He Filled A Balloon With Flour And Then Cut It – The Result? One That You Must Try This Summer!

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We all loved those squishy balls that we used to play with as kids - they were known by many names, some called them Ninja Squishy Balls, others referred to them as Modellino. Regardless of which one you prefer, one thing is for sure: those squishy balls were prone to breaking very easily! Fortunately, this will never be the case here, as you will learn how to quickly and effortlessly make your own Ninja Squishy Balls at home.

How to Make Ninja Squishy Balls

Gather Ingredients

The first thing you need to do is to fill a small plastic juice bottle with flour – then connect the balloon to the mouth of the juice bottle and simply reverse it, so that all the flour gets effortlessly transferred to the balloon.

After that, all you have to do is to make sure that you take all the air out of the balloon, then cut the top – the result should be an elongated balloon filled with condensed flour. Check out the video tutorial below to see all instructions:


How to Make Ninja Squishy Balls! – Video Tutorial

( Video and pictures via Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”)

The next step is to grab another balloon and to simply wrap it tightly around the first one, then another one and so forth – it is highly recommended to use three to four balloons for the wrapping, as this is the only way to make sure that your Ninja Squishy Ball will be durable and safe to use. Enjoy. (:

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