DIY Gifts For Men: 20+ Free Knitting Patterns To Take Your Loved One By Surprise!

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There are two types of gifts in this world: those that you can easily buy from the local gift shop, and those you make yourself. The first ones can certainly save you a lot of time and trouble, but ultimately your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or best friend will undoubtedly appreciate a handmade (or, better said, a hand-knitted) gift a lot more! Here you will find some of the most inspired DIY gifts for men: 20+ free knitting patterns for the most important man in your life.

11. Best Father’s Day Gift

Best Father's Day Gift

Paternal figures do play a very important role in the life of every woman, and the Father’s Day is a great occasion to show your daddy just how much you care about him. This Father’s Day gift idea is the best choice for fathers who are passionate about driving and who are not afraid of showing their “sensitive” side with a cute fuzzy steering wheel cover!

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12. Cozy Wine Cover

Cozy Wine Cover

Everybody likes a good wine every now and then – praised be Bachus for it! If your husband, boyfriend or brother is fond of drinking wine, then you should consider knitting him one of these super cozy and functional wine covers that he can use over and over again. Made from a comfy yet stretchy fabric, these covers can easily adapt to any wine bottle shape.

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13. Wishbone


This is a slightly more complicated knitting project designed for professional knitters, as it does take a bit longer to complete it. Although it may be a bit time-consuming, the final result is certainly worth the effort and your man will thank you for it – not to mention that you will be saving several tens of dollars, too!

Project Details – berroco

14. Men’s Knit Sweater

Men's Knit Sweater

This sweater/pullover tutorial is great for keeping your man warm during winter and spring. Besides teaching you how to knit a full size sweater from scratch, this handy tutorial will also give you several useful tips on how you can actually personalize the sweater, so that your man will really identify with it and wear it whenever he gets the chance to, instead of throwing it in the closet.

Project Details – allfreeknitting

15. DIY Knit Beard Hat

DIY Knit Beard Hat

This is by far one of the funniest DIY knit gifts for men you will ever come across – and for a good reason, how many beard hats have you seen at your local gift shop? If your man is a proud beard wearer (and you are a devoted beard lover!), then this DIY tutorial will certainly appeal to both of you.

Project Details – michelevenlee

16. Knit A Moss-Stitched Tie

Knit A Moss-Stitched Tie

Is your man the classy type who always likes to dress to impress? If so, then this simple tutorial will guide you through every step of knitting him a moss-stitched tie that will certainly make him stand out from his co-workers and attract the envious looks of others!

Project Details – allaboutyou

17. Men’s Hat

Men's Hat

Knitted men’s hats may seem obsolete, but they do not have to if you are willing to knit a hat with a twist – add a touch of personality and warmth to your man’s homemade hat and he will love it. Hat knitting is very time-effective, and besides this everybody loves a good warm hat, one can never have too many of them!

Project Details – womansday

18. Knit Him Some Comfy Slippers!

Knit Him Some Comfy Slippers

Slippers are great, especially for men who spend a lot of time at home. Not only will these comfy slippers keep your feet warm and clean, but they can also add chicness to his overall “home attire”. And besides, they’re very cute, too!

Project Details – redheart

19. Knit Him A Mackinaw Hat

Knit Him A Mackinaw Hat

Mackinaw knitted hats have been around for quite a while, and they will not go anywhere, anytime soon. Super warm and stylish, these hats are so versatile that they can easily match almost every attire (apart from a professional suit, of course). This tutorial will teach you how to quickly and effortlessly knit him a Mackinaw hat, even if this is the first time you’re doing it.

Project Details – ravelry

20. Knit Him A Par Vest!

Knit Him A Par Vest

Lastly, this is the ultimate gift for daddies and even grandparents – par vests are great to wear around the house, they are very easy to wash and clean and they are made from a soft and gentle fabric. Besides, the par vest can also be worn outside, when playing golf, tennis or any other outdoor sports during the chilly spring or autumn months!

Project Details – redheart


To sum it all up, these are 20 outstanding free knitting patterns that you can use to create outstanding DIY gifts. Regardless of whether you are looking for creative ideas for knitted gifts for Valentine’s Day or you just want to randomly surprise your significant other, these tutorials will certainly come in handy!

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