How to Make DIY Doll Easter Baskets

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Believe it or not, the trend to create your own beautiful Easter baskets is still pretty widespread. Homemade Easter baskets are the most amazing things one can make as per their prerequisites. If you simply have a preference to have things the DIY way or can’t find a basket that has everything you want in it, get few supplies and make your own cute Easter basket at home.

How to Make DIY Doll Easter Baskets

Watch this video to make an incredibly easy and simple Easter basket with minimal materials required. This DIY Easter basket design is undoubtedly the sweetest and quick to make too. All you need are a few paper stripes, glue stick, ruler and a pair of scissors. In literally five minutes, you’ll have a lovely paper made Easter basket ready to pop in some mouth-watering candies and eggs.

DIY Easter Baskets

(Video and pictures via American Girl Ideas)

Paper-made DIY Doll Easter Basket

What could be more striking than having an Easter basket made from colorful stripes of paper? These tiny, paper baskets are the cutest and quickest baskets to make. You can select any two of your most favorite colors that go well and weave one into another for completing this basket. Moreover, you can use a long or a small handle for this sturdy basket according to your preference.

Using a thick paper stripes for this basket which are smartly weaved together yield a sturdy and hard-wearing basket. You can easily decorate these baskets with artificial grass and put as many chocolates and eggs in it as you want. The basket can hold a lot of gifts very efficiently. You can make these baskets in different sizes and in a range of different colors too.

So, if you’re feeling crafty and want to do something creative this Easter, get ready to make your own eye-catching Easter baskets and fill them up with goodies!

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