Easy and Cute DIY Christmas Crafts For Kids

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Children love crafts, and that is a known fact - the little ones have much more energy than we do, and they are always looking for ways to use it. Crafts are an outstanding way to keep your children busy and happy at the same time, and the truth is that crafts will also benefit them on many different levels. That being said, homemade items, toys, decorations and such can help children develop their creativity and imagination, it helps them train their skills and to improve their limb coordination at the same time. Here you will find 9 great craft ideas that your children will certainly love:

15. Christmas Month Pom Pom Snow Globe

Christmas Month Pom Pom Snow Globe

This Christmas, fill your mantel with different sized Pom Pom Snow Globes that are so easy to build that even the little cuties and toddlers can help you out with making them. Made with lots of card stock paper flaunting the combination of some winter colors, and having snowfall depicted with lots of pom-poms, this snow globe creating a simple, yet winsome winter scene is perfect to charm the decor of your home. We Have Aars takes you through the steps needed for making your very own Pom Pom Snow Globes.

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16. Snowman Truffle Pops

Snowman Truffle Pops

Let the family devour a homemade treat for Christmas, that has been prepared by the kids of the house, helping them to make a mark of their own in this season’s celebrations. Using some white chocolate truffles, royal Icing, some food coloring, sucker sticks, and a gorgeous candy cane striped washi tape, your kids can build an edible Christmas craft in the form of these super-cute Snowman Truffle Pops, inspired by the below step-by-step tutorial by Lil Luna.

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17. Reindeer Treats

Reindeer Treats

Those delicious treats and desserts that you make for Christmas can be made even more interesting and memorable with these super creative Reindeer treats that look just like Rudolph, while being just so yummy when it comes to the taste ! Made out of square pretzels, regular pretzels, this Rudolph flaunts a body of rolos and a nose of red sixlet. This one by Lil Luna is perhaps, the greatest way to enchant your treat table for this year’s Christmas Eve.

Craft Details : lilluna

18. Paper Plate Reindeer Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Reindeer Craft for Kids

The kids can pull off a super quick and easy-to-achieve craft with something as basic as a paper plate, and transform it into a cute Christmas reindeer with the help of some brown paint, brown and red paper, funny googly eyes, and lots of red glitter. This winsome creature with it’s cute features is a piece of cake to make, and takes a maximum of four steps to get it all done, which makes these DIY Paper Plate Reindeers shared by Crafty Morning simple awesome!

Craft Details : craftymorning

19. Fingerprint Snowman Salt Dough Christmas Ornament

Fingerprint Snowman Salt Dough Christmas Ornament

Another great inspiration to work out with your kiddos, this Fingerprint Snowman Salt Dough Christmas Ornament can’t fail to steal all the eyes, having a snowman imprinted onto a ball of dough using the little fingers of your kids and painted with bright winter colors. If done with the right set of instructions and a handful of readily available items, including salt, unbleached all-purpose flour, water, parchment paper or aluminium foil, a straw and some glue, this works perfect as an exceptionally cute ornament for your Christmas decor.

Craft Details : craftymorning

20. Egg Carton Reindeer Craft For Christmas

Egg Carton Reindeer Craft For Christmas

The associated of Rudolph and Christmas is unbreakable. A craft that can work as a tribute to that association is surely worth a try, specially if it’s easy and fun-filled to make the kids a part of. Make some adorable reindeers having googly eyes and a red pom pom nose using egg cartons, that are not only a great addition to the home decor, but also a great toy for the kids. This quick guide inspires you to create your very own versions of Egg Carton Reindeer Craft For Christmas just like Ashlee.

Craft Details : craftymorning

21. Popcorn Santa Claus Craft for Christmas

Popcorn Santa Claus Craft for Christmas

Whether your kids want to indulge in some snack making or simply designing a homemade Christmas card this holiday season, here is a crazy idea to make a great Popcorn Santa Claus Craft that has yummy popcorns sticking all around Santa’s face made with craft paper. Crafty Morning takes you through the process of recreating this innovative Santa in just a matter of few minutes and some really easy-to-follow steps, perfect to get into the X’Mas spirit with lots of fun.

