20 DIY Snowman Craft Ideas Making Christmas Even More Happiness-Worthy

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What’s the most fun-filled thing about winters? Undoubtedly, those big and small balls of snow that when put together yield adorable creatures called as Snowmen. Building a snow person is so much fun that not only the kids, but even the grown-ups find crafting the frosty beings oh so amazing. But, are you planning to stick with the traditional idea of making a snowman outside with sphere shaped bundles of snow?


In this era of breakthrough creativity, even those snowy men have come out of the white fields and have found a spot for themselves into anything and everything you can think of when it comes to Christmas decorations and gifts – whether it’s an adorable wreath flaunting a cozy snowman face, a regular mason jar or tin can transformed into the winter creature, a gift package disguised as a snowman, or simply innovative being worked out using lots of yarn, balloons, popsicle sticks or even plastic cups.

Take a look at these 20 Out-Of-The-Box Snowman Ideas That Are More Than Just A Ball of Frost, and get going towards bringing one or more of them to life to make the snowy season truly happiness-worthy!

DIY Snowman Craft Ideas Making Christmas Even More Happiness-Worthy

1. Peggy’s Snowman Wreath

Peggy's Snowman Wreath

DIY Source : grillo-designs

2. Plastic Cups Snowman

  Plastic Cups Snowman

DIY Source : manualidadesdehogar

3. 3-Minute Paper Snowman Luminaries

  3-Minute Paper Snowman Luminaries

DIY Source : craftsbyamanda

4. Fish Bowl Snowman

Fish Bowl Snowman

DIY Source : smartschoolhouse

5. DIY Idea Log Snowmen

  DIY Idea Log Snowmen

DIY Source : hip2save

6. Yarn Wrapped Balloon Snowman

Yarn Wrapped Balloon Snowman

DIY Source : muyingenioso

7. Yarn Wrapped Snowmen

  Yarn Wrapped Snowmen

DIY Source : frugalmomeh

8. DIY Ballerina Balloon Snowman Garland

DIY Ballerina Balloon Snowman Garland

DIY Source : willowday

9. Mason Jar Snowman

  Mason Jar Snowman

DIY Source : canarystreetcrafts

10. Plastic Spoon Crafts Snowmen

Plastic Spoon Crafts Snowmen

DIY Source : craftsbyamanda

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