Here’s Squishy Prettiness for Your Home Disguised as a Colorful DIY Pom Pom Rug!

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Apart from adding a dash of warmth and comfort to your feet and brightening up the space with cozy colors, a soft and super squishy pom pom rug makes the most of scrap yarn as well. Specially if it’s a handmade affair, it becomes even more precious to the space and equally gift-worthy for your loved ones. Integrate a fluffy charm to your home with this DIY Pom Pom Rug!

DIY Pom Pom Rug

To forge the stunning and super easy DIY Pom-Pom Rug, you are going to need an empty paper towel roll, a pair of scissors, colorful yarn, and a non-slip rug mat.

You begin by cutting a paper towel roll in half, placing the pieces next to each other, further wrapping the soft yarn around the rolls about 90 times. Next, you cut the yarn end and pull the yarn off.

Get a small length of the yarn and use it to tie a knot with this piece by placing the coiled yarn on top. Cut the ends of the looped yarn and fluff your lovely pompoms. Make sure you put together a whole bundle of those fluffy beauties, leaving the tails of the yarn tied around the pom pom quite long. These long tails will come into play when you tie the pompoms to the mat.

Grab your rug pad and cut it to the desired size and shape. The tutorial goes for a classic rectangle. Tie the pom poms to the mat covering its surface throughout. All you need to do is thread the pom pom tails through the rug pad with knots made using the tails from whipping up the pompoms.

Once you have placed the pom poms on the mat in a close-knit fashion and have tied them to the mat, you are still going to be left with several areas that call for few more poms here and there. Make some more of the pretties if required, and fill up those empty spaces for a denser look to the piece.

To bring out the finishing touches, simply trim the ends of the tails off, also chopping off any extra strands of the pom poms. For even more perfection, cut the tails on the backside of the rug, if you have got a little extra time. You are going to adore how the finished piece turns out!

This one goes for a gorgeous color combination of different shades of pink, having a little pop of blue and purple here and there – you can always introduce your very own customization to the color scheme and use hues that compliment your floor. Let your creativity loose when it comes to the different textures and pom pom thickness to make the rug much more vivid.

Check out the awesome tutorial by Catarina Quare that takes you through the whole process of DIY Pom Pom Rug construction with detailed step-by-step visual instructions. And get ready to dig your feet in an ultra-cozy rug that feels no less than a piece of heaven on your skin!

DIY Pom Pom Rug – Bedroom Decor Tutorial

(Video and pictures via Catarina Quare)

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