Transform an Ikea Kallax into a Rustic Mid-Century Style Shelving Unit!

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All credits to the unbelievable customization possibilities that the brand features, Ikea makeover is nothing new to the world of furniture repurposing. And to prove that better, here’s an extreme Ikea makeover that transforms a simple cubicle storage unit into a beautiful mid-century inspired shelving, that too like a total child’s play.

Transform an Ikea Kallax into a Rustic Mid-Century Style Shelving Unit!

TheSorryGirls cast a magical spell of the Ikea Kallax and get the transformation going in a super cool YouTube video tutorial that explains everything you need to know about forging the makeover.

If you already own a Kallax, the whole project won’t cost you more than 50 dollars to get it done. Otherwise, it’s a matter of 150 dollars to achieve the finished piece of glory.

Apart from the beautiful and functional Ikea Kallax Organizer, you need 29×29″ MDF, four furniture legs, furniture leg plates, clothing rod hardware, stained dowel, pine wood cut into specific dimensions, chestnut stain, door hinges, mid-century modern handles, and some c-hooks. Whereas the tools include a drill, a sandpaper, a hammer, some nails, and a few screws.

The gorgeous cube-shaped shelf from Ikea sports a one shelf through the middle, while two smaller shelves go on the top and the bottom of the structure. The project begins with unscrewing the top and pulling out the top small shelf.
Pliers will come handy in removing or trimming down exposed wooden dowels, followed bt rescrewing the top in place again. To add a backing onto the shelving unit, flit the cube to its side in a way that the single long shelf is set in a vertical fashion.


(Video and pictures via TheSorryGirls)

A piece of white MDF works wonders for the backing, attached to the structure by having the white side faced down and hammering small finishing nails into the MDF. It’s time to add the legs to the shelf, and tiny 6-inch legs will go just perfect with the appeal of the storage. It calls for screwing tha hardware onto the shelf, further attaching the legs into the latter.

What makes the storage unit apt for hanging clothes now is the fact that one of the shelves in the unit has been taken out, ending up in a long section wherein you can add hanging rod. A wooden dowel complements the shelf with its rustic touch, and you can secure it to the inside of the unit, further staining the dowel with a bright hue that also coats the door of the unit.

The doors here are built using pine wood stained in a breathtakingly beautiful chestnut, adorned with a clear top coat with sanding in between to get a lovely glossy finih.

The last part of the process is to connect hinges to the cabinet using a screwdriver and a drill after adding the handles in place. Lay down the cabinet on the floor centring the doors on the front of the cabinet, followed by screwing the hinges on the markings you make for the accurate position.

For a bit extra storage, you can always add some gold C hooks into the door, and voila!

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