How to Make a Cute Bird Feeder From a Plastic Bottle!

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Would you like to do some easy crafts with your kids these summer holidays? Do you want to put pop plastic bottles to good use? Then you are going to love this DIY project. These cute bird feeders will not only be great for birds, but they will also decorate your terrace, patio or backyard.

How to Make a Cute Bird Feeder From a Plastic Bottle!

How To:

1. Start off by cutting away the middle area of the bottle, depending on whether you would like a taller or shorter bird feeder. Then, drill a small hole through the bottle cap’s middle so as to pass a twine through it. In the bottom part of the bottle cut out an opening to serve as the door.

2. Now, you can move onto the decorative part. Start by painting the bottom area of the bottle using a foam brush. Keep adding layers until the streaks are well covered. Obviously make sure that you allow each layer to dry well before painting a new layer over it. Afterwards, you can paint the top part and the cap.

3. When the paint has dried, punch a hole at the top of the bottle’s bottom, about 2 inches on either side of the opening. Then, place the top of the bottle on the bottom part and mark a spot on top that lines up with the holes you punched at the bottom.

4. Next attach the twine and fasten it with a knot. Move it to the top of the feeder, through the cap, and let a long loop stick out. You can also reinforce the feeder using a brad at the back. Finally, you can add some additional decorative touches, add some raffia, fill with birdseed and hang it out! Your kids will love seeing birds eating from it and it will sure add a nice touch to your outdoor area. Click to see the full tutorial : creativecraftnights

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