Get Shiny And Delicious Lips With This Easy DIY Ombre EOS Lip Balm!

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Ombre hair and ombre nails have become the norm lately, but achieving that perfect, "flowing" effect can be very challenging - especially if you have never done this before. Challenging, but not impossible! If you are a big fan of the ombre style, then you will definitely get to love this tutorial on how to make your own DIY Ombre EOS lip balm!

Easy DIY Ombre EOS Lip Balm!

If you used to stick to solely one color for your lips until now, then perhaps it is time for a change – how about trying out three colors at once? Yes, you heard that right!

DIY Ombre EOS Lip Balm Ingredients

For this amazing, dazzling-colored lip balm, you will need:

DIY Ombre EOS Lip Balm Video Tutorial 

(Video and Pictures via SofiaStyled)

Combine the ingredients as instructed in the video, then add some water to a large pan and make sure to melt down the ingredients in the “bain marie” method. Never heat up the ingredients directly, as this will make the coconut oil and the beeswax lose some of their most important nourishing properties – instead, let the hot steam do all the magic!

Easy Diy Ombre EOS Lip Balm step 1.

After the mixture melts, divide it into three cups, and then add pigment to each one of them. You can use just about any color combination you’d like, but for creating the ultimate ombre effect, you must make sure to add more pigment to the first cup, then gradually less to the other two.

Once the pigment has beautifully blended with the melted ingredients, start pouring everything in the EOS lip balm container: start with the lightest color, followed by the medium-light color and, ultimately, the darkest shade.

Easy Diy Ombre EOS Lip Balm step 2.

There you have it, a very affordable and highly nourishing and moisturizing ombre EOS lip balm that you can use on a daily basis!

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