Make Your Daddy Feel Truly Special With These 40+ Exquisite Fathers Day Gift Ideas!

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The father and daughter connection is a sacred one, and our fathers are the ones that help us realize what moral values we want (or we should avoid, for that matter) in our future husbands or partners. Father’s Day is just as important as Mother’s Day, and you must never miss an opportunity to tell your daddy just how important he is in your life. Here are some of the best Fathers Day gift ideas you can find on the Internet!

21. Printable Daddy Ties

Printable Daddy Ties

Does your daddy have a hard time tying up his tie, and he always ask mommy to do it? Is your father sign of having to iron all of his ties over and over again? That is perfectly understandable, because ironing the ties can be very time-consuming sometimes! Fortunately, there is a cheaper, better and faster alternative to the classic and conventional ties as we know them – the printable daddy ties, as presented in this great and inspired tutorial! Check them out and you will certainly not regret it.

Project Source and Tutorial: thecraftingchicks

22. Love You Too

Love You Too

This is another great gift if you are looking for free printables that you can give as a gift to your father. These gift tags are simple, but you must now underestimate their effect – sometimes, less really is the new more, and all you need to do is to come up with the right message that will go straight to your father’s heart. This is a very good example of that!

Project Source and Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

23. Father’s Day Gift Bag

Father’s Day Gift Bag

This is yet another great giveaway that you can easily try, if you are looking for a free gift that is still high-quality and that will still have an impact on your daddy. This Father’s Day gift bag is everything a dad could possibly hope for, especially if it comes for his child! Nowadays, we tend to focus on expensive or sophisticated gifts, thinking that the value of the gift is directly proportional to the impact it will have on its recipient, but the truth is that things are not like that when it comes to our parents!

Project Source and Tutorial: marvelousmommy

24. Make A Bacon Bouquet

Make A Bacon Bouquet

This is a great gift for fathers who love food, and who love to find a hot meal when they get back tired from work! If your daddy loves bacon and bacon-based goodies, then look no further than this bacon bouquet. While it is true that it contains a lot of fats and cholesterol, and that it is not the best choice for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, the bacon bouquet is a gift that every father will certainly love!

Project Source and Tutorial: ourbestbites

25. DIY Father’s Day Gift

DIY Father’s Day Gift

This tie tack is a great gift for every elegant father who loves to wear a tie and a nice pair of cufflinks every now and then. A DIY homemade tie tack is a great addition to the entire outfit, especially if it is made by the hands of a child! It will add a bit of fun and creativity to the whole suit, and your father’s work colleagues will certainly envy him for having such a creative, inspired and thoughtful child.

Project Source and Tutorial: coolmompicks

26. Hand-Warming Mug

Hand-Warming Mug

We see hands, footprints and fingerprints of children everywhere – and the truth is that their tiny hands and feet are great for decorating everything, from paintings to mugs and other kitchenware! Here is a lovely craft idea that every child can try at home – all you need for it is a plain, white ceramic mug and some paint that you can use to create a hand pattern on the side of the mug. There you have it, a hand-warming mug that your father can use for years to come!

Project Source and Tutorial: bhg

27. Rosemary And Mint Shaving Cream

Rosemary And Mint Shaving Cream

Some fathers love to have a three-day stubble or even a bit of a beard, while others like to keep it smoothly shaved every day – if your daddy is part of the latter, then surprising him with a homemade shaving cream based on mint and rosemary is a great idea! Mint is known for its calming and soothing properties, while rosemary has a very intense aroma and scent that will last for hours. Here is how you can make this DIY shaving cream at home, step by step!

Project Source and Tutorial: foodformyfamily

28. Father’s Day Picture Frame

Father’s Day Picture Frame

Pictures and picture frames always make outstanding gifts, no matter who you give them to – in the end, everybody loves to have a small reminder or a keepsake to cherish in the long run. In an era where we tend to focus increasingly more on digital frames instead of the classic frames as we all know them, this father’s Day picture frame will certainly change and redefine the way you see the whole thing. Check it out and you will definitely want to try and make your own Father’s Day picture frame at home!

Project Source and Tutorial: jamilie

29. DIY Chalkboard Mug

DIY Chalkboard Mug

There are countless mug ideas on the Internet – some of them have handprints on them, others are made using nail polish, and others have a small piece of chalkboard embedded in it! That’s right, imagine how awesome it is to give your father a small DIY chalkboard mug on which you can write a different message every day. There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating for a parent than to wake up in the morning and to find a cute “I love you” written on the coffee cup!

Project Source and Tutorial: sunnywithachanceofsprinkles

30. Personalized Shirt – Just For Your Daddy

Personalized Shirt – Just For Your Daddy

Personalized shirts are everywhere these days – not only are they great for marketing and advertising purposes, but they are also a great choice if you want to express yourself. However, personalized shirts also make great gifts for Father’s Day – easy to make, durable and very warm, these shirts can be washed and worn countless times without having to worry that the design will wear off. Check out this great and self explanatory tutorial to find out how you can surprise your own father with such a gift, without too much effort.

