25 Gorgeous DIY Bath Bombs Letting You Cherish a Relaxing Spa at Home!

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Those adorable little balls making your bath water smell like a thing of heaven accompanied by a lovely fizz, bath bombs surely make your body and soul feel refreshed and rejuvenated in a jiffy. While this skincare product offered by luxurious brands comes for quite a great price, you can put together a fragrant and bright-hued bath bomb all by yourself in just a few minutes. And yes, you can infuse them with just about any scent or color you like, using a bunch of essential oils and food coloring. Here are 25 Gorgeous DIY Bath Bombs Letting You Cherish a Relaxing Spa at Home!


13. Fizzy Bath Bomb Cupcakes

Fizzy Bath Bomb Cupcakes

Don’t fall for the illusionistic appearance of these cupcakes – they aren’t meant to satisfy dessert cravings, instead to add a dose of fizzy scent to your bath water. The frosting on top is fizzy royal icing.

DIY Details : makeandtakes

14. DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

Introduce heartwarmingly subtle tints to the water with these pastel bath bombs made in cupcake containers. You have got a different essential oil for each of the colored mixes – green tea, cinnamon, coconut and vanilla.

DIY Details : idlewife

15. Rose, Lavender, and Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Rose, Lavender and Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Featuring an inner pocket stuffed with dried lavender and rose petals, these bath bombs are made with floral essential oils. Releasing vibrant flowers when tossed in the water, they turn things oh so silky due to the constituting oatmeal.

DIY Details : lovelygreens

16. How to Make Bath Bombs

How to Make Bath Bombs

The below guide takes you through the detailed steps to whip up a variety of bath bombs. Whether you want to make bath bombs sporting a bunch of colors, or go for a monochrome-themed one, you have been covered!

DIY Details : wayfair

17. Homemade Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Homemade Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Oatmeal not only nourishes dry and sensitive skin, but also works as an outstanding natural exfoliant. Here’s a color-free bath bomb with lots of oatmeal going into the mixture.

DIY Details : myfrugaladventures

18. White Tea Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

White Tea Coconut Oil Bath Bombs

Get ready to be totally smitten with the delicious fragrance of these homemade bath bombs having coconut oil and white tea as their chief ingredients. Use fun-shaped molds and pastel colors to make them look truly endearing.

DIY Details : bakingdom

19. Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs

Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs

Recreate your own versions of the popular Lush bath bombs in a fraction of the cost, yet cherishing those wonderful scents and fizz. You need baking soda, Epsom salts, citric acid, cornstarch, water, oil and essential oils.

DIY Details : onegoodthingbyjillee

20. Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Immersed in a festive spirit, these Easter-perfect bath bombs are crafted using a large plastic Easter egg as the molds. Adorned with colorful confetti sprinkles, they come with a gorgeous pink color.

DIY Details : bitzngiggles

21. Fizzing Fall-Scented Pumpkins

Fizzing Fall-Scented Pumpkins

You’ll love how these finished bath bombs look exactly like a cute mini pumpkin, symbolizing the fall season at its best. Made with a pumpkin-cookie cutter, these have been luxuriously charmed up with the flavours of cinnamon.

DIY Details : funathomewithkids

22. DIY Grapefruit Bath Bombs

DIY Grapefruit Bath Bombs

That adorable pink shade is introduced by the addition of a drop of beet juice into the bath bomb mixture, complementing the super fresh and healthy scent of grapefruit miraculously well.

DIY Details : sheuncovered

23. Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

A heart-shaped plastic Valentine’s gift container is used to work out that lovable shape of these stunning bath bombs decorated with edible glitter stars. Go for a bright pink color and your choice of essential oils to get it done.

DIY Details : thegunnysack

24. DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

DIY Lavender Bath Bombs

One of those bath bombs that reflect their underlying essential oil quite evidently, this one is topped with lots of dried lavender flowers, and of course, has got lavender essential oil infused into the base mixture.

DIY Details : apumpkinandaprincess

25. Holiday Bath Bombs

Holiday Bath Bombs

When it comes to gifting your loved ones with a homemade present, these holiday peppermint bath bombs brightened up with gorgeous green, red, and white pearl sprinkles are all you need.

DIY Details : fleecefun

Why wait to treat yourself with a relaxing warm water bath after a tiring long day by submerging a homemade bath bomb into the tub, witnessing those little bubbles of fragrance popping up to the surface – all with the aforesaid super easy recipes for whipping up DIY Bath Bombs.

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