Easy and Cute DIY Christmas Crafts For Kids

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Children love crafts, and that is a known fact - the little ones have much more energy than we do, and they are always looking for ways to use it. Crafts are an outstanding way to keep your children busy and happy at the same time, and the truth is that crafts will also benefit them on many different levels. That being said, homemade items, toys, decorations and such can help children develop their creativity and imagination, it helps them train their skills and to improve their limb coordination at the same time. Here you will find 9 great craft ideas that your children will certainly love:

30. Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

Winters and Christmas is all about making lots of snowmen outside. But have you ever thought of bringing a twist to the concept of building a snowman, and transform it into a homemade craft that can bring an unbeatable element of charm to your Christmas Tree or home decor? This project lets your kids make the adorable snowman from Frozen, Olaf out of socks, accompanied by a few simple supplies, in just a matter of a handful of steps explained by One Creative Mommy.

Craft Details : onecreativemommy

31. Paper Plate Elf Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Elf Craft for Kids

Help the kiddos make a decorative and graceful piece of decor or gift tag with these little elves cannot miss to grab all the praises this Christmas. Using a paper plate as the base, followed by decorating it with lots of paper to result in a little elf wearing a big belt and bright green hat, you can enchant your celebrations in the most amazing ways ever. You just need to grab some card stock paper, a black marker, some glue, a pair of scissors, a paper plate, and some tissue paper.

Craft Details : craftymorning

32. Throw Back Craft

Throw Back Craft

Here is a craft inspiration that ends up in surprising beauty bundled into a canvas that you can hang on the walls for Christmas – an utterly gorgeous, bright and colorful Christmas Tree with a frame of fluffy yarn, filled with pearls, rhinestones, sequins, beads, and lots of other embellishments, all constructed on the canvas. What the project yields totally out-stands the amount of effort it takes to bring it to life. The below tutorial by Meg Duerksen explains the process of making this simply stunning piece of Christmas decor in detail, along with pictures.

Craft Details : megduerksen

33. Button Christmas Tree Ornament : Cute & Simple!

Button Christmas Tree Ornament : Cute & Simple

Here is a simple Christmas craft that gives you endless possibilities when it comes to making a variety of ornaments. Extremely simple and cute, this Button Christmas Tree Ornament is just so pretty that it can make your kids earn huge words of appreciation for their creativity and crafting skills. You just need green felt, a foam sheet, a ribbon, buttons of various sizes and colors, a glue gun and some Elmer’s glue to make this true work of art.

Craft Details : handsonaswegrow

34. Fun Christmas Craft : Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Fun Christmas Craft : Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Take the Christmas Tree creation to an all new level introducing a winsome twist to everything with this fun craft. Make a super fun Family Handprint Christmas Tree that is built with lots and lots of cutouts of the handprints of all your family members. Building the tree is super simple and free of all the mess. You just need to follow the instructions specified in the below tutorial by Mama Smiles, explaining the craft in detail.

Craft Details : mamasmiles

35. Drinking Straw Christmas Tree

Drinking Straw Christmas Tree

Apart from sipping up your favorite drinks and beverages, drinking straws, when attached together in a clever fashion, can work as a great Christmas tree. This project is fun and easy for kids to make and needs supplies you probably already have on hand. You don’t need anything except lots of colorful straws, a pair of scissors, and some glue. Whether your kids hang this craft on their bedroom door, or attach it to the windows, this won’t fail to impress everyone who gets a glimpse of it.

Craft Details : readingconfetti

36. Standing Paper Christmas Tree

Standing Paper Christmas Tree

These cute standing paper Christmas Trees can prove to be an attractive alternative to the store-bought trees, while also making lovely child-made gifts for friends and family due to their ability to lie flat in an envelope. So easy to make and assemble, these trees are just a quick instalment of pieces of card stock paper slid into each other. All you need to pull them together is green card stock, cardboard, and some decorative elements.

Craft Details : mamapeapod

37. Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Did you imagine that you could recycle an old egg carton and turn it into a DIY Christmas Tree, using two cardboard egg cartons, a piece of cardboard, green and brown paint, and of course, lots of assorted decorations. Perfect to work as a kid’s craft project, this one is quite an interesting activity to get them involved in some Christmas preparations, following the easy steps explained by Adventures in Mommy Land. Let every single egg cup contribute to an exquisite piece of X’Mas decor.

Craft Details : adventures-in-mommy-land

38. Fingerprint Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

Fingerprint Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

Introduce great cuteness to your Christmas this year with some homemade cards flaunting attractive elements of X’mas like a bright wreath and Christmas Tree made with loads and loads of bright, fingerprints of your kids that are a reflection of their gorgeous imagination. These Fingerprint Christmas Cards will be loved to paint and decorate by the kids, that too with utmost simplicity as guided in the below tutorial. Let them steal everyone’s eyes making your kiddos the heroes of the celebrations!

