25 Gorgeous Christmas Garland Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home With X’mas Spirit

Nicole CuteDIYprojects Blogger

Of course, it’s easy to grab a lovely garland from the store and get the decor going, but wouldn’t it be much more awesome if it was made at home and sported that special personal touch?

A bunch of fresh greens and flowers adorning the staircase can make the whole space look oh so naturally festive, while the Christmas spirit can be welcomes with much more warmth with a homemade garland constructed using loads of lights, ribbons, and burlap. Love everything about winters? You can always go for a snowy garland featuring paper snowflakes bringing that winter-y goodness to your space.

14. Gingerbread Folk Ornaments

  Gingerbread Folk Ornaments

DIY Details : etsy

15. Gingerbread Letter Garlands

  Gingerbread Letter Garlands

DIY Details : hellowonderful

16. Salt Dough Christmas Garland

Salt Dough Christmas Garland

DIY Details : twelveonmain

17. Pom Poms and Bows Crochet Garland

  Pom Poms and Bows Crochet Garland

DIY Details : flamingotoes

18. Tell Felt Garland

  Tell Felt Garland

DIY Details : tellloveandparty

19. DIY Orange Peel Garland

  DIY Orange Peel Garland

DIY Details : sesameseeddesigns

20. Paper Christmas Lights Garland

Paper Christmas Lights Garland

DIY Details : stubbornlycrafty

21. Natural Black Birch Paper Garland Tutorial

  Natural Black Birch Paper Garland Tutorial

DIY Details : dreamalittlebigger

22. DIY Christmas Garland

  DIY Christmas Garland

DIY Details : realcoake

23. DIY Weihnachtsgirlande

  DIY Weihnachtsgirlande

DIY Details : jolijou

24. Tree Plus Heart Garland

  Tree Plus Heart Garland

DIY Details : thepapermama

25. Straw and Pompom Garland

  Straw and Pompom Garland

DIY Details : elsiemarley

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