Put those Old Tees to Wonderful Use with this DIY Old T-shirt Carpet!

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How much comfort and warmth can a good, fluffy carpet or rug can bring to your room is something that doesn’t call for stringing a sentence for any explanations. Specially, during those chilly winter days when a little something that brings coziness to the space seems to be a blessing. And this super adorable DIY T-shirt Carpet does just that!

DIY Old T-shirt Carpet

That lovely feeling of a soft carpet is taken to all new heights of awesome when its accompanied by an element of style, elegance and trendy looks. And you can get yourself a few rounds of applause when you have built whole of that at home, that too using an old wardrobe staple, while saving a huge deal of bucks for a store-bought carpet at the same time.

Simply gather all those old, pretty t-shirts that you don’t flaunt anymore, but find cute enough to hold on to, and get going with transforming them into a cozy and beautiful round carpet.

DIY Old T-shirt Carpet

The fact that’s even more delightful here is that building the carpet doesn’t need you to put any of your stitching or sewing skills to use. Rather, it’s all about bringing the magic in your fingers to life, with the help of the most basic tools, including a pair of scissors, and something like a pen or chopstick.

All you need to do is cut the t-shirts into thin strips and start braiding them together, followed by coiling the braid into a circle. You construct the whole rug by attaching more and more strips and braids to each other!

This amazingly creative picture tutorial takes you through the step-by-step instructions of crafting the lovely carpet using some of your old, worn-out t-shirts, in such a detailed manner that pulling off the technique would seem just a piece of cake. Putting the finished thing together undoubtedly, takes a good deal of time, but the gorgeous end results make it totally worth all the effort!

Picture source: usefuldiy

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