Easy Paper Craft Projects You Can Make with Kids

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If crafting is a dear hobby of yours, then you are certainly in search of new great and easy paper craft projects you can do yourself – especially since Christmas is just a few days away. There are countless options to go for, and all of them are sure to challenge your crafting skills whilst helping you improve them, and assimilate new ones. We put together a list of 19 superb paper crafts projects you will love doing – and don’t forget to have your kids to help you, so you can enjoy this activity together.


1. Paper Plate Tropical Fish

Paper Plate Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are gorgeous, but if you don’t afford buying your own aquarium, why not paper-craft them instead? This lovely tutorial shows you how make lovely tropical fish using paper plates, acrylic paints, craft glue, scissors, and some other supplies you definitely have handy – and now matter how skilled your little ones are, their fish will turn out great for sure.
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2. Octopus Puppet

Octopus Puppet

Real-life octopuses can be scary, but they definitely aren’t this adorable puppet, which has a pair of big eyes, and the most colorful appearance you’ll ever see. Turn old tubes from toilet paper into ultra cute and colorful marine pets your children can play with using this tutorial. Make sure to combine many colors for a truly amazing result!
Project details here.

3. Paint Chimp Animal Friends

Paint Chimp Animal Friends

If your kids are bored of their old toys, you can now make new and completely inexpensive ones with this simple paper craft project. Though blue horses and turquoise pigs are rather uncommon, they will keep your children engaged for a long time, and will also enable you to get creative and exercise your crafting abilities.
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4. Origami Butterflies

Origami Butterflies
Who doesn’t love butterflies? Though it’s winter outside, and there’s no butterfly around, you can still decorate your home with these marvelous paper butterflies. The best part? As long as you have lots of paper in a variety of colors, you can make as many as you want, and you can teach your children to make them, too.
Project details here.

5. Make Up Storage

Make Up Storage

If you’re the type of woman who adores all things pretty, then you certainly have tons of makeup products – and chances are, you store them everywhere due to the lack of space. Making this three-level makeup storage box is quite simple, especially if you have some old boxes you don’t use, and some lovely ribbons just like these ones!
Project details here.

6. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
With Christmas around the corner, your kids are likely counting remaining days already – so why not use this lovely Christmas tree advent calendar to make their activity more enjoyable? Have a couple of Christmas-inspired patterned paper handy, a white or black marker, and lots of sweets and goodies, and you’ll have the most memorable expectation period of your life.
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7. Swirly Paper Flowers

Swirly Paper Flowers

If your little ones like flowers, then have them create these swirly paper beauties, which have a striking resemblance to hyacinths. Start by cutting fringes along the vertical edge of the paper you’ve chosen, roll them into swirls, make a green stem, and simply glue the swirls to it. Have the kids to make the swirls, as this part will take time, and they’ll surely be happy to help.
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8. Fold a Fir Tree


Folded trees are the best, especially when you use them to decorate your home. Hang them in your Christmas tree, or settle them in special “pot,” where everyone can admire them – they’ll be a hit at your Christmas table for sure.
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9. Origami Finger Puppet

Origami Finger Puppet

Paper napkins are just great for making origami finger puppet, as they’re very flexible and can be molded in a variety of shapes: dogs, flowers, cats, even bunnies and bears. Once you shape the paper napkins into the desired puppets, have your children to color and personalize them!
Projects details here.

10. Toilet Paper Tube Flower

Toilet Paper Tube Flower

If you have some toilet paper tubes you need to throw away, recycle them to create a splendid flower like this one. The steps are indeed numerous, and you might find the tutorial quite challenging at times, but it will definitely be worth of your time and effort.
Project details here.

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