Make Your Daddy Feel Truly Special With These 40+ Exquisite Fathers Day Gift Ideas!

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The father and daughter connection is a sacred one, and our fathers are the ones that help us realize what moral values we want (or we should avoid, for that matter) in our future husbands or partners. Father's Day is just as important as Mother's Day, and you must never miss an opportunity to tell your daddy just how important he is in your life. Here are some of the best Fathers Day gift ideas you can find on the Internet!

Make Your Daddy Feel Truly Special With These 40+ Exquisite Fathers Day Gift Ideas!

1. Dads Are Our First Superheroes!

Dads Are Our First Superheroes

Remember how many times your father used to read you bedtime stories, and how many times he showed you there are no monsters in the closer or under the bed? It is safe to say that fathers are our first – and perhaps most important – superheroes in a woman’s life, they are the superheroes we always look up to for inspiration, strength and determination. Here is a really inspired gift idea for your daddy’s Father’s Day celebration, one that will go straight to his heart!

Project Source and Tutorial: gluedtomycraftsblog

2. Best Father’s Day Card Around!

Best Father’s Day Card Around

We often tend to overlook the power of cards – basic, simple cards filled with truly meaningful words. Fathers tend to be less emotional than mothers, but trust us when we say that this superhero Father’s Day card will truly take him by surprise! Easy to make and quite cheap, this card requires no skills whatsoever – just a bit of attention and maybe a lovely inspirational quote that you can add towards the end of the message!

Project Source and Tutorial: kaminskiscreations

3. Super Dad Pop Box Set!

Super Dad Pop Box Set

If you have some extra time at your disposal and you want to make the best of it, then look no further than this great Super Dad Pop Box Set! As complex as it may seem at first sight, the truth is that making this box set is easier than you would expect – and there is no better way to tell your daddy just how much he really means to you. If you ever wanted to thank your father for his support, his advice or his unconditional love, then now is the right time to do it with this Super Dad gift box!

Project Source and Tutorial: lilluna

4. Father’s Day Photo Gift Idea

Father’s Day Photo Gift Idea We all love to have one or two photos to look at when we get old and our memory starts to fail us. Photos help us immortalize a moment and to store it for decades – just try to imagine how happy your father would be if you gave him a lovely picture of you two, when you were little. This is a really special gift idea, for a really special man!

Project Source and Tutorial: nobiggie

5. Roll-Up Tool Organizer!

Roll-Up Tool Organizer

This is by far the best gift for busy fathers who are passionate about mechanics! Does your father spend hours in the garage, working on his truck, bike or car, or perhaps he is a tradesmen or a handymen who always loves to repair various things around the house? In that case, the roll-up tool organizer will definitely come in handy for him! This tool organizer looks sophisticated, but it is actually very easy to make, not to mention that the material is durable and long-lasting!

Project Source and Tutorial: craftstylish

6. Father’s Day Cookies!

Father’s Day Cookies

We all know that loves goes through the stomach, and if your father is a gourmand that has a sweet tooth and loves cookies and candies, then these amazing Father’s Day cookies are a great gift that you should definitely try, next time you feel creative and adventurous in the kitchen! Try them out and see for yourself!

Project Source and Tutorial: somewhatsimple

7. Wooden Beer Totes

Wooden Beer Totes

There is nothing more suggestive than the wooden beer totes – and they are perfect for dads who love to relax with a cold beer when they get home from work! If you are the type of girl who loves to make practical and functional gifts as opposed to pretty gifts (that your father will most likely never use), then you should definitely check out these wooden beer totes! He will certainly be forever grateful!

Project Source and Tutorial: thenewhobbyist

8. Swiss Army Key Ring

Swiss Army Key Ring

Swiss Army Knives, as we all know them, are very practical and functional – and if you are fond of the great outdoors and you love to be out in the wilderness, then you should better have one with you! How about repurposing an old Swiss Army Knife and actually turning it into a key ring? This way, your dad will never have to worry about losing his office, home or car keys every again, for they will all be in the same place!

Project Source and Tutorial: instructables

9. Great Gift For Dads Who Love To Cook!

Great Gift For Dads Who Love To Cook

Who does not love a good, juicy outdoor barbecue during a hot summer day? If your dad loves to cook and he always gives 110% when he does it, then he will certainly appreciate this gift, which is the ultimate Father’s Day Gift for condiment kings! It looks basic, but your daddy-gone-master-chef will definitely love to have it in his kitchen!

