This Phone Charging Station Replicates The Legendary Seat from Game of Thrones!

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If you are familiar with that one-of-a-kind, legendary throne from the globally acclaimed series Game of Thrones, you are definitely going to fall head over heels in love with a homemade custom cell phone charger that replicates the unique seat with perfection.

Making a DIY Game of Thrones Iron Throne Phone Charger

The phone charger, looking exactly like a small-sized version of the iron throne is all about assembling hundreds of cocktail swords over a chair-shaped block in an innovative fashion, integrating the iron-like element to the making!

Through this video,  Natural Nerd demonstrates how just a matter of 8 readily available and super inexpensive supplies brought from the local store are all it takes to build the Game of Thrones- inspired piece of super functionality. Specifically, you’ll need a USB charger, lots of plastic cocktail swords, some silver acrylic paint, some bronze acrylic paint, some black spray paint, 2mm foam, thick foam, MDF or medium density fibreboard, a hot glue gun, a heat gun, wood glue, and some nails.

The idea is to begin with getting the cocktail swords project-ready by chopping off a section of the handle, followed by building the basic frame for the chair using medium density fibreboard. To ensure the individual pieces adhere well to each other, both wood glue and tiny nails are put to use. While layers of upholstery foam cover the basic frame, the surface of the chair is formed by layers of thin gray foam.

Making an Iron Throne Phone Charger – DIY

(Video and pictures via  Natural Nerd)

Although, it calls for great deal of patience and time to hot glue more than five hundred of cocktail swords to the piece, as it involves modifying each of the swords by removing the loop guard or bending some of them – the end results are totally worth the effort. The fact that the swords are plastic surely doesn’t make it look like an iron throne, so comes to the rescue, some clever paint job.

A thick coat of black spray paint is applied over the assembled chair to get that perfect iron-like appearance to the throne. To ensure no undone spaces are left because of all those crannies and nooks, you might need to get it done from several careful angles. For some extra touches of splendour, you go for a gorgeous acrylic silver paint, applied with the dry brushing technique. What takes things even further is a creative application of bronze acrylic paint to a few spots here and there, ending up in some extra depth to the throne.

Having well-defined accommodations for the charging functionality, the throne is embedded with a micro USB cable in the seat’s base. Although, it has been designed for android phones, those who own an iOS can always replace the cable in the tutorial with a lightning cable.

So much more cooler than just about any store-bought charging dock or mobile stand, this iron docking station has been made a piece of cake to put together – all thanks to the incredible YouTube tutorial showing utmost details of getting it all done, and ending up in a statement-making replica of the throne!

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