Easy Paper Craft Projects You Can Make with Kids

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If crafting is a dear hobby of yours, then you are certainly in search of new great and easy paper craft projects you can do yourself – especially since Christmas is just a few days away. There are countless options to go for, and all of them are sure to challenge your crafting skills whilst helping you improve them, and assimilate new ones. We put together a list of 19 superb paper crafts projects you will love doing – and don’t forget to have your kids to help you, so you can enjoy this activity together.

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Just because you aren’t watching TMNT anymore, this doesn’t mean that your brave son isn’t – and he most definitely loves these mutant ninja turtles. Speaking of toilet paper rolls, why not use yours to make the heads of the 4 most loved turtles in the world? With a bit of felt, colorful ribbon, some yarn and fabric scraps, you should be able to make the turtles’ masks look fabulous!
Project details here.

12. Stuffed Gingerbread Boy & Girl Craft for Kids

 Stuffed Gingerbread Boy & Girl Craft for Kids

There aren’t the sweet gingerbread men you used to make, but an appetizing crafting project that will keep your kids busy for more than 5 minutes. Once you’re done cutting out the gingerbread shapes, and stapling them together, have you kids do the decorating part – these paper goodies will look terrific on your typical cookie tray.
Project details here.

13. Paper Heart Penguin Craft For Kids

Paper Heart Penguin Craft For Kids

Penguins are not exactly reindeer, yet they’re very specific of winter – and especially of Santa’s residence, the North Pole. Except for the black oval you’ll use for the body of the penguin, and the googly eyes, the rest parts needed to put together this paper friend are heart-shaped – isn’t that lovely?
Project details here.

14. Paper Heart Raccoon Craft For Kids

Paper Heart Raccoon Craft For Kids

Similar to the paper heart penguin above, this paper heart raccoon has heart-shaped everything, from the head to the ears, nose, and eyes. With just some brown and black paper, a pair of googly eyes, and glue, you’ll have this adorable raccoon smiling on your wall in minutes!
Project details here.

15. Paper Plate Snake Craft

Paper Plate Snake Craft

Who would have thought that your rolling pin was going to be such a wonderful painting tool? Wrap a piece of bubble wrap around it, paint it with different shades of green, then roll it all over a paper plate. Cut a spiral shape into the plate, glue some googly eyes for your snake, and don’t forget his bifurcate tongue, which you can make with a piece of red ribbon.
Project details here.

16. Paper Plate Hedgehog

Paper Plate Hedgehog

Paper plates are becoming more and more popular among crafting maniacs, and here’s another way to use them – to make a hedgehog. For this project, you’ll only need some paint, a black marker (or paint), scissors, and of course – a paper plate. Want a tip? Have your children do the painting, as they’ll be glad to help you craft this cute hedgehog.
Project details here.

17. Shredding Snowman


What about recycling papers and documents you don’t need anymore, and turn them in a fabulous snowman that shreds, like this one? To make the project look its best, make sure to find a suitable background that contrasts with the white snowman – it will make him stand out beautifully!
Project details here.

18. Paper “Cupcake” Party Favor Box


Create some special favor boxes for your next party with this paper craft tutorial. Not only are these “cupcakes” calorie-free, but they’ll also look gorgeous on a table, creating a lovely decoration everyone will fall in love with!
Project details here.

19. Party Paper Lantern

Party Paper Lantern

Old things can be turned into beautiful new ones – and this party paper lantern craft is just another example. Recycle a 12-can soda carton into this amazing party paper lantern using just some scissors and patterned paper – plus a piece of vellum to make the entire project look terrific!
Project details here.

In Summary

Recycling is a great way to make new and wonderful decorations, not to mention that you will never have to worry about filling the trash can again. The easy paper craft projects above are both simple and not-so-simple, and some can be done along with your kids if they’re willing to help – it will surely be an enjoyable and productive time spent together.

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