Project Source and Tutorial: instructables

10. Easy-Peasy Bracelet!

Easy-Peasy Bracelet

Do you remember those cute little “friendship bracelets” that we used to share back when we were kids? Those bracelets would last for years, and they symbolize love and respect – this is precisely why you should consider giving your father one of those bracelets! If you forgot about Father’s Day but you do not want to make it look as if you do not care about it, then these bracelets are a great last minute gift that will save the day!

Project Source and Tutorial: instructables

11. Lovely Homemade Fishing Pole!

Lovely Homemade Fishing Pole

If your dad loves to fish, then the chances are that he already has a fishing pole at home – a professional one! However, this does not mean that he will not appreciate another homemade fishing pole, one that you build yourself, from scratch! Here is a very detailed tutorial that is quite easy to follow, and that you should definitely take into account if you are looking for a high-quality Father’s Day gift!

Project Source and Tutorial: imaginechildhood

12. “Love You Dad” Book

“Love You Dad” Book

This is one of the most beautiful and most emotional gifts for Father’s Day – very practical and functional at the same time, this “Love You Dad” book can be filled with virtually anything, from pictures and drawings to emotional messages, inspirational and motivational quotes and so on. Check it out and you will definitely fall in love with it!

Project Source and Tutorial: howdoesshe

13. A Sharpie Mug

A Sharpie Mug

This is an absolutely adorable sharpie mug – once you give it to your daddy for Father’s Day, he will not want to drink his morning coffee from another cup, ever again! All you need for this amazing gift is a basic, white mug along with some colored markers to draw or just doodle something on the mugs. As easy as that!

Project Source and Tutorial: iheartartsncrafts

14. Dad’s Stache

Dad’s Stache

A very punny gift, one might say! Stash, spelled as “stache” – just imagine how hard your father will laugh upon receiving this gift. Do you have an old mason jar that you no longer use, and you’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with it? Here is a lovely idea that you can try: you can turn it into your daddy’s personal stash of sweets! Get a sticker with “Daddy’s Stache” printed on it (one that must have a mustache underneath) and place it on a cookie jar. Fill it with sweets and there you have it, a lovely ready-made jar that every daddy will love!

Project Source and Tutorial: thoughtsfromalice

15. Free Father’s Day Printable Gift

Free Father’s Day Printable Gift

This is a great gift idea for Father’s Day, and it will undoubtedly appeal to modern kids who are fond of computers – and who know how to use a printer. These free printables for Father’s Day are very time-effective and they will appeal to everybody, regardless of the father’s tastes in terms of gifts. They are very versatile!

Project Source and Tutorial: catchmyparty

16. Best Dad – Gold Medal Gift

Best Dad – Gold Medal Gift

Do you remember back in the days when we used to create lovely cards, medals and mugs for the ”Best Mommy In The World”? Well, the truth is that fathers receive one of those gifts as well, so why not give them a gold medal gift that will melt their heart away? All you need is some glue, colored paper, a marker and a pair of scissor to come up with your own, unconventional medal!

Project Source and Tutorial: craftymorning

17. Dad’s Root Beer

Dad’s Root Beer

This is definitely one of the most straightforward gifts you could possibly receive! If you are running out of ideas for Father’s Day gifts but you want to keep everything as simple as possible, then all you have to do is to buy your dad a root beer and then attach a cute little note to it. Jot down a heartfelt message and there you have it – the most efficient gift you can give to a man!

Project Source and Tutorial: craftymorning

18. Beer Glass filled With Candy And Marshmallows

Beer Glass filled With Candy And Marshmallows

This is another great and functional gift that every father will definitely appreciate – all you need to do is to grab a generously sized beer glass, to clean and rinse it thoroughly and then to fill it with candy and marshmallows all the way to the top. Your daddy will eat all of the candy, and once the beer glass is empty he can then use it for its intended purpose – for drinking beer! It simply does not get more awesome than this!

Project Source and Tutorial: craftymorning

19. Best Dad Award

Best Dad Award

This Father’s Day gift is very similar to the Gold Medal described above – whichever you choose, the gift will definitely have a great effect on your father’s soul and heart. Everybody loves to be reminded of just how special they are, every now and then, and fathers are certainly no exception to the rule. They may try to seem tougher than they truly are, but they immediately soften up when they receive emotional gifts such as this “Best Dad” award!

Project Source and Tutorial: smallfryblog

20. Free Printables As Gifts For Father’s Day

Free Printables As Gifts For Father’s Day

Once again, printables seem to be the norm these days for Father’s Day – easy to customize and personalize so that they match the profile of every daddy out there, these quick printables are hassle-free and they are a lovely gift that will brighten up every father’s day. Check them out and see for yourself – you will definitely find a gift that your daddy will appreciate!

Project Source and Tutorial: designdininganddiapers

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