Make Valentine’s Day more Colorful With These Craft Ideas For Kids

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When most people connect Valentine’s with celebrations between those in a romantic relationship, they forget that the day of love is about celebrating love between any two people. Holidays and celebrations are a great time to involve the kids around you in innovative activities. In this article we look at some of the Valentine’s day crafts for kids that can transform this day of love into a fun filled experience for all the kids who are looking for some excitement and festive cheer.

Make Valentine's Day more Colorful With These Craft Ideas For Kids


1. Heart Paper Chain

Heart Paper Chain

Easy and safe to make, these heart paper chains can be both colorful and fun. Simply cutting paper strips and linking them in a chain is a good way to include every kid into an innovative activity that increases participation and togetherness.

Project tutorial here: link

2. The Ultimate Handmade Gumball Machine

The Ultimate Handmade Gumball Machine

Valentine’s day is undoubtedly about candy and chocolate. This ultimate gumball machine can be used to store sweet treats and is a great way to have some constructive fun on the day of love.

Project tutorial here: link

3. From the Bottom of My Heart’ Posters

From the Bottom of My Heart’ Posters

For all those who are surrounded by little kids, getting them together to make posters that spread the message of love is a good idea. Both instructive and great fun, this is a simple and safe craft item for kids.

Project tutorial here: link

4. Baby Footprints Heart Card

Baby Footprints Heart Card

Another simple yet beautiful option for crafts for kids is the baby footprints heart cards. All this needs is some colored paper, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. Simple, safe and innovative!

Project tutorial here: link

5. Butterfly Valentine’s Cards

Butterfly Valentine’s Cards

The butterfly cards are sure to be a hit among the kids since they are easy to make and a lot of fun to decorate. For the body of the butterfly using a lollipop or any candy stick is a great idea that will appeal to all.

Project tutorial here: link

6. Sweet Packages

 Valentine's Day craft: Sweet packages

For the slightly older kids, these sweet packages are a perfect craft idea. Not only are they easy to make, but they can be customized depending on whom they are being gifted to. A cute way to spread the message of love, these are a must try.

Project tutorial here: link

7. Thumbprint Valentines

Thumbprint Valentines

These are extremely versatile in terms of craft ideas. The card can be in any shape and the message can be personalized by using thumb prints. A good combination of simplicity and a personal message, these cards are sure to impress anyone receiving them.

Project tutorial here: link

8. DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

DIY Valentine’s Day Candy Jars

For everyone who likes candies, this is a great gift. What makes the candy jars even more special is the fact that they can be made by kids easily. A must try for those who want to include the kids to make the valentine’s experience a lot more fun and special.

Project tutorial here: link

9. DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Wreaths are welcoming, cheerful and very easy to make. All one needs is a few special craft items such as sparkly hearts and red ribbon. This is a good idea for group projects and perfect for the slightly older kids.

Project tutorial here: link

10. Valentine Pins

Valentine Pins

For those planning a Valentine’s class exchange, engaging the kids in this simple activity will definitely heighten their excitement. However, in some cases, you might need to lend a helping hand when it comes to the sewing and tacking.

Project tutorial here: link

11. DIY Holiday Hats for Every Occasion

DIY Holiday Hats for Every Occasion

While these are great options for every occasion, they make Valentine’s day even more fun for everyone. Great as a class project, the hats are easy to make and can be put on instantly for some festive cheer.

Project tutorial here: link

12. Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher

Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher

A good way to recycle tissue paper that is lying around, these are a good way to combine fun with a useful craft idea. The only thing that one has to keep in mind is that they can be time consuming.

Project tutorial here: link

13. Muffin Tin Crayons

Muffin Tin Crayons

This can become the greatest Valentine’s day craft idea if you have broken crayons lying around. On the plus side, this is also a colourful option and can keep the kids entertained while ensuring that you end up using the broken crayons without having to throw them away.

Project tutorial here: link

14. Crayon Shaving Hearts

Crayon Shaving Hearts

A beautiful decorative item, this basically uses crayon shavings melted and pressed between wax papers. To add a fun element, you can cut out different shapes of the paper and make a useful and adorable gift item.

Project tutorial here: link

15. Painted Heart Bag

Painted Heart Bag

One great way to spread the Valentine’s message of love is to gift someone something that they can use. These heart bags promise to be just that and are a perfect way to combine recycling with creating something of utility.

Project tutorial here: link

16. St. Valentine Craft and Card

St. Valentine Craft and Card

A good way to spread the message of love, all this needs is some paper and a variety of coloured pens. This is a perfect idea for Valentine ’s Day craft for kids because it encourages them to write thoughtful and personalized messages rather than making do with store bought cards.

Project tutorial here: link

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