30 Mystical DIY Unicorn Projects Celebrating The Dreamy Creature in Glory!

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Unicorns, the single-horned mythical creatures we often hear or read about, don’t need to be limited to your kid’s fairy tale books alone anymore! Get your hands on these DIY unicorn projects and turn everyday household items or even desserts into a reminiscent of the unicorn.


16. Paper Plate Unicorn

Paper Plate Unicorn

If you are looking for DIY unicorn projects that even the kiddos can pull off, this paper plate unicorn is your destination. You need a paper plate, hole punch, colorful yarn, scissors, glue, stapler, marker, wiggle eyes, and card-stock.

DIY Details : gluedtomycraftsblog

17. Unicorn Ornaments DIY

Unicorn Ornaments DIY

Allow a whole clan of dreamy unicorns to adorn your Xmas tree this festive season, working up homemade unicorn ornaments using clear glass bulb ornaments. The beauties glow like a spectrum in light, and glamorous pink horn charms them even more.

DIY Details : poshlittledesigns

18. Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorn Hot Chocolate

What disguises a luscious mug of hot white chocolate into a unicorn-inspired yumminess is the addition of some pastel pink food color to the creamy concoction, topping it with colorful sprinkles, whipped cream, marshmallows, and blue icing.

DIY Details : cookiesandcups

19. Unicorn Fudge

Unicorn Fudge

The idea here to bring out a unicorn appeal to delectable bricks of white chocolate fudge is to press lots and lots of colorful sprinkles into the fudge before keeping it in the refrigerator. The rest is done by a lovely purple food color.

DIY Details : sprinklesforbreakfast

20. Unicorn Ice Cream

Unicorn Ice Cream

What’s the first thing that comes to the mind when you get a glimpse of a rainbow-hued ice cream topped with colorful star sprinkles and glitter? The answer is unicorn! The flavour is actually a standard vanilla ice cream combined with different colors.

DIY Details : breadboozebacon

21. Unicorn Cheesecake

Unicorn Cheesecake

The author calls this dessert as the most magical cheesecake on the internet. And, you are surely going to agree with the statement – all thanks to the swirls of colored cheesecake decorated with gooey marshmallows, all resting on a crunchy crust.

DIY Details : recipe-diaries

22. Unicorn Pretzels

Unicorn Pretzels

Upgame a bundle of crunchy, sweet and salty pretzel sticks, coating them in colorful unicorn spirals! The swirls are actually rolled caramel dipped in white melted candy. The marbled effect comes with more drizzles of colored candy melts.

DIY Details : ladybehindthecurtain

23. Unicorn Bark Recipe

Unicorn Bark Recipe

Decadent is what we term these unicorn barks sporting delicate swirls of pastel colors. The recipe calls only for some white candy coating, different colors of candy coating, some rainbow sprinkles, and lots of candy pearls to get it all done.

DIY Details : thespruce

24. Vegan Unicorn Nice Cream

Vegan Unicorn Nice Cream

Pink, purple and blue swirls take scoops of vegan magic ice cream to new awesomeness, giving it the potential to take your breath away with chopped squishy marshmallows and sugar stars on top. Bananas, berries and cream – you have it all!

DIY Details : feastingonfruit

25. DIY Unicorn Bath Bomb

DIY Unicorn Bath Bomb

Another name for miraculous, this bath bomb is shaped exactly like the horn of a unicorn! Even more glory steps in with golden star sprinkles and lots of glitter that’s nestled throughout the bomb. Oh yes, it sports layers of purple, pink and blue.

DIY Details : apumpkinandaprincess

26. Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Unicorn Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Who would imagine that chocolate strawberries could be something other than bright red berries dipped in a dark layer of chocolate? These berries are coated in white chocolate, along with tri-colored swirls of cream going for the unicorn’s mane.

DIY Details : bakerspartyshop

27. DIY Rainbow Unicorn Cake

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Cake

This mouthwatering cake hides an unearthly surprise inside, only to reveal it when it’s cut through. Each of the cake layers comes with a unique color, while the unicorn horn, ears, and eyes are marshmallow fondant.

DIY Details : marvelousmommy

28. DIY Unicorn Stress Ball

A balloon stuffed with glitter in pink, blue and silver is quite a stress ball in its own, but that unicorn horn with modelling clay and the colorful mane make it a to-die-for affair. To begin with the project, gather a balloon, glitter and gelatine.

DIY Details : youtube

29. Unicorn Fizzy Bath Salts with Printable Label

Unicorn Fizzy Bath Salts with Printable Label

Layers of pampering come colored in purple, yellow, pink and blue, while being assembled in a glass jar. You need baking soda, epsom salt, citric acid, cornstarch, coconut oil, food coloring, as well as the free printable labels and unicorn stickers.

DIY Details : lydioutloud

30. DIY Unicorn Lip Balm

It’s going to be next to impossible to figure out that this stuffed felt unicorn horn hides something as simple yet purposeful as a lip balm right in the middle. Just a matter of cutting, folding and sewing the horn back!

DIY Details : youtube

Your kiddos are going to adore each and every one of the aforesaid DIY unicorn projects, specially because of the great kid-friendliness the projects come with. And of course, because of the sheer cuteness they flaunt.

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