20 DIY Baby Shoes Ideas With Free Patterns and Instructions

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Aren’t DIY baby shoes the cutest projects you ever take in your hands? Tiny baby shoes are quick, easy to make and hardly take any fabric. Pick some tiny pattern pieces and dive into these twenty baby shoe patterns to make the cutest baby booties ever.

11. Baby Shoes for He:

  Baby Shoes for He

Looking for a baby shoe pattern for your handsome boy? These yellow lacy shoes are magnificent that can be prepared in an hour without even using a sewing machine. Measure your bub’s feet and pick your thread and needle to create this marvelous piece. Enjoy your tutorial here: essentialbaby

12. Fringe Patterned Moccasins:

  Fringe Patterned Moccasins

Lovely fringed baby moccasins are a must try for every amateur shoemaker. Go to a nearby thrift shop, pick your repurposed leather and get to work. These little moccs are both beautiful and comfortable because of their snug fit. Additionally, the fringe pattern is not something you will want to miss. Here is your guide: simplysmallwonders

13. Wide Variety of Baby Shoes:

  Wide Variety of Baby Shoes

An impressive assortment of DIY baby shoes is a blessing in disguise for someone who is crazy about making baby booties. This is what this collection is all about. From cute little ballerinas to flip flops and peep toes to lacy shoes, you will get more than many sewing tutorials here: pin

14. Fantastic Pairs of Baby Shoes:

Fantastic Pairs of Baby Shoes

So adorable! Did you know making fabric baby shoes was this simple? Amazing ideas for creating some of the most gorgeous and eye-catching pairs of baby shoes are rounded up here. Happy sewing! See your guides here: pin

15. Teddy Face Baby Shoes:

Teddy Face Baby Shoes

Cute teddy face on the front of your baby shoe is something that everyone will notice. Not only is the making of these incredibly comfortable felt shoes simple but the addition of a cartoony touch is another amazing thing about the pair. See your tutorials here: nuno-runo

16. Fluffy Baby Boots:

  Fluffy Baby Boots

Fluffy, pink and comfort: these are the three prominent features of these beautiful DIY baby shoes. They are a perfect pair for a winter baby who will need a little warmth and coziness. You can also make these in baby blue color for your handsome, little boy. Here is the tutorial: lemeilleurdudiy

17. Baby Shoe Collection:

  Baby Shoe Collection

Bunny slippers, baby boots, mini leather moccasins and a lot of other fantastic baby shoes ideas are waiting for an ardent shoemaker. Grab your needle and fabric and embark upon a journey to make a fabulous collection of DIY baby shoes that will draw every eye when little kids will flaunt them. See here: pin

18. Stunning DIY Baby Shoes Ideas:

  Stunning DIY Baby Shoes Ideas

Make baby sandals now with this simple to follow baby shoe tutorial! There are other remarkable ideas and patterns also available here that you must try if you are waiting for a baby sooner. These ideas need nothing more than your favorite fabric, needle and few funky items. pin

19. Cutest Girl Baby Shoes:

Cutest Girl Baby Shoes

Pink polka dots pattern complemented with a solid black strap featuring a cute button on end will leave you obsessed to try this pair once. It is easy, it is fabulous, and it is the cutest as well. You can also use some other patterned fabric you think will look adorable on your little girl. This is how to make it: repiny

20. Unique Baby Shoe Design:

  Unique Baby Shoe Design

The unique pattern and striking color are the most striking aspects of these baby shoes. This is an entirely different pattern in baby shoes that will cover the entire foot of your baby and keep them warm and comfortable. This bootie pattern will make you the best mommy shoe designer among your friends and family. See the tutorial here: lilbabythangs

Your babies will love playing with their feet when you will make them wear these fabulous DIY baby shoes fabricated with bright, cheery and colorful fabrics. These simple tutorials prove that making little booties is fun. So try them and make your babies look fashionable.

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