitch Pattern

This stitch pattern serves the base of many designs, which include Fingerless Mitts, Hat and Sunset Shawlette. Basically, the stitch pattern is worked in manifold of 8, plus 3. It uses two rounds or rows, one woven to offset another.

Project Tutorial – mooglyblog

11. Diamond Lace Stitch

Diamond Lace Stitch

The Diamond Lace baby afghan garment design is one of the most popular ones in the whole world. It is made with a very unique stitch pattern. It is quite easy to make this design and the look is also very impressive.

Project Tutorial – suziqcreations

12. Spike Stitch

Spike Stitch

You can learn to do the spike stitches in the crochet with simple online tutorials. This stitch looks great with any type of color combination. Two colors are used to make this stitch design. The materials used for this stitch include a yarn with 2 different colors and a Crochet hook.

Project Tutorial – rescuedpaw

13. Red Spiral Crocheted Stitch

Red Spiral Crocheted Stitch

The crochet stitch or the spiral stitch looks very good on the cushions. A good color combination can be used for an ideal stitch of this type. A magic ring is to be used for making a loop around the fingers.

Project Tutorial – thejollystitch

14. Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch

The crochet stitch is an easy one for the blanket or an Afghan. It is a set of three stitches, 1 crochet and 2 doubles. It can be used as a baby blanket with pink or blue or even brighter colors.

Project Tutorial – crochetspot

15. Crossed Double Crochet Stitch

Crossed Double Crochet Stitch

For making a double crochet stitch you need Red Heart with Love yarn and a 5.0 mm Hook. The stitches are to be made as simple multiples of 2. The finished size is 8×8 square. The Cross Double Crochet Stitch is a very special one that can be applied to it.

Project Tutorial – oombawkadesigncrochet

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