Craft Details : handsonaswegrow

39. Santa Handprint Craft

Santa Handprint Craft

One of the easiest and fun-filled ways of making something unique and cherishing, handprint crafts look equally beautiful, creative and pleasing, no matter what they are used to create. Whether you hang it from a Christmas tree, place it on the refrigerator, the windows or simply attach to a holiday card, this Santa Handprint Craft made with some white paper, black and red markers, black paper, googly eyes, white pom poms or cotton balls, glue, and scissors looks truly adorable.

Craft Details : rightstart

40. Paper Plate Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Here is an amazing activity for the preschoolers and toddlers that they work out with surprising ease, with the help of basic supplies, including some tissue Paper, glue, a paintbrush, scissors, black paper, and ribbons. A darling paper plate covered with colorful circles of tissue paper all over, is ideal to be a special part of your Christmas Tree decorations. Check out this tutorial to learn how your kid can pull off this lovely craft super-quickly.

Craft Details : craftymorning

41. Noodle Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

Noodle Christmas Tree Craft For Kids

An ingredient as basic as noodles lying in your pantry can work as the building blocks of a gorgeous DIY Christmas Tree, worthy enough of surprising all with how it ends up looking. All you need to make your very own Christmas Trees, perfect for a handmade Christmas card or hanging on the fridge is some some noodles and glue. This inspiration by Crafty Morning is just perfect for the kids to get their hands on.

Craft Details : craftymorning

42. The Grinch Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Craft For Kids

The Grinch Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Craft For Kids

Crazy, angry Grinch crafted out of empty toilet paper rolls, flaunting arms and hat made out of paper can work wonders for your kids when it comes to adding some self-made magic to their Christmas. If you’re scrambling to find an easy project the kids can make without creating any mess, this quick craft is surely something you need to check out. Create the character using green and red construction paper, glue, black marker, white glitter, and scissors on that roll you would otherwise have just thrown away.

Craft Details : craftymorning

43. DIY Christmas Tree Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

DIY Christmas Tree Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

A craft perfect for kids as young as three years old, this one allows your children to have a blast making beautiful Christmas tree out of an empty recycled toilet paper roll. What’s great about this craft is that it’s extremely budget-friendly and doesn’t involve any lengthy steps or supplies to bring the project to life, except for a toilet paper roll, glue, brown paint, green and yellow construction paper, pom poms, stickers, paper punch shapes, glitters, and scissors.

Craft Details : craftymorning

44. Baby Jesus in a Manger Fingerprint Craft For Kids

Baby Jesus in a Manger Fingerprint Craft For Kids

Make baby Jesus in a manger completely out of fingerprints of your little ones – an art perfect to decorate the walls of the kid’s room. Your little ones will truly fall in love with this project as it involves lots of color, at the same time being almost effortless to work out, as guided in this tutorial by Crafty Morning through easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, along with lovely pictures. This one is perhaps, the simplest craft you would ever come across.

Craft Details : craftymorning

45. DIY Popsicle Stick Snowman Ornament

DIY Popsicle Stick Snowman Ornament

Why throw those popsicle sticks after cherishing the flavor wrapped all around them? Instead, let them be a part of a super adorable craft for your kids this season, transforming them into something that reflects the spirit of Christmas at its best. This DIY Popsicle Stick Snowman Ornament made with lots of popsicle sticks glued together, creatively painted and decorated with a ribbon can take your Christmas Tree decor to an all new level, that too with great ease.

Craft Details : divinelifestyle

46. Santa and Reindeer Stick Puppets

Santa and Reindeer Stick Puppets

This Christmas, entertain the guests with a cute little story enactment using Santa and Reindeer Stick Puppets that the kids have crafted out all by themselves. All they need to pull off the project is jumbo craft stick; red, brown and white card stock paper; white cupcake liner; apricot colored crayon; small white and red poms; googly eyes; glue stick; brown pipe cleaners; and some tacky glue, along with the instructions explained in the below tutorial.

Craft Details : iheartcraftythings

47. Candy Cane Reindeer Christmas Craft or Treat For Kids

Candy Cane Reindeer Christmas Craft or Treat For Kids

An amazing blend of some crafting with delectable treats, this Candy Cane Reindeer is just perfect to accompany your Christmas dinner or just to be used as a gorgeous ornament for your Christmas Tree this year. All this project requires is some paper, glue, googly eyes, glitter, and of course, some yummy Candy Canes. This one cannot fail to tempt the young and the old when combined with the spirit of X’Mas.

Craft Details : craftymorning

Christmas is about to knock the door, and it’s time to leave all the reasons to keep your little ones indulge themselves in some crafting and creativity. Whether they are fond of Santa Claus, or simply love making garlands, treat bags, DIY cards, Christmas Trees or home decor stuff, the aforesaid Christmas Crafts For Kids have got it all!

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