Craft Details : craftymorning

22. DIY Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Craft For Kids

DIY Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Craft For Kids

Little gingerbread men made with kid’s fingerprints can turn out exceptionally cute for a christmas craft project, perfect to be placed on gift tags. All you need are some washable paints and a white piece of paper. Crafty Mornings teaches you how to make your DIY Fingerprint Gingerbread Man with some quick and easy-to-follow steps. Decorate the men with little bows or let them wear a bright red hat, it’s all a matter of your imagination and creativity!

Craft Details : craftymorning

23. Moveable Christmas Penguin Craft for Kids

Moveable Christmas Penguin Craft for Kids

Every holiday craft is a beauty in itself, but what if it has some life in it and your kids could actually have a movable buddy? Here is an incredible Christmas craft idea that helps you make a cute penguin with movable wings, with just a little bit of cutting and glueing. All you need is googly eyes, glue, a pair of scissors, brads, and colored paper. This project is so easy to pull off that kids won’t feel the need to take any assistance when it comes to bringing their penguins to life.

Craft Details : craftymorning

24. Potato Stamping Craft : Christmas Ornament Bulbs

Potato Stamping Craft : Christmas Ornament Bulbs

Are the kids making some holiday cards to greet their teachers and friends for Christmas? Slices of potatoes can work wonders to add beauty and charm to those cards when used to stamp lovely Christmas Ornament Bulbs on them. This Potato Stamping Craft needs some potatoes, a knife, colorful paints, a paintbrush, sparkly pipe cleaners, and some glue. Take a look at how you can work out this Stamping Craft with your kids, following the steps explained by Crafty Morning.

Craft Details : craftymorning

25. Stuffed Gingerbread Boy and Girl Craft for Kids

Stuffed Gingerbread Boy and Girl Craft for Kids

A gingerbread couple stuffed inside, sporting glittery arms and feet, cute bows and bright ribbons is a worthwhile creation to let your kids indulge themselves in some holiday crafting. You would be surprised to see how a craft as beautiful as this one comes together with such effortlessness. You can hang these enchanting creatures on your Christmas trees or use them to decorate the treats table. Make your Stuffed Gingerbread Boy and Girl inspired by the below guide by Crafty Morning.

Craft Details : craftymorning

26. Paper Plate Santa Claus

Paper Plate Santa Claus

Repurpose a paper plate within minutes into something remarkably spectacular and ideal to enhance your Christmas decor – DIY Paper Plate Santa Claus that can spruce up your holidays with the festive spirit. Using a paper plate and a handy Elmer’s Glue makes this Christmas craft so simple and adorable! This one is a definite hit when it comes to pulling off a craft that can be worked out only by the kids themselves, following the steps shared by I Heart Crafty Things.

Craft Details : iheartcraftythings

27. Paper Plate Care Bear

Paper Plate Care Bear

Are your kids in love with the famous TV show character, the Grumpy Bear? If yes, let’s honor the adorable character with a Christmas craft for kids. Let your little ones make their very own Paper Plate Care Bear in just a matter of seven steps, inspired by the below tutorial by I Heart Crafty Things that takes you through the whole process with easy-to-follow instructions. This one is a craft that reflects a different part of the imagination of your kids with each piece they create.

Craft Details : iheartcraftythings

28. Erupting Snow Recipe

Erupting Snow Recipe

A fluffy, powdery and lovely smelling snow that’s just amazing, and is perhaps, the best sensory snow you would have ever made, this recipe lets your kids make the most realistic, naturally cold Erupting Snow using just a matter of two ingredients that you already have in the house including, baking soda and shaving cream. The kids will simply love playing with their homemade snow, making cute snowballs and huge snow eruptions.

Craft Details : growingajeweledrose

29. Fun Christmas Handprint Art

Fun Christmas Handprint Art

Little feet and hands dabbed with paint and placed on paper in clever and creative ways can yield a bunch of insanely beautiful Christmas arts, whether you plan to make an adorable reindeer, a bright green wreath having red berried and a bow, a handprint angel wearing gorgeous wings on the back, or simply the ever successful face of Santa. Mud Pies and Tiaras explains how to recreate all these designs with the help on handprints with utmost simplicity and some paints.

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