Make Your Space Brighter and Prettier With this DIY Rustic Floor Mirror

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DIY Rustic Floor Mirror

There’s something oh so splendid about full-sized floor mirrors that hits all the right notes when it comes to taking the overall beauty of a space to all new heights. And this DIY Rustic Floor Mirror inspired by the idea of barndoors does that even better.

Not only does it grab all the light and make the room look so much more brighter, but also proves to be equally functional for helping you get dressed or simply admire yourself! Building it right from the very scratch is all about a few simple steps and a handful of tools.

To get the construction going, you are going to need a 16” x 60” beveled edge door mirror, some 1″x6″ x 8 feet lumber, a few 1″x4″ wood strips, miter saw, a drill, some screws, wood glue, a sanding block, a nice wood stain, paint brush and some scrap woodblocks.

Once you have cut out the desired dimensions of wooden boards for the frame of the mirror, you simply need to drill two pocket holes on both sides of the longer pieces. The perfect rectangular mirror frame comes to life when you put the four long and short pieces of wood together using some pocket hole screws.

DIY Rustic Floor Mirror

To hold the glass in place, the structure needs to be sturdy and thick enough to offer the necessary support. So, you glue the wooden strips on either side of the rectangular frame, further screwing the strips from end to end on top. The top and bottom sides of the frame also call for smaller wood strips, so repeat the process and allow the glue to dry.

Bring out a nicely smooth and finished texture to the frame by sanding it and evening up the sides, followed by removing any excess glue on the surface. But, what makes the piece rustic is those intended imperfections in the wood brought by a creative use of a hammer and little knuckle-sized rocks. It involves beating the frame with them to bring out lots of dings and scratches, ending up in a worn out, vintage essence.

Grab your choice of wood stain and coat the raw frame with the same using a paintbrush, or simply go for a vibrant shade of paint if adding a little pop of color to your projects is what you love. The last step is to install the mirror into the frame, and you do that with a handful of scrap woodblocks. It’s calls for placing the mirror at the back and attaching the blocks behind it to set it in perfect place, further screwing them to the frame.

To get it all set for hanging on the wall, attach a fabric strap at the back of the frame and voila! Brighten up the space with extraordinary prettiness!

To watch the steps in detail and liven up your space with one such mirror crafted all by yourself, head to the YouTube video tutorial by homesteadonomics, where they showcase you how to build the stunning barndoor-themed rustic floor mirror. It’s incredible how just a handful of steps pull off such a gorgeous piece of decor.

Rustic Floor Mirror DIY

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