Project Source and Tutorial: sheknows

31. Father’s Day Gift Tags

Father’s Day Gift Tags

Have you found the right gift for your daddy, yet you feel that there is something missing, that something is simply not complete? In that case, you might want to try a Father’s Day gift tag that will add that personal and emotional touch to your gift – everything will be complete after that! Here are some of the most sought-after gift tag ideas, all you have to do is to choose the one that appeals to you the most and then have it printed.

Project Source and Tutorial: iheartnaptime

32. Shirt And Tie Father’s Day Card

Shirt And Tie Father’s Day Card

This is not exactly a conventional shirt and tie as we all know them, but instead it is a cute decorative card for Father’s Day – one that will definitely send a message to your father! You just need several pieces of paper along with a pair of scissors and some glue – once you have managed to gather the basic materials, simply follow the instructions in this tutorial and you should be able to come up with an original and inventive Father’s Day card that your daddy will definitely love and cherish!

Project Source and Tutorial: thefirstyearblog

33. Etched Beer Glasses

Etched Beer Glasses

If your father loves to drink beer and he has an impressive collection of beer glasses at home already, then all that is missing from the whole image is a personal touch that allows you to easily customize and personalize the glasses just the way you want to! You will be amazed to see how easy it is to add a small personal message to your daddy’s beer glasses, using nothing but etch cream and some letter stickers – this tutorial will guide you through the entire process!

Project Source and Tutorial: tinysidekick

34. Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit

Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit

In the unlikely event of a Zombie Apocalypse, daddy has to be the one to protect his family, and a shovel will not do the trick! This is why he will need a special DIY daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit to keep you all safe from the hungry zombies! This is a cute, funny and entertaining Father’s Day gift idea that every parent will definitely appreciate.

Project Source and Tutorial: sandytoesandpopsicles

35. Bicycle Rim Clock

Bicycle Rim Clock

Biking is one of the most interesting and healthiest outdoor activities out there, and the bicycle rim clock is certainly a very inspired gift that you can give to your daddy, especially if he is a biking enthusiast who never misses a sunny day to take out his bike! Check out this bicycle rim clock tutorial and you will definitely want to give the same gift to your other friends and relatives for special occasions – simply because it is really an awesome present idea!

Project Source and Tutorial: ehow

36. 3D Tool Box Card

3D Tool Box Card

This is another great gift idea for every handyman or tradesman that always carries a tool box with him! This is actually a 3D tool box card idea that will reflect your daddy’s profession, hobby or favorite past-time, while allowing you to send a heartfelt message to him at the same time. You can either give your father the tool box card alone, or you can pair it to a gift, the choice is entirely yours.

Project Source and Tutorial: mrprintables

37. DIY Bottle Opener

DIY Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are the best gifts, for certain occasions, mainly because they are so small, lightweight and compact! This is the perfect DIY bottle opener that your daddy can easily carry around with him, whenever he decided to grab a cold beer with his fellows. You can even attach it to a key chain, with a bit of effort, check out this tutorial and see how you can make a great, personalized gift that he will fall in love with!

Project Source and Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

38. Father’s Day Gift And Free Printable

Father’s Day Gift And Free Printable

This is a truly breathtaking gift for Father’s Day, and it works best for large families! If you have several other siblings and you want to make sure that everybody brings their contribution to the gift for daddy, then you should definitely take this gift idea into account. All you need is a piece of cherry wood and some paint in which you can all dip your hands – then leave your handprints on the piece of wood, and add that lovely free printable in the left corner. There you have it!

Project Source and Tutorial: shanty-2-chic

39. Ingenious Photo Idea

Ingenious Photo Idea

This is not your average Father’s Day Gift – instead, it is actually a two-step process that involves cutting out a message on a piece of cardboard of large paper (“We Love Dad” should do the trick!), then taking a photo of the kids’ shadows as they keep the cardboard up in the sunlight. This is a really nice photo idea, one that you do not come across every day, so you should certainly exploit it!

Project Source and Tutorial: craftygator

40. Ultimate Father’s Day Card Idea

Ultimate Father’s Day Card Idea

The Minions have already become a worldwide phenomenon, and this is a great Father’s Day card idea that everybody can try. The “You’re one in a Minion” card is the best way to express your love, respect and appreciation for your father, not to mention that it will only take you a few minutes to actually design the card from scratch!

Project Source and Tutorial: craftymorning

To summarize, these are 40+ outstanding DIY gift ideas that every child can try – even if you are a grown up with tons of responsibilities and children of her/his own, you will still be daddy’s child for decades to come! Celebrate Father’s Day in the most beautiful way with one of the gift ideas described above.

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